Searching for brand-new locations

Before the very first serious watercraft competitors is much less and also less time. This journey was chosen to devote to finding brand-new locations and also can be found in the evening to the Parking whole lot quickly set up took to the water in the moonlight.

While strolling to the location, the day gradually began to transform overnight and also

warm the air. Examined a couple of places, did a 10K plays, yet also a non-walleye found absolutely nothing.

Chosen to go to familiar places and also see the existence of fish there. There has been even more fascinating, if you place in deepness, was drawing the bait off the rocks and got a regular bite.But a vital problem was the presence of snags, under which he held the fish in one area I took care of to take bersha as well as pike-perch, yet all on the edge of competition as well as the fish in the competitors not to win, chose to pocketsa but in these environments turned out to encourage the fish just a number of attacks and also all.

Do not remain long, so as not to blister, because such a brilliant boards it is difficult to stay undetected.

In the following discussion once again find your fish quickly so we make a decision to leave the location to scenic tour. The important things that did not alter the water degree, after that the factor requires shoot!

The heat was adski and that is not hot occasionally simply rode.

While relocating to the following factor, go and inspect one time. For objective reasons, do not show spots as well as captured fish, otherwise, the significance of accomplishments will be revealed. This component depends on changes in water degree.

This departure needed to check one more time and afterwards we were in for a surprise. The same formulation and also from the first actors bite, yet by the 2nd — — once again by a third, establishing a scoring perch.

Simply a pair more catches and also casts ECOSOC, which is not a bit humiliated by the dimension of the Slim Shad and also hook size jigs.

And also once again leave the area as quickly as feasible.

It seems to be advancements there, yet self-confidence of success is really tiny, all points are highly dependent on the level… … Kama predator program!

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