The angler seated above the opening, an one-sided game

All of his tricks in the choice of appeals as well as game choices these same attractions built on harsh presumptions concerning just how it will play one or the other grab. With experience comes a similarly approximate, however typically the ideal choice with this selection because of the currently developed stereotypes of shapes, curves, weight effective lures.

That is, because of the straightforward option of reliable… as well as not efficient … But just recently it has become feasible to look already with my own eyes just how things exist, under the ice, with fake fish baits as well as fish things of fishing.

Currently it can be seen not only in the motion pictures dubbed or with subtitles, but in the jobs of Russian writers. A few of the underwater shooting can bring important benefit to any kind of angler, experienced as well as not so, yet someplace as well as end up being the revelation of the new details.

Everyone, probably, the fishermen needed to discover that catchability and also checked the rewriter, which is simply enjoyable took a perch at the other location turned right into a totally damaged item of metal. One could, naturally, to refer to an area, they claim, no fish. However the factor is often just that even one of the most lively and nimble planning knickknacks, 1.5 metres depth stretches as well as hangs to the side, in the deeper areas comes to be a primitive « stud ».

Below 4 meters all of its quality ««» glider » are leveled, the game comes to be extra tedious, and go back to the vertical axis of the opening on the pause comes to be much shorter. Namely, the time out is frequently take place bite. Much deeper than 6 meters, a plan of spinners have been functioning perfectly upright, and fisherman, with the normal pause in the lower placement, as a matter of fact simply wastes time, because the spinner dispersed from the axis. Additionally, at higher depths, it turns out that there is no difference in between the thickness of the line.

Replace the line on an extra refined does not result in the expected outcome. Furthermore, if you use a spinner-type « stud » (frequently assisting in gluhozime), thick angling line, it plays a lot more smoothly.

The stress and thickness of water are extra powerful as well as definitive consider the game is fraudulent, than replace the line. As an exemption, there are rewriters, functioning almost similarly well at different midsts. They commonly belong to the category of summer relatively vast spinners. You can use them under the ice.

Exactly how can I adjust to take care of the video game are observed at fantastic depths? If the spoon is perfectly behaved at 1.5 metres, it is feasible to evaluate on deeper locations. Barely grab planning will no more hang after a reset and promptly begins to offer right into the hand of a push, so she began to work in a slim vertical variety. That is, in the style of the infamous « pink ». If you do not desire in this style, and the video game needed a wide range, to deal with the underlying mistakes you can only transform the method of functioning by rotating.

Instead of a sweeping stroke, should be limited to a brief as well as instead unexpected jerk the suggestion of the whip. This expansion skid must represent the size of the rewriters, also three-okunevka. Undersea filming of the show transforms the game any type of spinners with this technique. As well as the game rewriters comes to be favorably stable at numerous midsts approximately 12 meters. Returns all reliable attributes fake: horizontal planning the treatment side, vibrations as well as oscillations, disorderly as well as brisk jerks, appearing like the motion of a sick or weak fish. All these renovations will be quickly obvious incidentally the spoon again begin to hang around after a reset.

In the undersea shots you can see another picture, frequently creating laughter. A pack of goggle-eyed perch crowd in anticipation of the autumn of the weird « fish », jumping up and also down. As well as right here’s the grab, once again, is hurrying to the bottom. Knock! Precisely– between the eyes and « bonce » … And terrified the perch currently skedaddle aimlessly, adhered to by several of his comrades. As well as these butting in fish head occurs frequently. Equally as frequently terrified as well as a pack of sprays on the sides. These « capturings » perch as well as descended from the sweeping movements of the angler on top. Not aged the time out in the lower placement, as well as therefore loses a multitude of prospective attacks.

The result is more long pause on the bite now you can see. Viewed as unsuccessful job tempts with a solitary hook soldered. When 10 bites-pokes captured just one fish, each of the anglers took place to drop on an unusual perch attack. Not necessarily really tiny. It is clear that perch volovat, non-active as well as most of his bites is to surprise the spoon. This is clearly seen in the video footage. However as soon as you obtain the exact same spoon now hanging trinicom as perches start to cling responsible even camobodia, and also a full bite.

Very excitedly perch react to the strike of the spinners on the bottom, touching with the rise of turbidity, as well as isolation from the rise and also the bottom is frequently followed by a greedy bite. Equally recklessly the Humpbacks respond to the return of the rewriter to the vertical axis of the hole, that is the time out, which has actually currently been pointed out.

With the help of undersea shots dropped one more misconception, the perception among fishermens. Supposedly, the ice is dark and no distinction what shade to put the spoon, to enforce the fly, though black, still red and also will be black or purple. It turns out that if the day is brilliant as well as the water is not murky, you can see whatever perfectly, to the engraving on the spoon. And the red hairs continue to be red, and also the color and illumination of shiny steel attractions. Speaking of flies as well as hairs…

… These gizmos have different effect on the video game of spoons. Planning faux, put up with shaggy hair, lose several of their smart playful qualities and also become extra sluggish-clumsy. « Clove », however, end up being a lot more smooth game zaprokidawati flat and also not so swiftly nodding « nose » down. When geared up with flies hanging troynikov of beam of lights synthetic play even worse. Vanish fidgety as well as fast horizontal movements in the form of 8s, the video game balancers ends up being even more harsh and also primitive. At least if flies too huge. Definitely no tools « destination » as well. It is important to match the ranks as well as size of hornblende.

As well as if we are discussing the balancers, for me directly was the revelation that a smooth line-skid by rotating rising also aggravates the quality of the lure. On the contrary, a sharp as well as much shorter the wave is forced to play the balancer as frisky and also spirited fish, quickly spraying the water horizontally. As well as this applies both to raise as well as reset the balancer down. After a leap up the balancer is currently playing, and also the autumn– specifically if there was a short stroke. After long action of the lure increases practically up and down as well as similarly primitive, efficiently falls down.

Wasn’t recognizable on the ice shooting the special impacts from game of spoon-type games of the jig. Perch just crowded around the dummy as well as waited impatiently for her definitive action. Although I recognize from experience that often after a tiny reluctance « a La jig » perch trolling typically enough. Apparently, this is because of seasonal conditions and also fishing problems now.

There is one more facet that triggers uncertainty, at the very least for me, till the initial frame of the video clip under the ice. It always seemed to me that the perch must remain in some way frightened by the capture of their sidekick. Still, in their eyes, happens. Had a close friend– and no more. Still existed when views regarding the « material of fear» or the audio produced caught fish.

However as you can see, perch fairly conveniently belong to the capture as well as disappearance of good friends, but instead rivals. Is it due to the fact that they are so tranquil? Maybe even « envious»»?. And the much faster snag back under the water, the more chances to keep the pack in area and to catch more fish. As soon as the time out drags on, and also a group of perch might well someplace to go.

Yet there remains in fishing such a regulation– no guidelines, or else fishing would be boring simply complying with the instructions. This submits most often need to locate the fishermen and also his fish, and their ways of catching…

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