Tournament “Spinningly chub plus”


1. The goals as well as goals. 1.1. Publicity of cautious mindset to nature and also the fish.
1.2. Promotion of fishing on the concept of PFO (catch-photograph-release).
1.3. Checking as well as examination of equipment as well as tools for catching Chub supplied by Spinningly and also project partners.
1.4. The exchange of experience between Goloustnoye, discovering the right and also entirely secure for fish, fishing.


1. The objectives and also goals.

1.1. Propaganda of mindful mindset to nature as well as the fish.
1.2. Promo of fishing on the principle of PFO (catch-photo-release).
1.3. Testing and assessment of equipment as well as devices for catching Chub given by Spinningly as well as task companions.
1.4. The exchange of experience between Goloustnoye, finding out the totally secure as well as appropriate for fish, fishing.

2. The organization of the festival.

General administration, prep work and also actual holding of the festival arranging Committee is made up of reps of the business as well as SPINNINGLY project « Chub Plus » 2.1 Information enrollers of event
Details sponsors of competition — — portal SPINNINGLY, the site Fion, the paper as well as the web site « the Fisherman» of the Fisherman » publication « Sport fishing»», web site CC(Konstantin Kuzmin)

3. The time as well as area of the competitors.

3.1. Tournament « SPINNINGLY » hung on 17-18 JUNE 2017 Lipetsk oblast
3.3. The arranging Committee authorizes the waters of the competition a week prior to the scenic tour.
3.4 the coordinates of the camp competitors shall be connected to the individuals via SMS to personal phone numbers as well as e-mail three days before the beginning of the tournament.

4. The participants of the competitors. 4.1 the Number of participants is not limited 4.2. To participate in the competitions anglers, regardless of age, sex as well as home, consent to the privacy statement as well as supporting concepts of the task « Chub Plus ». Kids under 16 years are permitted to take part under condition of existence at the celebration of their moms and dads.
4.3. To take part in the competitors needs to sign up at the discussion forum « Chub Plus » discussion forum in the section tournament Spinningly. To pre-register, you should offer the Name, town of residence, phone number, email address. The species of salmon. Salmon is a huge team of an unique type of fish, which differs from various other …

… 5. Order and Rules of the competition.

5.1. The competitors is kept in 3 rounds. On the second day — — the 3rd, the group round, the outcomes of the individual remain in personal as well as team offsets.
5.2. Angling is totally free movement on the water in actual angling.
5.3. Angling is by spinning on one artificial bait, coming from the list below sorts of attractions– crankbaits, spinner baits, spoon lures, Cicada. Lures need to be equipped with bezborodny hooks. Permitted as usage the brand bezborodny hooks and also hooks with pressed or reduced by the piercer. To avoid podragivanija fish on the attractions you are enabled to leave one treble hook (any kind of, on the participant’s choice), the 2nd need to be gotten rid of or replaced with solitary quotes.
5.4. Published snap, pesters, water filled floats as well as other alternatives for tons imposed by the freight restricted. It is banned to use natural baits or touchdown, soft baits (silicon) and likewise tandems from a number of baits.It is restricted to make use of a homemade « flies » on the treble hooks of the baits.
5.4. Each participant is permitted to utilize any type of number of attractions on scenic tour. Celebration at the time of enrollment offers the panel of judges picked bait, lure all the celebration pictures. In case of loss of the requirement or the attraction to change the baits (while on scenic tour or during the break), the participant should send a brand-new lure to the judge.
5.5. The minimum distance between the participants is not restricted to; athletes to easily move the pond, observing the requirements of fishing principles and also without troubling various other participants. In situations of disagreement, priority is given to the athlete that takes the factor of angling first.
5.6. Instantly after the begin of the stage, the participants can move openly along the river, distance of treatment from the camp is not limited, the member has to return to the camp until after the scenic tour and also give the principal court the images of the fish
5.7. The competition is purely observed the concept of « catch and launch ». For making fish professional athletes to
should utilize the nets. Individuals without nets of the competition are not enabled.
5.8. The fish captured by the participants throughout the competition, right away measured and photographed making use of FishBase by the organizing Committee, and after that launched. Photographing as well as gauging needs to be executed in water, the yield of fish on shore is banned. After the fish is released, it is necessary to take a photo of the place of capture as well as to do some different shots of the surrounding area. The last as well as needed for the taking of fish in the standings must be a photo of an empty fisseha, without fish. An instance of the correct photos: image Chub in FishBase + scene image capture + 2-3 diverse image surrounding you right now area photos vacant fisseha.
5.9. It is counted Chub of any type of size.
5.10. Subirana fish (hooks are not in your mouth and also not in the head region) to counter not accepted and also released without photography.
5.11. For every fish captured, the individual is offered a particular number of points:
— — up to 20 cm — 1 point — from 20 to
24.9 cm — 3 factors
– from 25 to 34.9 centimeters– 5 points
– from 35 to 39.9 centimeters– 10 factors
– 40 cm as well as more– 15 factors From the individual to the credit rating taken images of the 3 biggest fish in each round. Private individual’s outcome is the amount of the field after three rounds
The result of the command round is specified as the sum of scores for 3 of the largest Chub captured each of the employee.
5.18. In instance of equality of total points is the benefit of the participant or the team who captured the largest fish.
5.20. The individual may be disqualified:
– for actions incompatible with the objectives as well as objectives of the project « Chub Plus »; – for offense of the Rules and Regulations of the competition;
– for conduct offensive to the human and also moral self-respect.
5.21. The refereeing in the areas of fishing at the event is missing, the awareness of the Rules of holding managed by the individual as well as various other professional athletes. Persons seen in mindful infraction of the Rules of the event, will be disqualified indefinitely. All conflicts are solved by the Chief umpire on the spot (in the camp).
5.22. Capturing fish for competition is made by digital electronic cameras, phones, and provides excellent picture quality. Fuzzy photos which it is impossible to identify the types or size of fish, to counter not accepted.

6. Award winners.

6.1. The professional athletes ranked 1, 2 as well as 3 locations in private competitors are awarded by rewards from sponsors. Group 1st location in team classification are granted with rewards from sponsors and also the honorary diploma. The team took 3rd as well as 2nd places are granted with diplomas.
6.2. The victors in individual groups established by the arranging Committee or enrollers, will be awarded prizes.

7. Economic conditions.

7.1. The entry fee for the competition is missing.
7.2. Traveling, accommodation as well as dishes at the celebration are organized and paid by the participants.
7.3. All expenses on organization and also holding of the event organizing Committee pays the funds provided by sponsors or personal funds.

8. The competition routine.

8.1. The schedule of each round is assembled by the arranging Committee no later than one week before as well as uploaded on the sites of media partners.
8.2. The organizing Committee can alter the competitors timetable in place due to unpredicted circumstances, consisting of weather, fish activity, etc 8.3. Set up
Friday, June 16
Arrival of the participants. Registration of individuals, orientation with the area, conditions of fishing.Testing equipment.
Saturday 17 June
8.00 — — 9.00– Registration of recently gotten here individuals
9.00 -13.00 — — first round 13.00– 16.00– remainder, lunch, conducting master– class
owls, screening gear
16.00– 21.00– 2nd round
Sunday, June 18
9.00– 13.00– third, specific– team trip
14.00– summarizing the trip
14.30– awarding
Enrolment of individuals for the competition on the website Chub Plus

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