The Ob… For trophy walleye and bass

Winter is over, come and gone the first warm spring days the ground thawed, and in some places has awakened from hibernation and pleases the eye with fresh herbs sprouting shoots of young grass.

The snow is almost gone, but the ice on Ob reservoir, according to the reports, still strong. Gluhozime ended, catch all the active fishermen, judging by the «news from the reservoirs,» began to increase, both in quantitative and qualitative terms.

We are the same – Alexander (Aleant), Andrew(dick), Vladimir (Bobka), for more than a month ( or rather, since the return from the last outing) can’t agree on a joint departure for Sudakovo Eldorado: the hectic activity at work, travel, urgent shopping with their better halves shopping, sick, etc., etc respectful excuses. If this goes on, might be late and not to close the ice season this year.

But the ice is calling… in the meantime (while I agreed and postponed the date of departure), I was able to equip: bought warm fishing jacket (by the way, he saved my life and my body in cold days, when it was -30 and below drove it to work, dressing the top office suit), winter fishing rods, spinners, balancers, jigs and other fishing gadgets. In short, there is everything for winter fishing, in addition to borax (he is the fellow). But when is the departure? Phoned, made the decision: pull nowhere else – in a week. To sostavleniyu day I approached responsibly. Warned all relatives, including a wife, co-workers, bosses, this day is mine and my Nirvana reunion with nature and communication with friends, in short gave the old all that on this day, I do not seek and do not disturb (for all I died).

And here it is evening monitoring a call before tomorrow Putina. Solved past questions on completing the tackle, clothing, check-out time. As You all know, the Wild love to sleep, but when you smell tomorrow and catch you dream of scoring 700-gram five-pound perch and pike perch, which sleep until lunch?! Got up at 5:30 after an hour, my porch will be a dick and we rush to the coveted pits, equipped well for the test instances.

He arrived «on schedule» as agreed, to the minute. Food plus snacks, as well as the rest of the belongings carefully stowed in a roomy trunk his chetyrehvetvevoj Caldini. The route was not chosen, because late the night before decided to see the reports on the results of other fishermen on the forum. The morning meeting has reviewed and discussed the options, decided not to go far, just over 30 kilometers from home. The weather was great, the clouds in the sky a little… Dikovska Kaldina, fun, squeal, playfully move and carried us first through the streets of the sleeping campus, next to the dam, then – on the morning unloaded the track, closer and closer to our place of fishing.

The scenery outside the window was very different from what he saw last time. Already there are high drifts along the road, the track itself is dry, but there’s a lot to put it mildly «irregularities» that are hidden in the winter snow and groomed. Some 30 minutes away, and almost made it. Off from the asphalt, we drive to the village, which, according to our assumptions, there is a descent to the river. Going along the main street, the benefit of early morning, thaw gripped the cold night. Out of the village, in front of a very steep descent to the sea, but nothing moved. And here it is the beach, and most of the Ob reservoir, sometimes there are small thick crust of ice, which in the distance wander, hoping for a decent catch early anglers infantry, lugging his simple belongings. We leave the car to look around and scout the scene on the ice.

You can drive sand hard, frozen by the frost, especially to us here drove though yesterday. Hear behind shout: «Guys!… Don’t know where to go on the ice?» Look for us the man in the SUV, too eager to get on the ice. – It seems there you can move out. – Well, guys, if so, move forward, and I for you. Not feeling dirty trick, dick sits at the wheel, I’ll show you the way. The gas, spurt, another spurt, little wheels don’t fall into the hard-Packed track; I can begin to «dig». I have to go back, get tied up otherwise. Dick cut in a lower, backpedals, falls into a rut, wheel rake and spray sand, another spurt, more… Everything… and we sat on the «belly»… bogged down, and deep… Man, who was riding behind us, wailed: – Oh-Oh-Oh… As you failed to come… Yet to dig in will all the time allocated to fishing will lose. To pull can’t you see – ‘ I «automatic». Yes and fishing is waiting for… Well, the «machine» as «machine» does not want to help, to beg will not. He left, and we all Wild for a shovel…

