Separating the undersea world from the outdoors

Gluhozime, and also see life under the ice to the limit slow, that all living frugally invested the residues of biological sources.

However, despite just how gauged, sluggish neither was life under a thick ice shell, it still goes on, yet the anglers still have a tendency to the expanse of snow-covered bodies of water with the secret hope for an enjoyable bite and a considerable catch.

As well as it’s genuine, if you construct the equipment and also use the technique of fishing, the least contrasting with the rhythm of habits in gluhozime not just fish, but likewise its prospective food. The truth that all big Mature individuals by mid-winter have plenty of ripe eggs and also milk and in the food begin to like the tiniest microorganism that does not need a lot of effort in their search and consumption, and attracted right into the mouth just with water present.

Angling to catch fish will certainly have to make use of primarily her demand to ingest any food, as in a period of high task, yet only an instinctive requirement to at the very least try all edible. So if in gluhozime fishermen, utilizes the finest deal with and also line 0,06-0,08 mm and also a sensitive nod, and also as lure utilizes the silver will certainly require a jig, the dimension of which no more match head, and also its success is probably guaranteed.

The rate of the purchase as well as the video game mormyshki have a very close duplicate sluggish activity of tiny target, and also « work » the bait remain in the water layer, where the prospective food has changed. As well as not coincidentally it usually occurs that in the center of winter lestnici-poplavochnikov remain without a catch, concentrating just on lower fishing, and Morrisette with well-tuned equipment without lure and also even nozzles, probing various horizons of the water, discover the fish as well as «successfully catching her. The strikes are so precise that just a skilled eye can detect the tiniest delay in the work of nod.

It is exactly those immediate screening is just moving, similar to food, which naturally makes fish. Occasionally the shape of the lure is virtually important in the success of the fishing, as well as at every pond fish a particular kind demonstrates your choices. Long-lasting method of capturing bream on lures in the Ruzsky reservoir revealed complete advantage of below tempts level form, having the type of a « boat » and also hanging on the line practically horizontally.

The famous « evil one » is generally shed « flat », as in angling with a nozzle or without it, although on the small « Jack » cockroach and perch on this water melt well. On the surrounding Ozerninskoe reservoir « evil one » absolutely bears the hand for hunting as well as bream and also cockroach as well as perch, truly « respects » his perch here. Neighborhood anglers in the Rybinsk reservoir for» catching huge fish established an unique kind of « oralcy » with a sharp widening at»the top, it is desirable that the top was covered by a cap «of beaming brass or copper. Regarding fishing in gluhozime really have to say not just concerning the dimension of the jig, but additionally concerning its shade», and one of the most appropriate nozzle on it, if suitable.

It is believed that via a thick layer of ice and snow right into water, virtually no light, nevertheless this is not completely true– in February, in the midst of gluhozime, the illumination becomes» so high that the darkness and also the ice starts to take their placements, especially in shallow waters as well as in the top layers of water where the fish now coming more and as well as much moreTypically because due to the fact that below preserved protected highest possible material life-giving oxygen.

Little jig, even on the thinnest fishing line at terrific midsts, and especially not sexually– there require various other tooling and strategies. In tough periods of winter months acts time and once more proven the regulation: the finer the bait, the lighter it must be. For that reason, at weak biting the best result offers a silvered or covered by a shiny brass jig and painted with lacquer with svetonakopitelnye or fluorescent paint.

I remember also situations where one of the most hopeless fishermens sportspersons for winning the occasion bought craftsmen jig the dimension of a millet seed, made of gold– perch on them were eating like crazy. Of course, the brilliant appeal lucrative only when catching the game, but when stationary the equipment is still extra reliable a dark, matte jig, even the smallest. To « appropriate » the jig is well caught, and also the lure or fabricated mixture for her to put on the suitable hook, so it does not significantly affect the play of the lure.

Plainly, if the size of the jig fifty percent to 2 millimeters, and also the size of big bloodworms 20-30 millimeters in thickness in mm, such lure will entirely distort the play of the appeal, making it irregular, disorderly that will signal the fish. In this situation it is much better to catch on a standing, fixed equipment. To be able to utilize an energetic method, it must hook miniature lure stick 1-2 larvae feed bloodworms, the larvae from the stem of wormwood, the little maggot, a tiny item of saltless bacon. From the very same estimation supply bait tiny bead or little section of tinted cambrica. With good strategy, if it has Fisher, tiny jig captures frequently without any fabricated replanting and also lure.

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