Springtime on the Rainy River

As the warm and invited spring sun starts to thaw the ice and also snow, the Rainy River just east of Baudette, MN starts to reveal pockets of open water. The open water that starts revealing its beautiful shades gradually makes its means to the west and also north, eventually ending up in Lake of the Woods.

As the ice paves the way to open water, hundreds of walleyes are making their method to their spawning premises.

With a lot of fish right into the river, angling can be sensational. Yes, it is a timing thing, however if you struck it right, anglers can catch more trophies in a day than they might capture in a life time.

There is a spring practice for some fishermens that returns generations

Everything starts with reports concerning some open water on the river. News travels fast. Boat accessibility generally starts near the Upper Sault Access (Franz Jevne) which is 28 miles east of Baudette and continues west. After Franz Jevne, the open water progresses west to Birchdale (Nelson Park touchdown), Frontier touchdown, Vidas landing (Clementson), Timber Mill Park (eastern Baudette), Peace Park in Baudette Bay, Bayview public gain access to and also lastly Wheeler’s Point public gain access to at the mouth of the Rainy River.

Relying on the springtime, open water usually appears the 3rd week of March, but every year is various. The very best way to keep up with the open water on the river is to keep connected with Lake of the Woods Tourism Bureau’s website as well as social media. They provide day-to-day updates on the progression of the open water, fishing records, as well as any other relevant information.

The first anglers to appear are the take on hearts that elect to bring up smaller sized watercrafts that can be pushed across the shore ice and carefully glided right into the icy waters. These are the leaders of the walleye run and certainly “safety first” needs to be the rule right here. Most fishermens wait on the accessibilities to be ice totally free.
The county is good concerning using backhoes to aid quicken the natural process of the access ice leaving.

Tackle throughout this time is easy. A great fishing pole, a handful of jigs and either minnows or intense plastics will certainly do the trick. For the majority of, a jig and minnow, ideally emerald shiner, is the most likely to bait throughout this cold water period. Brightly colored, radiance and gold jigs are an excellent beginning.

The majority of the walleyes will be starving, but desire the lure sluggish, as they are not in the chasing mode. Do not worry about using a larger jig. A light jig can rise up and move as well quick in the existing. There is also less control. Relying on the circulation of the river, start with a 3/8 or 1/2 oz. as well as go from there. Do not be afraid to go larger if the water is relocating rapidly. This larger jig will slow down your offering, simply the means the walleyes want it.

Several fishermens will up and down jig over the side of the watercraft, functioning the bottom foot of the water column. Anchor up and give it 30 minutes in an area before relocating. Several fishermens will certainly anchor up on essential places such as an opening, bar, or existing seam. Often times, teams of walleyes are on the action and also will concern you.

On occasion, walleyes will want a little “angle to the dangle” meaning, they like it much more straight. Try functioning an area of water by slowly using your trolling electric motor, or if the current is strong, a kicker electric motor slowly upstream. Pull your jig slowly ahead and also drop it back up until it strikes bottom. Occasionally, it never ever makes it to the base as the walleyes generally struck it on the drop. Drift back downstream as well as utilize a trolling electric motor to slow drift if necessary as well as repeat.

Some anglers like casting as well as functioning the shoreline. The trick below is a controlled drift, seeing to it you are not ripping down river too quick. Some years, the present works well for this, various other years, the aid of an electric trolling electric motor is practical.

Believe it or otherwise, slow trolling a crankbait can also be very reliable. Placing your appeal in front of numerous walleyes will generate some energetic ones or at minimum, response strikes. Do not come under the old wive’s tail you can not troll in cool water, I have seen it too many times and also it simply isn’t real.

This time around of year, walleye are moving upstream in colleges. As you determine where to fish, do not neglect superficial water-3-7′ of water can hold a lot of fish-and big fish. If you work a few sections of shallow water with limited results, slide a little bit deeper. With the naturally discolored water and spring overflow, light infiltration in the superficial midsts is better and fish will see your offering less complicated vs. the deeper depths.

In this cold water, specifically when spreading, many anglers choose plastic baits on their jigs and also do quite possibly. Plastics seem to shine in cool water. If pitching jigs into dirty water or mudlines, plastics can in fact out fish live lure. In turbid water, plastics seem to have better “fish calling” high qualities than real-time lure. They are louder, vibrate more and also disperse aroma.

Again, intense displayed plastics in this tarnished, as well as in some cases stimulated water is a great selection. It can additionally be practical to have some activity or resonance on the plastic body, such as ridges, a paddle tail or a twister tail.

Differ your jigging method till you get dialed in. Cast your offering up stream at regarding ten o’clock as well as gradually work the bottom with short little dives or a slow consistent retrieve. Experiment. This sort of angling does not need to be rocket science. It is simply jigging. Get your jig with bait in front of some of these pre-spawn walleyes as well as they will order it.

The walleye season on Lake of the Woods and also the Rainy River is open until April 14th. From March 1– April 14, there are unique springtime fishing policies for Four Mile Bay and the Rainy River. Anglers are allowed to maintain a mixed limit of 2 walleyes/saugers under 19.5″ per day. The bigger fish caught have to be returned to the water immediately. There are no walleyes to be maintained 19.5″ or over, consisting of prize fish over 28″. This helps to protect the sustainability of these big women walleyes.

As far as accommodations, the resorts and resorts around Baudette are an all-natural selection. During prime-time show, if the closest residential or commercial properties on the river or around are full, there are various hotels north of Baudette which generally have openings together with bars and restaurants.

The small businesses of Baudette will certainly have most every little thing you need. Bait stores carry the warm jigs, plastics as well as live bait. Equipment stores, dining establishments, cafe and also memento retails are buzzing this moment of year. Points are hopping as well as people are delighted.

The spring run of walleyes is practice and also an exciting time in these parts. Nearly an initiation rite to the warmer months in advance, it notes the official begin of open water fishing that numerous anglers have actually been looking forward to. It seems only proper the first to the open water season includes several of the biggest walleyes in the land stacked up in one lovely river.

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