Very disappointing. No one around(now), who would have pull. While unearth, so much time spent!… But do not lose heart, perhaps it was bound to happen, because this is a test… that Will tell… Who has read my reports knows that Deke is not looking for easy ways to fish, and always find adventure on his head (or rather, on the hands or the feet). After ten minutes of intensive digging dick was wet and gave me a digging tool. Five minutes and I… Have to lie down on the wet sand below from the «belly» auto small sogrevaniya to pull the sand, plus sat down on a log which is difficult to dig up and remove. Both are already dirty, like children in a sandbox. Well at least the clothes field, it just will not go on dancing. Dig. I could hear behind shout: – That, the men stuck? Help? – No, practically, I’ve found a… – dick, a good Samaritan. Here in negotiations I. – Guys, if it is easy, pull! They agreed, fortunately we have the truth almost Kaldinka dug up, put on the cord, pulled, and Deke Caldina plus it was free and on solid ground…

Yes… if not fishing assistance, then we sit still for a long time in that hole…

Thanks again guys I appreciate it… Wrenched off in the distance you can see the exit to the ice, tear there. A couple of cars in front of us passed, so the frozen crust strong. Forward to sudakovym holes… That today is the day prepares, luck of the catch or «empty» coming home?

Go not hastily, km 60 give.. five Minutes later, overtakes the car in front, especially the brakes, drove opens a window we. Behind the wheel of the guy who last time went for us. «Dug up? well done, I didn’t expect… Guys, I’ll stop here and get changed, and You let’s move forward.» Well, once forward and so forward, dick gives on gases, we were pleasantly strapped in the chair. Putin is waiting for…

Depart away from fishing groups, find a promising place. Dick instantly reincarnated, but rather changes in fishing and already boring the hole, unwind the rope, I just had to pull warm pants. That’s what the skill and experience!

A couple of minutes – and I’m also dressed as a fisherman. Storm the hole, get new gear, lower, pull, wait… it Takes ten minutes; do not bite. It seems the place is good, but need to look any further. Loaded in the car and on the road…

Offing a handful of fishermen, move to them, maybe they know and are able to choose more efficient locations than we do.

Close not approaching, they are located ten meters from the group.

Drill, de-coiling tackle, sit down, pull… Again, not a bite. Why??? Ah… forgot about the basic stuff, dry fish is not got, sipped, ate, and continued fishing.

And here flooded… three jerking dick pulls first, followed by the next… in the end, five pieces of one of the wells for some three minutes.

I have nothing yet, although sitting three meters away from dick. Twitch… all of a sudden jerk, the bait pulled down strike, in a frenzy choose fishing line, fishing rod already figured out, goes to work, then right, then left. Looks like someone large is sitting on the hook. The main thing – to the edge of the hole is not caught. At the end of the fight with the fish pulling very carefully, although the nervous trembling in his hands. Happened: just entered the hole. And I am now the owner of a record instance of the Ob sailor!…

Having noticed our success, other fishermen began in a hurry to move in our direction, to drill holes and pull the perch.

After five minutes, the bite is over… Silence… Fishermen gathering their catch, who managed to pick up, making out, away (people rides even with binoculars) that someone else out there in the next bunch caught something, and quickly plunged into their cars and started to change the disposition.

We decided to celebrate such a good start fishing and add to the still life is a decent copy – a big Breakfast. Each praised elongated instance: it’s not often such a good perch is pleased with their capture of even experienced in the waters of the RHE.

All the trash after Breakfast, we gathered in a package, leaving the ice only skins orange: how does organic matter decompose quickly, will feed the microorganisms and they in turn will go to feed the fish. At this point the bite is over, go find another place.

Today, the biting, as we understand the short-term. We should look for, to change places. Ice, on the one hand, we are pleased with is sturdy and thick, the machine does not fail, on the other hand, it is of such thickness that the drill has to spin on his knees, clinging to the handle edge of the ice to get to water. In the photo, I have drilled only ¾ of the hole.

Free search of fish… that can compare with him feels! Drive movement, separated from the crowd, a solitude with nature! isn’t that the Nirvana that is trying to find every one of the inhabitants of the planet?!

Here you pick up the fish, which is here a long way (I mean not only roads) instinctively in the heat quickly and boldly choose the line, and something was lying next to you on the ice caught your trophy… And immediately around you begins out of nowhere to gather a crowd, a little…

If you catch at least a couple, the band, surrounding you begins to grow exponentially.

Summary: the bite ends quickly, we need to find a new place. And we are looking for, move, drill, pull… that is the result, but small, with one perch from the hole; somewhere all empty. Have zaburilis from the heart, just like Bruce Willis in «Armageddon.»

Decided pohalyavit (tired of boring, tired) and move to the place where I caught the perch (and there are holes of darkness). But… Around snowy plain, and no signs… But we rock! I remembered the orange peel, and, after wandering for about five minutes, still found. Disembarked and went to check.

