Techniques excellent bite fishing

What was intriguing is that if you stand next to them (in affordable range), then the drifts might stand all evening, just veriplace as well as modification moved the bait. The photo is interesting.

5 or 6 years back, I saw regional anglers among the remote from city towns at the very same time of day (evening)on the river from one location frequently drew a prize perch, roach and sometimes Surat. When meeting with regional fishermen, I and my buddy had thoroughly studied the deal with of the experts.

I will certainly state this, gear was from the distant light of the time of the Soviet Union, some enormous, compared to our modern-day, and disrespectful. Clearly huge hooks, thick line(if I am not mistaken, 0.3 mm), cumbersome homemade(tube)float. And it all functioned well fished. Court for the night, the old-timers took care of to capture up a lots excellent perch and plotvits. Therefore, on a daily basis.

Without any lure and any kind of special modern-day devices and also tricks. As lure made use of traditional manure worm, whose grandfather mined in the pile of old manure as well as bed linen from their own cows. In fact, we were excavating there, however our outcomes were much worse that have created me resentment, temper and a host of concerns, among which to begin with was: WHY do they have pecks, however we have not, what is the SECRET of the method? Local plainly seen our vanity, to the exact same holiday me and a good friend pertained to an end, and also we had something immediate to do in angling.

In the villages and also on the periphery of individuals somewhat various than in the cities: a little kinder, a lot more alert, friendlier as well as easier. One night the old-timers called us to him, we made tea on the fire and among the regional anglers were welcomed to fish in its area.

We can not miss this possibility. Casting was performed in a clearly specified by the grandparent’s area. In the long run, a decent catch. For at all times we the very first time felt a heavy weight responsible, as well as our rods bent well. The key was simple. In the spring, choosing an excellent deep spot on the river, anglers anchored in the water of the old dried-up Christmas trees(there are lots of after the New year at or near a land fill), branches, etc to repair everything near the bottom, the fishermen linked the withered trees, connected to them 2-3 blocks and all this was placed in the water.

By mid-summer, on the branches of the perished trees have gathered an enough variety of water insects, which bring in fish. Tossing the deal with right into a net in between the trees, you can rely on a suitable catch.

After a year, I often resort to this approach, plunging into the water in the autumn or springtime to intriguing areas dry trees and also branches. And I inform You, in such locations angling is almost always excellent and also encouraging.

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