Rough winter months Kazan Street Fishing

Beautiful city of Kazan is famous not just for the views and also the charm that can be appreciated from the window from the convenience of house, yet likewise the nature, selection of waters that border this expanding, enthusiastic community.

Probably a number of You became aware of the tale of the sunken prizes of lake Kaban, located in the city of Kazan. The Boar is made up of 3 systems of lakes that stretch North to the South and also the United ducts: Lower, Middle as well as Upper Kaban. The system of these lakes is the biggest by area in Tatarstan and is preferred not just among vacationers yet likewise amongst anglers.

The ichthyofauna of the lake system Boar varied: stark, bream, roach, crucian carp, bream, tench, cockroach, rotan, pike, and also obviously the proprietor of these « seas »- perch. Bass is the killer, that holds these lakes and also reaches massive size. We call them « Hog or Kabanskiy perch»».

The Kaban lake is perhaps the only area in Kazan, in which you can effectively capture fish on rotating all year round, wintertime as well as summertime. Near the Middle Kaban lake is the largest power enterprise TPP-3, which regularly flushes warm water right into this lake. Constant cozy water discharge from thermal power station and also making the Middle Kaban lake an exceptional training school for the rewriter, both in wintertime and summertime.

Fish have long been accustomed to such problems and really feels in the water extremely comfy. The discharge of warm water from thermal power station does not allow the fish to fall under « hibernation », as well as it successfully powered overall time. The good news is, food for all species of fish in the lakes sufficient.

Commonly discovered great specimens, after which several fishermens photoset launched back as there is fish from lake Kaban is STRONGLY NOT RECOMMENDED!

Unfortunately, the winter spinning in Kazan «is not created, when it comes to instance he created in Moscow. Obviously this is due mainly to ponds that you can fish in the wintertime. Although that the Middle Kaban lake is partially open in wintertime to wander as well as waving spinning reel with heavy deal with is not constantly feasible.

And several fishermens that fished at the very least as soon as at lake Kaban, you understand that hefty jig is nothing to do here, as well as the major catch on a spinning reel is bass, although there are there are « bonus offers » in the type ofa carp or big carp, yet once again all the fish bite better on elegant as well as slim gear.

Prior to speaking about the winter season equipment that is most efficient for our fishing problems, I would love to elevate a bit of devices, without which the winter months rotating is not a « warrior » in this season. Not going to discuss insignificant points such as: hats, scarves, balaclavas, enthusiasts, socks, handwear covers, and so on, without which it is just difficult to do on winter months angling with a rotating pole.

Allow’s begin with the little, however indispensable part of the winter season «angler is glasses. Glasses help not just to shield the eyes from bright sunshine yet additionally protect our eyes from strong wind, snow and unexpected hits of the appeal in the eye. Excellent glasses can not see the sunlight, it is feasible to take into consideration any kind of twigson in the water, either visually find the lure or also see its possibility for hunting.

If factors is basically clear, and also in principle for wintertime « struttering » will fit any glasses that protect our eyes to begin with from the sunlight, with clothes that you make use of for angling in the winter season, not so straightforward. Garments needs to be cozy and comfy. If you do not intend to just come to the water as well as freeze your nose, or choose an excellent bite because you’re cool or wet, recommend to approach the question of selecting a match jacket with full seriousness. This relies on your outcome angling and your valuable wellness, which can not buy for any kind of cash.

Winter season match for angling in our area must satisfy the adhering to qualities: indications of the suit should be not much less than 15S *, otherwise you’ll ice up or you would certainly need to use a great deal of clothing to stay warm, however when moving you will certainly sweat as well as still freeze. The match needs to be membrane. Typically these fits at pocket, you can see 2 numbers. One number shows water resistant buildings, the other is in charge of the breathability of the suit. Obviously, what these numbers will certainly be greater the far better, but the cost of such matches is expanding with these signs.

In this outfit you will really feel comfy, bad weather condition will not influence you, watch angling times will certainly raise, and the satisfaction of your preferred courses you will certainly get even a lot more. If you are looking for jacket fit, without which there is no comfortable fishing, pay attention to the Suit Norfin Apex. This costume is well proved and also developed amongst lots of fishermens.

If hats to wear for winter season fishing, no one neglects, somehow, lots of anglers are not major regarding winter shoes. But our feet ought to likewise be protected from the chilly and also maintain cozy. And if we speak about winter months fishing, something concerning a different kind of Shoe and you can neglect all. Winter season boots made from EVA product are no more an uniqueness, and also yet they remain in great demand not only among followers of fishing, but frequently made use of in day-to-day live. These boots are offered for all, they are in lots of stores, as well as are adequate cash. Light, comfy, high boots Norfin BERINGS cuffed are ideal for wintertime fishing. Do not freeze them and also not get wet feet. Cuffs they offer to protect from falling snow inside, if «you use boots over trousers. Warm aluminum foil toe» will not ice up the feet of even the experienced Merzlyakov stated.

And also moving across the pond is very easy. You can begin accumulating gear if you have currently covered up! A great deal of equipment for winter « struttering » at lake Kaban, you do not require. Just one gear-microcephaly collection: rotating with the examination as much as 5g, as employees, will have to toss no more than 3 g. The coil in the location 2,500 for «Shimano » as well as the cord is thinner than # 0.3 P. E. bag in which to put our attractions with a hot thermos and some delicious chocolate, and in principle all, if you neglected to load the silicone spray for the therapy of the cord before the journey. But monolescu or flurocarbons, which are utilized for the « solidere », along with lead, hooks as well as silicone have to be as it should.

Typical hook and also damage of the attraction on the lake Kaban is rather a typical sensation. A lot of debris, stones, Karasek, branches at the bottom of this lake, it is rather all-natural as well as normal, as well as most importantly, among all these branches is the same fish adhered to as well as frost your nose. There were moments when a promising place in which the great bite the fish, the fishermens left 20 appeals for 1.5 hours, and changed the location of misplacement just after nalopatsya enough. Is most likely 5 torn lures for one fishing if we assume the average expense of one fishing journey. Believe me, it’s worth it to capture a fish, especially in wintertime, when so much itching!

Of course there are tricks montages and also feed the lure to catch the fish.

These tricks are fairly commonplace, however nevertheless this result will be 100%!

One of these keys is using tiny lures 1-1.5″ ″ inch classic like a tiny Twister Lucky John Micro Grub 1.0″″, or mimic Malek Lucky John Baby Rockfish 1.4″″. That’s not all. When making use of a smaller lighter weights, the video game of these tiny appeals is fully exposed. Weight of 0.6-1.5 Gy. best incorporated with such tiny lures.

One of one of the most important moments in fishing at lake Kaban, as well as other water bodies with extremely messy seabed, is using tiny dinamikov. For example, solitary hooks, Crazy Fish Round Bent Joint Hook No. 12 as well as No. 10. With an effectively created solitary hook you will be able to accomplish a perfect game of bait and considerably reduce their appeals at the toe.

A little regarding purchases. Posting it is far better to make use of totally various, as the state of mind of the fish in the lake Kaban, even with the cold season can be fairly aggressive.

Do not forget that the lake drainpipe the warm water as well as the water in this lake is much warmer than it ought to be in the winter months. As a result, fish activity raises substantially, and also the likelihood atlavitsa well even on a chilly, winter months day you have a huge enough.

Accumulate the minimum collection of equipment, gown comfortably and also go to your house fish pond to fish! Lots of terrific feelings are waiting for You in the winter months, when white snow anywhere! Well, certainly do not neglect to launch the fish, if you want those moments to take place once more again and again!

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