The opening of the period. 0,45 g cabs

On the first day of opening, I chose to keep in mind the great old micropig and fishing on the fish pond. An area for angling has actually selected the most intriguing: the bridge plate in water, shell, stones.

2004 Rotating was selected as enjoyable as possible to die also from a small perch. Flur linked, put the rifle as well as begin angling with a jig-Riga evaluating 2 grams, as bait, selected the 2-inch vibrohvost.

Exploit the seaside plates. This area is normally a lot of bull, as well as sometimes perch slides. On the first publishing, to get some effective voles, yet no soap. Get the lure, as well as the tail she has actually gone, as well as God is with him. Now I have attractions ended up to slug. Throw and also start publishing, the lure approaches home plates and there is an effective bite to the hand. Lure and also realize it is bull, and put as a grown-up perch.

My package for ultralight angling:

Spinning Maximus Egoist-X 602L (1-5g)
Reel — — Daiwa Gekkabijin MX

Continue to capture « slug»», with each purchase obtaining near to the coast, certain bite and also periodically catch bulls. At some time I was fed up with it as well as I decide to replace the lure, and with it the jig rig. Put much heavier, considering 4 grams as well as creates the casting about the center of the bridge, after that knock down the lure under the middle stacks, where bass normally socializes. 5-6 shots as well as finally I see the suggestion of Blanca prickling bait, lure — — is. This is not bull, and something bigger, probably a perch.
So, we captured a small perch.

Another cast to the same point brings one more perch. How beautiful this light deal with when you can enjoy fishing while catching such a small fish. Hereafter capture there comes some calm. For an hour I am oblivious of voles, attempt various weights, put microjy, jigs, vobleri, lure. The sunlight begins to set gradually established behind the perspective.

Starts night out, the fish becomes more active, starts, ruptureds on the water, in some places, fry runs away from the wickedness, candy striped bass, and somewhere on the horizon dive out of an excellent dimension carp. Take this possibility to place gram head, include a mini pot and attempt to lure in thickness, the benefit of rotating allegorical action and also permits you to do this extremely properly.

The first actors I hooked a good perch, considering 150-170 grams. Left a long time gram and also decided to decrease to 0.45. Voles came to be significantly more, as well as the spinning was great with the weight as well as capturing it was very comfy.

The very first jig I’ve caught a good perch, they pecked on the 2-inch slug, a pelagic wiring, without disturbance with very sweeping video game. Perch pecking like crazy, he was getting nearly every casting and to draw out their pleasure.

After time on the lake was a sensational photo — — a beautiful sundown. I had to record it as well as appeared rather good, now this landscape is fixed up on my desktop computer, if any person must — — compose in an individual and also even more attractive pictures in my Instagram — — @avfish, waiting for the memberships! Under such a sundown had to be something magical as well as we can claim that a miracle happened.

I held the lure in the water and also it struck a little perch, evidently he got up to eat the fry, and at the very same time decided to order my lure. It was an exceptional night, I’ve closed three varieties of fish, appreciated using simple Egoist-x, to take pleasure in angling, nature and stunning sunset. Thanks for your interest, I hope I’m even somewhat conveyed the environment of the evening!

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