The nibble fish in the summer season throughout a thunderstorm

Why summer season throughout a lightning storm, or before its start, the fish of numerous types increased feeding activity, which usually shows up boosted biting?

Precipitation , consisting of serious, which are gone along with by electrical storms, are very closely related to other weather condition elements(air pressure, wind, electrical areas), which together modify the actions of fish.

Researchers think that throughout a thunderstorm increases the electric field as well as this must lower the biting activity in the pre-storm as well as tornado durations. From the perspective of sharp modification of atmospheric pressure tornado periods negative for fish.

But fishing technique reveals that at such time is actively pecking Chub, roach, perch, carp, trout, crucian carp, bream and also various other fish. And also after the storm very well take a salmon. Scientists can not yet provide a description for this sensation with 100% assurance, there are just logical presumptions.

Initially, during any rainfall, particularly during storms, raise the level, increasing the flow as well as turbulence of water, which constantly positively impacts the dietary and electric motor activity of fish. Second, at high humidity, the pests flying over the waters, get wet, ended up being hefty and come under the water, where they were already awaiting fish. Intensive blending of the top layers of the water carries the fallen insects and water.

There are numerous kinds of thunderstorms that take place in various conditions as well as with various stamina.

Electrical storms are dry, when a few days (sometimes weeks) in the ambience is observed lightning task. Commonly they are not associated with frontal procedures and are independent of climate sensations. Such electrical storms might positively act on the feeding activity of fishes, because relatively long period of time is stable a reduced (occasionally high) pressure, but most notably, no dives of atmospheric pressure that do not such as fish. Throughout prolonged dry thunderstorm is usually a substantial cloud that likewise like fish that prevent direct sunlight. In theory, a completely dry electrical storm is a kind of normal thunderstorms, however precipitation dropped somewhere close by, in a location unseen to viewers.

In the center band completely dry electrical storm takes place in case of extended warmth (+28 ° C and above), loved one humidity it is 40 % or less. In Central Asia and also in several tropics the bulk of thunderstorms takes place in such kind. There are still thunderstorms, which bring cyclones. Generally throughout the day (commonly half a day) prior to a thunderstorm there is a sharp stress decrease, which negatively impacts fish. At reduced stress minimizes the oxygen web content in the water, so fish need to climb closer to the surface area, they come to be restless, can randomly run around the fish pond.

As well as a hr prior to a thunderstorm as well as during it the pressure is adjusted without dives. Fish cool down as well as begin to feed upon fallen pests, and also proactively reply to the lure. There are electrical storms, which are neither cyclones neither anticyclones are not connected, and just bring weather fronts. In such cases, the air pressure can be both reduced and high, and also the bite depends upon the toughness and duration of the tornado, wind, and other variables.

It is observed that most of the times, altering climate condition influence the feeding activity of predatory fish and also juvenile and also expanding people. The predators got a weakened as well as inactive victim who is incapable to get away from them. It was throughout the storm of predative fish not so strongly strike their victims, which, in turn, start to feed intensively, and also the bite improves.

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