The temperature level and also the biting fish

First, you need to address the inquiry, what is the distinction in temperature typically endure fish. Our normal freshwater fish have the ability to endure fluctuations in temperature to 15– 20 levels.

But under the problem that the temperature changes slowly. Usually this decrease of temperature occurs within a couple of weeks or months. Exactly how fish endure variations in temperature, and also how does this affect their activity?

One more inquiry develops, what changes in everyday temperature levels, the fish migrates painlessly? Daily fluctuations of temperature of water can reach 8-9 degrees. To the fluctuations triggered by the modification of day and night, the fish obtained made use of to it as well as tolerates them better than the fluctuations triggered by the adjustment of season, the weather or even the instructions as well as force of the wind. Drop 4-5 degrees (not related to the modification of day and night) influences the activity of fish. Finest fish feels with a minimal daily change oftemperature level. It is believed that this array ought to not surpass 1– 2 degrees.

If yesterday the daytime temperature level of the water was 10 levels, as well as today at the very same time is from 8 to 12 levels, then that’s fine as well as we can predict the feeding activity of fish. Fish are really conscious modifications in temperature, reacting also to variations intenths of a degree. As well as when getting to extreme worths, the fish falls under hibernation. However, she quits to eat and also stroll. There are series of temperatures at which a certain sort of fish really feels comfortable. In this variety they are actively feeding as well as gaining weight(table.1)

The temperature of the water in which the fish is active( in deg.C) Table 1 Spawning Temperature level activity a minimum of max. task max Perch 7-10 8 18-20 24 Sudak 8-14 4 12-18 22 Pike 3 — 6 4 15-16 18 Burbot 1 4 5 — 6 12 Trout 1 3 10 — 12 18 Carp 18 — 20 14 22 — 28 30 Bream 12 — 16 13 18 — 20 22 Carp 15 — 18 8 20 — 28 30 Cockroach 8 — 10 4 12 — 18 28 Som 16 — 20 8 20 — 28 30 Autumn as cooling water fish activity as a whole decreases. The even more dramatically is the air conditioning, the a lot more visible the loss of task of fish.

With the beginning of freeze-up water temperature level, reaching its minimum, stabiliziruemost. Under the ice the water temperature is 1 degree on the surface or superficial water as much as 4 levels in the inmost places. Fish in this period does not really feel changes in temperature and also starts to show activity. Enhancing bite with the onset of pervolakia, some need to discuss
the preparation of fish to hefty wintertime problems. However it’s not persuading! And then the ice, that prevented the fish to get ready forwinter season before freeze-up?

The only point that fundamentally transforms parvaldu is that stabiliziruemost the temperature of the water. No its — declines. Oxygen program a lot more beneficial inthe initial days does not transform. All — this creates beneficial problems for certain types of fish(perch, pike, roach, and so on).

Some types of fish such as — catfish, carp, crucian carp, tench etc. — with the beginning of freeze-up hibernate and also are not captured, although there are exemptions, yet that’s a different problem. As the temperature level of open water depends on temperature air, we can draw out the range of temperature levels of the air in which the task of fish maximum. Springtime is 15 — 21 ° C, in summer season25 —– 30°C, in fall from 10 to 15 ° C. It is needed to take into account the peculiarities of the regions. For the Northern and also southerly areas of the range comfortable for the fish temperature levels to be different. Thenumbers given in the write-up are not outright.

The challenge was to draw the interest of fishermen on the impact of modifications in temperature on fish behavior. Every fishermen needs to be watchful as well as to take into account as many parameters as feasible, consisting of the temperature level regimen.

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