Report about fishing 28.03.2018

Initially, the option fell on 2 models of this business, it is a Spy as well as Rimer. Lengthy idea, I have actually read as well as enjoyed different youtube videos and determined that Rimer S-602 EUL-ST test of 0.5-5g is better for my goals!

Lately I acquired a spinning frame from the business Black Hole. And ready to share their experiences!

After getting the spinning, I quickly went fishing. Currently on the fish pond as well as I have it totally checked. I have to say that the designers made a mistake with the design of this stick, it looks really not bad! Liked the bright windings of the rings pasted « slideway » pointer. Ring Riemer (K/korean torzite), in the quantity of 8 pieces, all smooth and without any jambs, ceramic inserts are specifically all rings.

The manage of a spinning is made from a material EVO, which is important when fishing in the wintertime as well as spring seasons.

Reel seat(NS Korea)extremely comfy, thanks to him, spinning right away went in my hand! Stroy rods are really interesting, specified as a Fast (quick). The butt hard enough, however at the exact same time, a second knee slightly « lapsista»», the peak of the rotating is extremely soft, hence it will certainly enable you to see one of the most cautious as well as delicate bite.

After a thorough assessment and start to collect the set. Put the coil Ryobi Excia MX 1000, wound the new cord is Black Hole Undisputed 6lb. Attach the primary network with flurocarbons chain, tie a jig weighing 0.8 grams as well as begin fishing.

After the very first actors, I was extensively encouraged that it has actually settled with a rotating pole as well as cord. The attraction flew with no troubles. Many thanks to the soft tip I just picked up the video game of lure and on the 2nd actors angling for bass.

After a hr of angling are starting to try out weights and also lures. Minimum tons I placed 0.5 g and also I was comfortable to fish with this jig, after which I progressively began to increase the weight of the weights as well as chosen 3 grams, because there was no requirement to toss a large weight on this pond, and also fish that have actually not reacted well.

During the day I caught over 3 loads perch, a few Chub and also a carp got a lot enjoyment from playing fish weighing 100-300 g.

Caught solely on mini as well as nano jig. The lure and Kulebaki did not place as during the competitors, expect to capture only on the rubber.

The tests had the impression that the spinning produced for delicate fishing mindful as well as easy fish. For all the fishing I have not had a single Assembly, Reamer fine knits fish! Attack fish reports well in hand, as well as the falling of the lots can be quickly figured out by the acting out of the idea of a spinning.

I assume that in summer this rotating reel, the fishing will certainly take place in a more fascinating style, as in the warmer season to mortising you can capture virtually any fish.

So close friends, many thanks to everyone that reviewed my tale.

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