To get bloodworms

My next-door neighbor, a previous Shatura furnishings manufacturer, and also currently a modest as well as quiet pensioner Victor Nesterov’s eagerly anticipating the very first ice, with a light heart to fish.

Sweated veggie beds, ran through woodlands and swamps for berries and also mushrooms — enough. Summer season as well as fall teems with Chan — winter himself pan. Prior to you prepare your wintertime equipment, Victor goes right into the shed for Metallica. His main job pervalence — — to obtain bloodworms.

Maybe the most common winter season lure– bright-red wiggler-gargunza, commonly referred to as bloodworms Nobody can deny that even the little fry fish hunting the shallows, enough skill not to miss all indiscriminately. « On a bare hook will certainly not go supachok»– said on this occasion the fishermens.

The fish menu is very diverse, and the whims of other undersea gourmets are not substandard to the fastidiousness of various other consumers, wielding spoons over a pot of soup. Perhaps the most usual winter bait– bright-red wiggler-gargunza, typically called bloodworms. Victor Nesterov certain that the name is created by the fishermen. « Dangle the hook, because the moth,» he says.

Lake Sinochem situated in twenty minutes walk from the town, Viti has its valued place, where he ««» cleans » the bloodworms. The lake, like the majority of waters in the area, peat beginning. The bottom of it already in two 10s metres from the shores covered with a thick layer of black sludge. In the mire as well as live mosquito larvae. Eventually I asked Victor for the manufacturing of bloodworm. We got out of the house early. It was peaceful and icy. Grass on a field covered with frost. Victor is cheerful and fun, with Metallica shoulder, walking ahead. I was carrying ice screws. Barely stepped on a smooth ice in some locations just priporoshennye snow as my overview stood, taking a look at the icy expanses.

— See black swellings of dirt on the ice? Will certainly not go there– there I was yesterday. Near the reeds, as well, maybe, today is absolutely nothing. Perhaps we need to want to the line…

… Half an hour later we were currently on the scene. The first thing to lower comprehensive, someplace meter diameter hole– luckily the ice had not yet grow. Victor quickly continued to service. Metallica was a lengthy pole with an internet, woven from cord. A pretty heavy device. Victor wielded them conveniently as well as promptly. Typing in the web sludge, with a persistence and also enthusiasm of a miner, after that raised, after that reduced it, removing the dust.

When her internet is virtually gone, Victor drew from his pocket a filter and began to catch a tiny scarlet worms. He was so soaked up in these sanatin that seems to be also ignored my visibility. So excited I have not seen him when he was pulled from the hole Okounkov.

Without difficulty not catch fish from the pond, I’ll obtain bloodworms. Victor, let’s say, semi-getter popular lure. Meanwhile, any kind of Riboud can provide for themselves bloodworms. It is important to find a fish pond with a muddy base. Scooped lower dirt bucket, cleaned through any latticework pot and also select a delicious lure. Bloodworms can be removed as well as in the field. For this you need to scoop up water to the sludge as well as put near the fire. To feel the warmth, the moth hurries to the surface area. You can also take an item of fish waste meat, wrap in a flap with unusual cells, and also, connecting a stone to go down on the rope in the evening in the pool with a muddy base.

Prior to fishing to remove the bundle as well as choose inspissated larvae.
Where as well as how finest to save bloodworms? It is combined with excellent pushed rest tea and also placed in a box with openings in the lid. While zatoki insurance claim that the tea must always be fresh. The box is best maintained in a great place (the refrigerator). Bloodworms you can also freeze it, spreading it in a slim layer on the paper. Lengthy bloodworms in a container of water placed in the refrigerator.

— And I have it in a nylon equipping as well as toilet– smiling Victor.– There is a tank in a continuously fresh chilly water and he motylyaetsya.

Since of the excruciating treatments (especially in the cold) nozzle bloodworms, long time winter angling wasn’t drawn in to me. Attempt padding his slim alzem the hook for subtle black head. Victor showed me that. As well as claimed one little method. For trusted as well as quick nozzle bloodworms can pull in a lot with a string or elastic band. Tasty lure to hook easily over the dressing.
After two lots « reclamation» we consumed tea as well as mosted likely to peck the ice somewhere else. At lunch time I was already house. Strolling on ice was a success. At bezrybe and also bloodworms, obviously, not a fish, yet a very motivating start to it.

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