Report concerning angling 23.06.2018

Friday night decided to hold on to the fish pond searching for a candy striped killer.

A day previously, is already « running » on the contrary Bank covered with water plants failed to earn a single bite, just a tiny drawstring attracted by valleron Megabass ION.

Yesterday I glimpsed in the direction of the coastline and also believed to get to him, however however fallen short. Today, the main goal was to evaluate the beach.

Oblaivanie coastal areas was made complex by gusty strong wind.

Weather in the southerly Urals this summer season, unfortunately not a happy heat.

« Poiskovik » I usually make use of the appeal Relax Kopyto, in the amount of 1 inch, and also a pre — «— « prepared », to utilize it with the minimum ranges of 0.5-1 Gy.

Make your first casts, one, 2, 3…… one of the actors really felt the bite, little chatter bait, hooking … empty … space … the bass picks up the bait again, as well as this moment it takes care of to incorporate.

Tiny kusochek hardly handled to stuff in my mouth inch vibrohvosta.

After the initial capture of instantly succeeding bait for Fanatik Raider, in the amount of 1.6 inches, and color # 008, on the head 1 C. Make your first casts, as well as perch not long to encourage, obtain a bite, which is extremely hard to execute due to the little dimension of the killer, the only way a lengthy time out, with the «purpose of giving the « obstructed » the appeal perch.

Gradually the procedure starts getting better and steady angling. Circuitry in dual some jetés, or a slow-moving drag along the bottom brings results. Part silicone crustaceans in the result of catching said goodbye to his limbs.

Claw — a weak point, and tiny perch conveniently divides them. As a result, to save the « silicone » determines to go to the lure Fanatik Larva, in the amount of 1.6 inches, and the color to# 023. Fewer extending components, limbs, promised for reducing the usage of silicone After transforming the lure, the bite was just like changed off. In 10 mins, not a single bite. Why, shade, size, secret!!! Decide to go back to silicone crustaceans, and try to capture the bait without end, offer her animation in the kind of a shake during lifting, attacks exist but in smaller sized amounts.

ortunately by nightfall the wind started to decrease and also I began to think of utilizing the jig. Hastily connect on a jig, and also in the type of a nozzle making use of silicone bloodworms from Lucku John Extra Blood Worm. Make your initial casts, the trip range in contrast with a jig angling naturally less, as well as « mortising » is normally capturing « feet ». Instantly begins attacking. Nano bass that tugged at my bait silicone currently can quickly ingest the lure. Doing the wiring pelagic, with a shudder and stops of 1-3 secs.

And also practically every cast from the water mosts likely to the pinstripes. Angling spoil the fluff which stays with the cable and also there is an opportunity of the development of beard. Consequently it is needed from time to time tiring the cable» from the spool and clear «it out.

But in spite of this you determine to still with half an hour to stray along the beach. Little snapper permits you to catch just the lure, certainly pressing the boundaries of angling lures. All the whales after capture and also not a long photo shoot, he was pardoned. Sufficient checking out the nano bass choose to go house, Pooh … well, torture just )) )

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