Springtime burbot in the Old port

This year for the first time discovered that burbot fishing is possible in March. Usually I capture him at the Church pond in the Park Cité du Havre opposite the Old port of Montreal in November-December, till ice.

It turned out that the burbot remained in the places of spawning at the port and also not in a hurry to leave for their summer season home.

In mid-March, I went to the research location, but the fishery caught up ice and also catch was tough. It was after a heavy snowfall. In the long run, I this evening had captured absolutely nothing, yet my fishing companion took out a few burbot, which validated the variation that burbot still spinning in the Old port. Chosen to wait till the weather condition enhances and the water is clear.

A trip from March 24: come to 7 PM, I thought that the lighter even walleye can attack… … But Zander was not. The very first bite Nalimov went around 8 PM, when totally dark. Up to 9 hrs pulled 8 burbot as well as one more one went. The water is spick-and-span, burbot bite boldy.

Captured on smelt. The ice continued to capture up from the St. Lawrence, yet much less fish. Discovered that when it came, the wind repelled a little of the ice from the coast, then it calmed down and the ice floes became bigger. In general, it was a fantastic electrical outlet for burbot.

A journey from March 25: no ice in any way, throw the Donk was a pleasure. Bit over a hr took ten burbot. The bite began around 8 PM, after dark. Captured on smelt. Made security — — when the water is clean, burbot cruet quite possibly. If after rain the water is sloppy, the bite worsens. As a whole, burbot still spinning in the Old port, so capture him currently.

Burbot from the local anglers is not incredibly popular, it below couple of people understand. The Old port burbot comes only in wintertime to generate, ie right here he is hanging around 3-4 months, and then diverges along the river on summer Parking.

A couple burbot captured with bloodsuckers. Yet I like burbot the reality that when skin tightening up « equipping»», after that all the bloodsuckers that get under the skin, promptly visible and also conveniently eliminated.

Observations regarding pointers: I have made use of smelt in two dimensions. The majority of that I generally use for pike on the imitation fish, burbot well been swallowed on the lower hook (moving snap leash about 30cm), i.e., when the bait lay on the bottom. Burbot deeply ingests the lure, the hook at the same time to get hard.

Small smelt on smaller sized hooks the fish well attacked, when the nozzle a little raised over all-time low (dull breeze with weight as well as two chains). With this approach only one time burbot have time to deeply suck in the bait, in other instances, the hook was in the edge of the mouth as well as simple to obtain.

Until 1 April you can catch on dead fish, and afterwards only on worms. Burbot and eats well. So I believe that is still a long time to capture burbot in the springtime the ground is fairly real.

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