Saturday morning on lake Certaly

Saturday morning at the lake Certaly fulfilled us full tranquility and clear skies. Wonderful climate for searching, « stripes », as well as it is for him we are a large company, made this March.
For our staff (me and Vadim-club SpinningLife) the pond was brand-new. After some discussion, we determined to first look for a perch amongst the reeds on the crank.

From 5 to nine in the early morning, changing a few points, having touched a bunch of « plastic » and also saw a few « o’s » and also one capture (Vadim opened the « red stripes » on the Rapala Husky jerk). Substantially alter the location, go to the town in an additional component of the lake.

Task of perch saw at the entry, quickly akarima…»… » buratinki » enter into the water …. complete absolutely no — wabi quiet. Vadim decided to take a chance to try microjy (below us was a dense carpet of some unidentified herbs) and also draws the very first transaction « removed » under 300 grams, adhered to by a second (tripped Relax Twister 2″ ″ S-090 … and afterwards I have my perseverance ends, turn valleroy stick and also order microsoy, simply orders the exact same akuseru on Merega Tweezer wheel drive. M44. All end perch shifted. Attempting to catch up. Will akarima.

The appeal flew into the water. Strikes……. both make a sharp rotating reducing…… to the crew of « double »…… fish is effectively employed. Even parked a pair of snappers as well as all candy striped. We’re still a little twisted, attempting to cling to the side of the pack, however to no avail. Relocate to look additionally along the coastline.

Concerning eleven, ultimately captured a perch. Deepness 2.5-3 m, the bottom is all the same odd the grass, the isolated Islands which climb to the surface. Peak fired 5 perches as well as relocated 30 meters and proceeded angling. The average size of the striped — — 400 Worked primarily lures dark colors. My favorites would Tweezer’s from Merega in shades M44, M30, M34, Vadim also them, plus the Relax Twister 2″ ″ S-090. Angling lasted hrs to two days, then on the water it is unbearable calmness as well as warmth. Moved to camp, lunch as well as a NAP a couple of hrs prior to Viceroy.

On hour 5th hour of the day. In Tempe sipping coffee at the camp, refreshed, with brand-new pressures, moved « right into the sea ». Before the dawn is the time to inspect Matins-day advancements.

The objective was to confirm the presence of « candy striped » in other areas. Affixed Vadim as well as chose in the existence of « unknown grass» as well as to a deepness of 2.5-3M. In this instance, the search assisted us: our « antiquated sounder with strukturnom» — » — anchor 3.2 kg and also a little spinning.

The sneak preview was at the desired deepness and as reported by « sounder », after the reality, with no « strange» turf » produced no outcomes on fish. As well as currently, making his method through the reeds, alongside a rather huge home window of open water, see below the surface « we need the yard»…» … while we were secured and also dealt with the halyard, Vadim has dragged the initial night « removed » to the watercraft. All the same, the theory worked!!!! Want to catch a perch — — seeking « odd»yard ». When in this window, and also caught twenties « burglars », tackle the daily dot.

Time around 7 in the evening. The initial production of……. appeal fly right into the water…… previous …. displace the casts……. Once again … we have contact, by …. The perch in place, as reported on the radio the various other crews. Driving is the same — — up to five capture point and also change of 30 meters. Bass was pleased with its wicked bite, as well as its typical size likewise brought a lot of emotions. Tightened the other 4 of the staff.

The benefit of spot of the task of the fish was quite outstanding, about 500 by 600 meters, fit every little thing, and also had a great deal of permutations. The mass yield « striped » started as a switch, concerning nine in the evening, all crews stopped moving and also caught one red stripe after the various other. This continued until nearly total sundown. All ««» supper » finished as it had started. Taxiing cab lure neprivaloma colors. I have whatever additionally a favored Tweezer 62mm wheel drive. M44, Vadim Relax Twister 2″ ″ wheel drive. S-090.

Teams began to leave the camp, however our team determined to remain. As well as not in vain!!! We had the sensation that the larger bass should go…

… Krupnyakov has actually triggered about fifteen mins after full sundown! The initial « swine » snagged Vadim — — 600 for certain! After my capture, concerning 600. Following I have open while I was attempting to knit the purple in the golden, buddy expand — — 690 grams! Spit on the chain, tally « cable ». Cast …. I shut the bail the line bale……. DARISE … the cutting … the clutch rattles …. make it removed a little bigger than the first one. Grab a number of tails……. all … Now simply finish.

Move into the camp. Final thoughts: the Perch is spread in the rug « odd » natural herbs at a depth of 2.5-3 m, frequently transforming the place — — more capture. Perfect weight I have had 2 grams, a bit more and the bait began to sink into the grass.

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