Snowy roadways and also a weak nibble fish

The development of the snow, certainly, beneficial for future harvest, however hunters as well as fishermen created a lot of problems: dog can not go after the monster, as well as the resulting ice water thick snowdrifts blocked the gain access to of oxygen and light under water, which drastically lowered fish activity or forced undersea animals to leave the acquainted locations in locations suitable for survival.

However, in tiny and also shallow ponds and also lakes the fish have no place to go, and if it occurs long to thaw, giving fresh water, these ponds start to « melt »– below is Zamora, which endure just carp and Rotana, et cetera of the animals are eliminated.

Indication that the circumstance in the pond is essential, acts as a quick exit right into the drilled opening a selection of water pests as well as also fish. Fishermens can save this body of water, if jointly use up the issue, yet need to instantly say that the time-consuming drilling large number of holes and sticking them in packages of straw, as recommended in the literary works, it is additionally helpful to save the fish, as dead poultices. One of the most reliable, when possible, is pumping water on the ice chute from one opening to another with a pump.

If not art, then you can continue as adheres to: holes are pierced around 50 metres from each various other and are inserted snugly rolled up pieces of roof covering product, as well as this have to be done so that the reduced end of the pipeline fell into the water below the edge of the ice for a couple of 10s of centimeters. The air under the ice is pumped with a lengthy hose, or pump watercraft « frog », or a cars and truck pump. The resulting air bubble, or « lens, » the well supplies the water with oxygen within a half to two weeks, after that the procedure has to be duplicated, and also the old air can be easily discharged to the outdoors, if it’s currently iced up in the ice with a pipeline of roof product to drill a fresh opening.

As well as yet, snowy roads and also inadequate biting of the fish is not able to « dissuade » the most skilled and also thoughtful anglers from fishing. They know that in the hard duration of winter months is far better to fish for deep and also large tank with great circulation prices as well as on the river with a visible current in the visibility of deep swimming pools with reliable ice. In the rivers fish typically gathers on the inlet and also outlet of the pool, and also tanks meeting with a strong bream, perch or pike, one of the most likely for depth of sharp breaks in the bed of the storage tank, as well as mainly where the bottom of the least covered with a layer of silt– far better when it’s difficult, sand or clay.

Smaller fish– ruff, perch, cockroach is taking place the seaside slopes comprehensive, however again, where in the summertime there were sandy beaches, and not overgrown with water yard.

Fishing in the « gluhozime » slow, requiring the angler determination and also persistence, because commonly it occurs that the fish is on a promising area at this time takes either a brief time throughout every bite or the day experiencing quite a very long time as well as is an outcome of proper adjustment of the tackle, able to « convince» also the most well-fed and also non-active fish: the angler to move the lure on the bottom, developing a cloud of Muti, that will certainly stop the jig with fresh bloodworms only millimeters from all-time low, allowing her to only slightly recoil from the impacts of the heart that is transferred to the hand and after that do a very slow-moving uploading from the top down, imitating free-fall, as well as therefore readily available food… … In General, a lot of methods and also selection of them is completely depending on observation, instinct, art anglerfish.

Tackle for angling in late winter season should additionally match the prevailing ice conditions. Generally, the fish discontinue to reply to fast-moving as well as bigger lures tied on a thick fishing line, which itself makes sense fish vibrations. Much better to use the tiniest light jig on the line-the web and the float rod to use is incredibly light, with a lengthy as well as thin chain that enables the bait responsible with a natural pace to be up to the bottom without arousing uncertainty from careful of huge fish.

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