Then just the class: fill up one hole, a few moments pulled; if not bite – go. Lepota! walk lightly… twenty Minutes a couple of pieces caught without drilling any holes. Others in the party at all not one bite. We hide from the fish that one sees from afar. Seasoned wasn’t enough, he decided to go for perch, since the Joker we had. Sat down, set up the gear…

…and moved to the nearest hole. I, in turn, with the baubles go away and check the other holes in the ice surface. Moving on to the next, I saw an interesting picture: the beginning of April, and the ice creeps vodopia, where and why – he just knows…

Digress a bit on photography shestalova and detached from everything around. In reality I returned the rumble of the approaching mnogogranny different auto and methodically, which was moving in our direction. Put the camera in the case, look: it turns out that while I, like Paganel, ran and was captured for history the insect, dick managed to hook on my jig a few perch (which pecking one after the other and he couldn’t hide). His catch saw (through binoculars) look from «the guys on karakata» and invited all his noble «hapok». Behind them moved in our direction, and the other, anticipating prey. Less than three minutes, dick was already «surrounded».

A couple of minutes – and he was Oborin from all sides. The new arrivals were not aware that dick caught on bloodworms. But they are spinners… hunker down, threw, pulled, and what’s the point – at this point, trolling is already not a bite, I checked. Five minutes to peck and dick stopped… Soon revved the engines «gang barakatuh» and they sped off where indicated their «lookout» in the hope to continue fishing and to replenish their coffers with fish alongside other lucky fishermen. Them changed their disposition and others. We decided to have lunch. The first part of the day we were pleased with the catch, and impressions, and weather.

Have lunch and plan for the future of the route. Suddenly we hear strange for these places rumble: whether a crack in the ice went, whether near started the engine of the «Buran» without a muffler. See the following picture:

Not far from us fell asleep tired fisherman sitting in the pose of the thinker publishes such trills interspersed with the rumble of snoring that really can be frightened not in on the joke. We finished their meal the sound of the «rushing waterfall». His friend too, you see, did not dare to disturb the deep NAP of his friend, sat down in the distance for the awakening.

Continue to «free search», move into RHE, away from all groups.

Time about an hour a day looking for interesting and in our opinion promising place, the result is zero.

For drilling and change places another hour passed. Holes was done from the heart, already hands hurt, your back starts to ache, and the fish has not increased. We need to change tactics. Approaching the nearest of the company of fishermen. Will Burima.

In the well of silence, from the other fishermen the same result. Agreed that temporarily stopped the biting, but he definitely will resume soon. Worried about only one question: where does it happen and how to be in the wrong place at the right time? Then dick remembered the result of the catch of fishermen, who, seeing that we have a bite, pulled, drilled, and eventually pulled the fish. Especially lads from the result of the company «on karakata». «Karakat», if anyone knows, is a vehicle on wheels/cells low pressure, mostly self-made «on the basis of» domestic motorcycles. Come in different designs: Open:

Closed (with a roof/cabin):

For winter ice fishing «karakat» – a useful and indispensable device to move through solid ice and soft crust. In gluhozime in deep snow gives a good speed and falls; according to the latest essential ice. Having a small weight and volume cylinders, hitting a hole in the ice, not sink. But there are also disadvantages: all instances converted from standard models of the Soviet Motorama and/or homemade. But these machines are not always reliable and can fail or go haywire, and sometimes just to «get a stake» in not a right moment. So avid fishermen and owners of «pneumatic-tired machines» are often combined in groups of 5-7 improvised self-propelled vehicles. If someone has a crash happens, the other team will help and towed to the desired location. And the company more fun.

More often owners «bellanico» – experienced fishermen, go/go for fish, not for impressions. And therefore apply in their daily practice the method of «hapki». What is the «hapki»? Standing in the distance or at the edge of the «crowd», see who catches. If you see that someone draws a tackle or near to it on the ice trembled freshly caught fish, so there you go. The main thing – to calculate, where will the jamb. Come, choose a place not far from caught, burish, fill up, pull: 90 % probability that no bite will be, and more a matter of technique and skills. The main thing to drill quickly before the bite ended. Then look out for a new place (better with binoculars), and again in a way, the new «hapki». The result is obvious: holes burish less scout is not necessary, and the catch is exactly.

