The long-awaited opening

Highly anticipated, this journey was in truth all: the training of the ban on the Saratov tank; the long-awaited possibility to put the trout equipment apart and occupy something much more significant;

long-awaited trial run of the brand-new gear during the restriction which has actually gathered an enough quantity;

even a brand new area where I — never ever was — all in this trip, seemingly predisposed to a great mood, yet the result, regrettably, delighted is not the method you want.


Honestly, the place was not only picked « at random », however with commonplace ability to increase to the water, as close as feasible. The reservoir obtained quite loud the nickname « sea », not just because of its range, yet due to uncharted coastline. What to bring?

With wonderful trouble, selected the effective O. S. p. jig spinning Grizzly, in fact, intentionally removing valleroy catch. Why? This type of possible appeals to sh just the close to location, I determined to bank on « much cordon », however « just fire » a pair in a box placed however if.


Hurt to death in the winter spinning costume Maverick from Nordman, remarkably, came in convenient as well as today the early morning welcomed us with an unanticipated temperature for 11 June — — 5 levels, and to be honest, I was really pleased when found in pockets and also gloves which can be found in helpful. Where to start? Various pilkery, it seemed to me, using an opportunity as well as far to toss, and also to sh in various horizons.

Approaching the Saratov hydroelectric power station, and carefully oblasova available for casting the boundary, we found a fascinating modification in topography, and a significant crowd of poplavochnikov on it, capture that stunning size Chub. Yes, Yes! It Chub, to fishing which I was not prepared!


And afterwards started the time experiments. The desire to get some bite, with a share of uneasiness compelled to touch the lure. Possibly a KranK? Attempting a little to touch the component of the roll, which has actually collected in the line of those wanting to catch the lobes handsome without outcome. Once again pilker? In the far distance, going down the bait to the bottom, unexpectedly have a completely unanticipated and effective bite. The trick right here is « unforeseen », since I honestly rested. Hmm, after that jig? Past the snap-in « outlet on the leash»», apparently was the only appropriate one.

Beginning with a Keitech Swing Impact Fat in the amount of 2.8 — — as well as 15 mins later on understand I have totally run out of ideas. And also exactly how « there are no poor fish — — are the wrong gear»»? In the last resort once more start to rummage in the bait — — well! Unique and stylish new Alien Bug from Lucky John — — dream simulation bug with lots of legs, and at the very same time of a shad! As well as from the first cast, caught the first bass. With the 2nd bite and again the candy striped burglar.

Yes, perhaps size and not satisfied, but when after long suffering, finally started to attack with it on each cast, the mood has actually enhanced considerably. Wide body contributed to an extremely sluggish decrease, as well as this has actually been an essential factor in order to stir up the cravings of a predator. As well as, naturally, fishing was conserved. Perch really was a whole lot, yet what even more do you need the rewriter, after a long as well as uncomfortable ban, as well as starving for a bite?

Moving back to the automobile, began emotionally to sum up: a New location as well as left for us has not been researched? Specifically, which implies that definitely worth ahead back to retaliate. The potential is unbelievably huge, and also the mother Volga, and always will certainly reward consistent fishermens. Yes, and also the purest as well as untouched natural beauty, in the actual feeling, attracted to return repeatedly…

… Thank you for Your attention! No tail, You no ranges!

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