The circulation of perch village

Fishing began with a significant discussion with enthusiasts of angling ground tackle. For some reason this season « fidelity » started to toss their equipment along the coast, a fad that practically every fish pond.

I made a pass as well as on the initial wiring caught the take on of the fisherman. That educated them to fish, taking the entire Bank? Boiling.

This time around went to the village pond drive perch on « the bypass chain ».

The benefit of fishermen were sensible people and also I parasecoli their gear perpendicular to the shore, I happily proceeded angling in his favorite place.

On the very first actors bass right away responded to my bait, providing me with a saucy bite.

And also inherits the casts perch missed my bait, captured one after an additional. « Well, it’s not intriguing» I assumed and also made a decision to transform lure to those who previously could not raslovici at all. Despite having bad bait (my individual point of view), the perch is well spoken, after that I decided to complicate the job, changing the bypass leash snap on the jig. The fish are attacking!

Additionally extra, fundamentally transforming the lure, this time a bright pink pinwheel, as well as the bass reacts well.

In the midst of an experiment on my angling, it’s a herd of cows for a glass of water gone along with by a massive bull, in order to avoid problem for me and coworkers « fidelistas » had to retire.

Determined to go additionally along the coastline to try to find perch. On the turntable perch did not react, so I needed to go back to the snap-in outlet chain with « functioning » twittercom. Bites happen, yet not on every cast.

Cows by this time left of the bar, taking off the side of your home.

The sun was coming close to the horizon, I went back to the location where he was an active perch bite. Finally we made a decision to fish those baits, which are well caught in the previous year.

I confess, not all silicone appeal pecking perch this night, « slugs » did not job (surprisingly), « minions » functioned not at complete strength, but the lure with the active element of « tornados » and « vibrohvosta » collected all active groupers on practically every deal.

Bass caught about 5 dozen, possibly more, there were those that came again, (as all fish were released back into the pond) was discussing the existence of tears the mouth of the captured samplings.

As quickly as the sunlight came by the perspective the bite of the perch concerned a sudden stop. Leave a spinning reel, angling, comprised as well as went residence.

Such fish activity I was anticipating, according to individual idea at the time of flowering of wild rose perch are really active.

That’s regarding it.

Had a good time angling. Rested heart and also body, the battery favorable and wellness filled on 100%.

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