When there is a moving «karabatov» and other cars to the new location «hapki» ice OVH – it is something and this is a must see. Directly you get to shoot the movie «Mad Max». Only there – the dry and hot desert, here snowy and frosty expanse of the Ob reservoir. The roar of engines, breaking the icy silence, drive speed, three or four-wheeled rattletrap, overtaking each other, striving for the coveted «wells» perch and perch. When they reached the place, drivers and their passengers who than fled with the Boers, almost pushing each other from the drill site, drill holes next to the already caught. Wander further and drilled holes for a possible way underwater predators. From a distance we immediately see where and how I went the weed.

The weather is changeable as today’s nibble fish. Then the clouds cover the bright light of the spring sun and plunge us and the surrounding area into despondency and gloom.

…then the sky clears up, and once the sun begins to warm us with its soft and warm rays…

Depart from all out looking for. Came across Sudakovo flair, went for a bite, you see, the catch… the Lads on the «Characato» not asleep, especially the «spy» with binoculars. That’s interesting: it seems to be hiding behind a car from intruders, but still spotted… dick’s already two, I bite, pull, hard going, and only pull from the hole of the perch… From all the waters of RHE startled by the roar simultaneously opened not less than three dozen engines…

Crack and creak of ice under a variety of drills, Carthage and sighs drillers, directly competition for drilling speed and quick sitting down in the hole. Dick managed to catch two more, although already densely occupied by the newcomers fishermen. The catch is many people are not disappointed, caught 2-3 walleye. I managed to pull another one. Then again silence. After about ten minutes removed from the scene, moving further ahead someone catches.

Join in the distance. Here is a small result, a pair caught…
Today was the bait and here are the copies. First seen live burbot, thought he was in the Ob not found.

The weather began to change dramatically, somewhere I passed over the rain clouds, the sun disappeared, rose a gentle breeze, the harbinger of a storm…
Evening. The catch is today. Enough of us that have been caught. Depart away from everyone, it is necessary to sfotatsya with a catch. Closer, don’t sleep «lookout» even in this weather: suddenly looking for the next «hapki» he will take our daily result for the catch of the next hole. Retiring and closing machine, we started the final session with our catch. Here’s a bunch of elongated Wild instances:

With his catch of the day imprinted and I decided:

Before your journey back need to eat. While he partook of the viands taken from him, heard the roar of the engines, heralding someone good «hapki».

The ice car in a fragmented manner moved to a remote group of fishermen. Dick suggested: «Let’s finally too torn with everyone! Not always do we find out where the fish are.» «Logical,» – I was completely agree. Scoot. Time fishing a little, it’s time to move home, but twenty minutes we have in stock. Approaching the group. Settle down in five meters away from the extreme. Dick hastily bore a hole, and as soon as he starts to do drift in the ice, we see that next to him, the fishermen begin to pull… Well… dick throws the drill, I run to the borax, and to us other fishermen lose a seat (someone already hunker down where I was planning). Find a new place nearby, a little to the left. Make a hole in the ice; two twitching, looking around: if perch goes, the front, often straight, just her and I sit. A couple of seconds and have to go Putin… Oh and fish… good Luck dick: rod almost goes in the hole, automatic cutting, hard fight with the fish, the fish gets in the hole, have priopustit. The second patagon she’ll go in the hole, and now on the shore… And I have no bite. Continue blesnet – deaf. Dick runs up to me for the camera, eyes stunned… I don’t bite, go to FOTA…

Dick got Zander 2.1 kg. Such instances are rare in our time on the spaces of OVH. Nibble on this place, and today, over, there is little time left, and I sfotat with an end of the Ob instance.

The weather’s turned bad, rain and fine snow. Need to move to the mainland. The caravan of fishermen went to the shore, so did we. They may know less safe and more convenient exit from the ice on the ground.

Of course, the day did not end without incident: two ahead «the Zhiguli» stuck out from the ice through the sand on the ground. Going back to the Car to go around them, dragged in tow, giving way to others. Speeding, passed a difficult area and we. Further, the difficult road of the main street of the village, which also held the all-wheel drive. Broke on the pavement, but the weather is not favourable.

In time burst. The road to the house was quick, not even had time to stop talking, communicating and discussing plans for the coming summer time flew by. Dick unloaded on me and ran to his «swallow» home. I take off the backpack, clothing and a fishing junk, the fish in the fridge (by the way, a full catch today 4 kg, the maximum instance – 700 g perch; dick total 6 kg, excluding the last perch). Go out on the balcony, and there…

Right winter is back! in time we broke and went home…

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