Via the floors of snags

The double-bass as if stuck in contact with snags, but I carefully dragged the fish via them as well as safely brought

One day, shortly after freeze-up, my closest close friend Volodya by Ohmatovim went to a large fish pond near the town of kondol’, situated 70 kilometres South of Penza. It was a still, windless day with the temperature near absolutely no.

The pond extended virtually 2 km Thickness of ice sufficed, greater than 5 cm, and allowed no concern to conduct searches throughout its expanse. Wherever we attempted to locate a great bite, just caught okoneski- « seafarer » no longer than 7 centimeters.

Came to a forest sticking out of the ice snags and also this is where things got enjoyable: perch started to appear a lot bigger. Volodya and also located on opposite sides of the driftwood. Decreasing the jig, I placement of nod understood that I had gotten to the bottom and began the video game. However unexpectedly, nod slack, and also I understood that the jig has actually not reached all-time low, and also the surface of some driftwood.

Dropping her down, began to play off the line from the reel, after which the pattern repeated once again: the jig again fell on a snag, and afterwards retired ultimately to the base. I needed to slightly raise her as a nod delicately all of a sudden has actually sgorbissa up, showing a right bite, and also I drew fairly a good bass under 100 grams.

At the same time my hand seemed like a double-bass as if stuck in contact with snags, but I gently dragged the fish via them as well as safely brought. Afterwards, the pattern of angling has taken lasting. Once more I reduced the jig and also acting rather deliberately played it to, passing initially through the first and afterwards the 2nd obstacle, fell down, soon adhered to by bite.

Evidently, under the reduced flooring of driftwood stood a gaggle of snappers, excitedly nabrasyvanija the bait– bloodworms. By this time, I have currently adapted to the specifics of this awesome fishing. I had to relocate slowly, without difficulty, allowing the jig to move off of both floorings, and after the strike, smoothly and coolly checking out driftwood, bring your booty up, staying clear of any grabs. The latter was not terrible: in the
drawer lay off of his own design style and alsoCraftsmanship smoothly helping aiding in a variety range situationsCircumstances Capture quickly surpassed a few lots.

Seeing my development, Volodya, every so often minimally one perch after one more, pierced a few openings near me, however, alas, the very same rapid nibble met and gone back to the old holes. In the 2nd half of the day the fish pond came a large company of anglers and, « Srinivas » my bravura angling, kicking back, making the ice noticeably drooped and also it made the water that formed under our feet a couple of pools. No issue exactly how attempted my jealous, the very same fish they had.

Irritated, they delegated look for joy elsewhere. « Two-storey bite », which I am so exceptionally fortunate to have actually brought almost a cabinet packed with perch, so I returned residence overjoyed. Volodya was also not angered. Supply fish in your ear he’s had fairly sufficient.

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