The fire

Talk about the risk, to prevent a situation when there is a guitar and also a great entertainer, my heart is warm, as well as the meat is raw as well as feet damp. We will rule out severe ways of bonfire of the unique improvised in non-standard conditions, let’s look at a common fire, which swiftly warms food rapidly to cook.

So, are You deliberately fishing overnight, of course, that you need to fire up the fire that is the truth unpreventable, therefore, take into consideration 2 options: best as well as inexpensive.


You go by automobile, as well as for this reason unable to prepare completely, specifically that trunk space good fire on a 3-4 day walk does not take a lot, serves, and also nature will not endure. So, put in the trunk:

  • brazier collapsible (the cost from 200 to 400 UAH. And it will last for 3-5 years, the service life is proportional to the price);
  • the fuel briquettes (from 35 UAH. Per pack of 6 PCs.);
  • suggests for ignition (the rate of 10 UAH. 200 ml.);
  • the ax (is for everyone– it’s totally free).

Arriving to the place, find the location to install the grill. It is essential to remember that the grill does not alleviate You from compliance with fire security guidelines.

Before you put the grill down here. It is very important that the land had actually been devoid of grass, dry twigs, needles, cones, and so on. Look up to stay clear of branches on the level below three meters. Naturally, around the grill, too, need to be vacuum of a minimum of two meters, so that you had liberty of movement as well as completely removes the risk of tripping.

Make a campfire. At the bottom of the grill and also placed a couple of completely dry paper and also completely dry slim branches. Currently the briquettes. Gas briquettes with proper ignition has a great warm output, so there is no demand to ignite the whole pack at the same time. If you are cooking pork or beef are the two briquettes.

Separate the briquettes right into 3 components, positioned on the prepared paper and sticks in a single layer. Now the ways for ignition — — they require to soak the briquettes. There is a feature — — nanocause briquette tends to swell, this argument is ineffective. Put briquettes a method for ignition, waiting 2-3 mins and also heated.

When the fire subsides, You appreciate the warm without smoke and also scent, which can be prepared. On everything about all no more than 15 mins. The important things to keep in mind is that the gas briquettes, very high heat so the prepared recipe, it is often required to transform.

Approximated intake of gas briquettes:

  • 1/3 of the briquette is 1.5 liters. Boiling water, BBQ vegetables.
  • 1 briquette — — fit to be tied veggies, pasta, 3-4 liter of Boiling water.
  • 1-1,5 briquette– fish, hen, steak podczerwieni.
  • 1.5-2 briquette– steaks, pork as well as veal.
  • 3-5 pellets– ear, soup, porridge, rice.
Currently take into consideration the harder option.

At the end of the day the better half calls you as well as introduces that you have actually gotten here mother-in-law, you in turn state that You have a sudden company trip. Call godfather, which here already half a year is getting in touch with angling, as well as accept satisfy in half an hour by traveler train station to catch the last train, bus or whatever else mosts likely to the nearest river, pond, lake, etc.

Come to the location of deep wide chest take a breath the air of freedom, laid out the meager equipment that Kum quickly grabbed from home, eliminate the container of vodka, and after that find that dishes You just have a container of corned beef, a kilogram of pearl barley and a small litre a light weight aluminum dish. Kum poles currently deserted the ground already, also, fun said bell. In General, the fish will certainly– require a fire. As well as devices for fire You just have lighter– what to do?

We find an appropriate opening in the ground, conscious of the fire security of the previous « bourgeois » means. Find some blocks, rocks or something not fuel from which it is possible to develop a little elevation on future coal. Remain to look for product for kindling and firewood. Material for ignition usually are the Newspapers of pre-election campaign, but if the elections are lengthy gone and also the next not soon, then completely dry turf as well as fallen leaves are one of the most suitable time — — the drier the far better. Next off, search for little completely dry twigs (a little thicker than suits), after that find branches thick as a finger, and also, in the end, the wood no thicker than your hand.

When collecting fire wood, remember that acacia, buckthorn as well as oak, also completely dry, the worst flare up, so the preference for want, Linden, alder and also fruit species. Absolutely not appropriate for a fire poplar, Klenk, elderberry, aspen– lots of smoke, the warm is not, as well as never ever will, regardless of how you try.

The firewood is collected — — set up the fire. Stones or bricks we require in order that they can place a pot of water or put improvised from branches skewers with fish, mushrooms, bacon, as well as any other sugary foods you intend to consume vodka. Yeah, talking vodka, don’t forget to place in water to maintain her comfortable, amazing temperature. For this you need vodka to put in the plan, as well as the plan pin to the pre-driven to the shore of the peg. It would be great if vodka will certainly blow over, as well as a cozy drink is not really good.

So at the bottom of the recess piled dry leaves and grass. Fire up. It may require a little fuel to the fire– do not hesitate You will not be convicted of indecent posture over the fire. It will certainly be even worse if the fire will not function, specifically the godfather initial line currently got. On the burning leaves as well as turf include thin branches and aid them to flare, enhancing fire boost the thickness of the branches included in the fire.

When the fire has You knee-deep lay the main wood. Because of the fact that the wood goes into the fire a sufficiently high temperature you within 5-10 mins to give a steady fire where you can dry wet shoes and socks after taking a 5-pound carp. While the fire burns and the godfather catches fish it’s time to take care of a cozy bed. That evening was cozy You require a log with a size more than 20 inches, the drier the better.

When all the food is ready as well as the coals are not yet cooled, include even more coals dry thin branches that kindled the fire hotter I really hope. In the resulting fire placed a thick edge of the wood. Melt it will certainly not, and smolder and to produce heat it will certainly go to the very least pododvigat burning log in the fire place as well as heat to one and also a half metres around the fire is provided to You. If the night is cool as well as the log, in Your viewpoint, are too long might place on the bonfire the middle of the light beam, when the warm will « eat» log and it will certainly divide right into two components, area both logs in the fire pit finishes parallel to each various other, warmth will certainly be twice more.

A positive night around the campfire, tasty marching gruel as well as, naturally, neither tail, nor ranges!

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