The village canines will not decline fish

One night, noisy from barking pets and also the noise of steps on the ice, I peeked neighbor Sasha as well as right away tossed his hands in the side: «Perch! »

The tale of bass Recognizing his name as a true angler, and then– an incorrigible daydreamer, I tried to return to the hands of Sasha in a placement more or less corresponding to the dimension of a modern-day bass, lavaderos off the ice.

Yet going to a next-door neighbor, I saw a scattering of really nice perch, the greatest of which evaluated three hundred pounds…

…– Where was that?– curious about.

— Alalykina. Durom took perch. All with a solitary hole took. Even from the auto never ever left. Enough mainly white Vlasenko.

Paying attention to Sasha and checking out the heap photocatalytic Humpbacks, I really felt belated Tosca-a pity, due to the fact that he welcomed me fishing at Alticine this Wednesday when he was caught these perch, and also it was Sasha with Valeriy. The work I have not « from horn»to horn », in brief, free from the burdens of the norms of labour regulations, yet on the basic Law of Life was up to me that day issue of urgency. Customarily…

… On Saturday once again will certainly go there. Just how are you?.– smokes cigaretyes Sasha.

— What are the discussions? Certainly, the food!

Saturday morning, temno else packed in the cars and truck Valeria traveling in the direction of the dim morning. In the auto, except Sasha as well as Valeria, also a next-door neighbor, nonetheless, if I may state so, far. His name is Igor. Word of his flies-then deftly and ubiwise, tartly amusing, grated fundamental in the peasants-fishermen. Valera silently turns the wheel. Sanja Smoking a cigarette, again extending his arms to the side, revealing the dimensions of the following captured when fish. And sitting beside me boy Vanya, falling on my shoulder, dropping off to sleep and also getting up once more. Well, as usual, in the cosy grief of the early morning angling machine.

After a monotone lulling kilometers of highway we turned into the woodland and for a long time hanging from side to side along the woodland roadway. Intense early morning, down long sloping hill and crawl throughout the ice, relocating to the valued locations. A few vehicles go ahead. From afar they look like the wonder of the watercraft, the spray plumes of the snow crumbs on the sides.

Far in advance you can see the high Volga Bank, blacken the island. Sit near the vehicle. All excited, bearing in mind the last fishing trip. And we’re drilling with Ivan a couple of openings. No bite!. Then a number of openings, after that another… … Gradually disperse sideways. Perch pecked slow and the Humpbacks were not caught. Seldom banging the spoon perch grams per hundred. More than enough detail. Apparently, perches group, and numerous « krupnomery » during the week, someplace has actually solved to weekends, when I close the gates hydroelectric power plant and the circulation stops.

The evening entering the automobile. All this moment not a whole lot. Much more– a trifle, yet it is still three or four instances of arc scarlet tails.

The above is not an episode of lucky angling, however rather an image of exactly how it is imaginary to expect some miracle and also as uncertain, unpredictable attacking sly fish.

Scare evening

Fishing on little rivers, sometimes uncertain. Early in the morning in a little Creek enjoyable adjusting the numerous Motyl « white » thing, yet by night, the Bay died. Something has actually altered considerably there, under the ice. As uncertain as well as ice problems. Especially currently in constant thaw. At night we boldly strolled as well as ran on a difficult track along a Gerlich, and also in the early morning, as if picking up something, I took a ice pick as well as punch the most relatively trustworthy path. The replica fish the Icepick dropped practically without resistance. On the Volga the expanses of ice currently solid pillar just in the air ducts and also occasionally there are washouts in place of rotten stumps. A tiny river has its unpredictable and gusty womanly nature…

… We still have ahead of day fishing and evening fishing burbot from the ice. And also we determine to go with an undependable channel over closer to the village, where the river is broader as well as quieter. Right here the ice is much more uniform.

Day fishing for tiny perch and sarouk, but we have the main point– evening fishing with its charm, many do not recognize, specifically miners-pragmatics. Still, the burbot, a fish originally bigger Cruciferae and silver detail, as well as the preference.

In the center of the Bay we established the usual summer tent with a « clothing room» as well as a mild zip. At the bottom laid throughout spruce branches. Pushing it, resilient, do not touch the back of ice, and also thaw the evening in sleeping bags will not be special extreme. We were not going to sleep tonight, at the very least while taking burbot…… or would certainly take Place… … something brand-new.

The sunset had turned bright red brilliant and also icy. The sharp odor of fresh snow, the anger of willow bark and also some special silent quality, which constantly felt the technique of night.
At night we lit directly into the ice fire: the tea to boil however to pommernyacht under the high stars. From time to time we shone a flashlight imitation fish looked sharp boxes. On a spring-flags Gerlich we have linked the little buzzing bells. Conscious the silence of the night with frost, to be close, while increasing the flag, the bell dinged as well as it was distinct. Fishing, though burbot, with such a ringing bite was already various from fishing on a stationary « dead » equipment, when it only remains to examine them periodically.

In the silence you hear buzzing of a bell comparable to « tankage » night birds. Get rid of from the replica fish tiny nalichie and also toss it on the ice. But after that my good friend, strangely uhnov and nearly crossed himself, revealed someplace on the side of a cliff.

— Wolves!. See, the wolf wanders around!.

— Where?

— Yes, there, around the Bush!.

The cliff slid a fast priymayutsya number, famous against the light from the celebrities and also city glow in the sky. In the light of the lantern blinked and also discolored yellow eyes…… And quickly really felt … typical pet dog, locating the ice. She was a full-blooded West Siberian Laika. Maybe the owners went out, or perhaps came from the town.

— Here’s a wolf– laugh of relief.

And the pet, obviously hungry, came up to us and gazed towards the rustling on the ice for burbot. I understand that many village pets will not reject from fish, as well as city also, if you kiss… … Nalichik little the night ahead, grab more…… I think the dog will certainly popytaetsya, and also direct the flashlight to the side of burbot. As soon as the pet dog saw him, Bouncing and also twitching serpent, as her left paw on the ice, she screamed and quickly vanished in the darkness. We were clutching at their stubborn bellies, frightening silence of the evening bad giggling…

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