Tried to catch the eel on the ring Peninsula

Whether time was not, whether the area was not rather right, just the eel really did not want to bite on our made by all the policies, bottom fishing pole.

Finally, as soon as in the early morning called a welcome bell , fishing line tight as well as Mikhalych washed ashore wriggling like a snake, fish. Ljubomir Ivanovic smoked fatty eel in aluminum foil on the coals, sprinkling with flavors. Lunch was a high-end: just one fish fed three beefy guys as well as still have some. On the various other kinds of fishing we are not sidetracked, and lower fishing rods, baited a large Nightcrawlers, and does not attack.

All 5 days we invested in the Peninsula, we were on the boat from Selucia came Oleg — — regional, anywhere not working occupant. He was pursued by the fact that supplied out-of-towners fishermens on worms, mushrooms, young potatoes. He liked the night around the fire to discuss their fishing experiences, such as he fished extra pound tench on a lake or as Small according to the most up to date ice contend for the big yellow minnow burbot near the reeds right in the village. He highly suggested me to catch the little frog, asserted that it takes any kind of fish, as well as he as soon as even caught him a five-pound bream.

All was the guy absolutely nothing, however he had one downside — — liked Oleg to drink. Typically with him to us at the light can be found in his army pal Luban. Her haggard, anemic face as well as the bags under her eyes showed that she was in good friendship with an environment-friendly snake. In the initial couple of mins check out the home of a camp Luban claimed to be coy. She has actually appeared at a fire promptly. Lengthy stood in the shadow of the pines, while Oleg did not yell to her, « Well what are you awaiting, Luban, come on.» And she came up to us shyly and also as though laterally.

Initially, she declined her recommended dose of vodka, said beverage it later, and also prior to that wonderful if it supplied a cigarette and amused by the conversation. I keep in mind that Oleg was a quiet modest guy. However, after a hr or more, taking place business is still to some travelers, this pair was already in a state of intoxication, which typically fell asleep someplace in the bushes on the ground. And in the morning, with a hangover, he as well as she were trying to guess that they yesterday had to leave the boat.

In between the various other angling stories told Oleg regarding the angling success of his nonagenarian granny. If she still catches fish most primitive fishing pole and never gets home without a catch.

— — While you are right here a week slacking, it is near the old bakeshop throughout this time around, it managed to capture two suitable eels, he argued.
We made fun of the talkative man and also another called him a storyteller, and also Ljubomir Ivanovic found him with his face in an uncommon bushy beard is reminiscent of the excellent Andersen.

Spring fishing for pike on spinning in March

Quickly we ran out groceries and also I on the boat entered zaluchchya. Cruising past the wood structure, which looks like a hut without Windows, I thought, « it Must be this is an old bakeshop.» And right here on the side of the woodland I discovered the old angler. Wiry, worn a white scarf and white apron on a grey dress, I instantly saw her leaning close to the water birch.

« What she captures? Possibly this is the granny of Oleg?» I thought and also made a decision to method. I have waded through matched by the unguis of cows Bank, and also a senior lady was combating with some big fish. He waited till the old woman’ll place Gorbachev perch on the outside, I’m jealous said loudly with a welcoming:

— — Good bass
—! — What are you, Milan is an excellent child as well as an excellent today do not take.
— — Only one captured —? — I asked.
— — Why one? No. I do a great deal of catch. — And — where are they, grandmother? — KKH — old lady he groaned and also hobbled on the coast. Stopping near a moss-covered decks, she bid:
— — What are you standing there? To enjoy?

I was amazed, however swiftly went after her. The old female got hold of a thick line and also drew a hefty bass. No! Nearly five polukilogrammovy pieces. They were wriggling black spin and also is extensively and also angrily fanned gills! As they flicked, zaplesnula sprinkles on the rocks! I observed that the big bass throughout the ridge is cut by a deep damage like a mark. Obviously this bottom has been at one time in a harmful modification. Perhaps he had actually really felt the hold of a big pike, as well as perhaps harmed, having been in the networking poacher.

— — Whence here such dip, beside the cow’s watering hole? — — I was amazed
—. — Uh, poor thing, precisely here they belong, grinned a toothless grandmother. — — Cows sloppy the water, and after they fry relies on scary. Perch here for him.
— — And capture You a frog?
— — No, on tiny fish. On laguku huzhee will. Yes byada — — fry all came out. Granddaughter for set down on the stream was sent out, but he obtained lost someplace.
I eyed the clock. I rose to rush to catch the shop prior to closing. I said goodbye to the old lady, without also having to fulfill her.
At night, when my friends and I rested near the fire and admired the stunning sundown dying, we were come close to by Oleg.
— — You’re without a boat? — — I was amazed.
— — I the next-door neighbors left. There, he showed, came a brand-new team of visitors.
Oleg opened a hefty plastic bag and also asked:
The fish I did deny?
— — Wow, good bass, and also envy Mikhalych, evaluating pieces on hand, and took a look at us:
— — Maybe take ear? Ear will certainly be remarkable.

Lyubomir Ivanovich rejected. Like, an embarassment we, the fishermen, your fish to prepare. The final word was for me. Every person was waiting on what I say. I sighed as well:


And after that I observed the large pieces scar on the back, similar to I saw on the perch, captured by the old woman.

— — What captured? — I asked.— — Toad. I informed toad the most significant perch take. Take? 4 of only twenty rubles brand-new please. Actually, I have to take them your new neighbors, but they need to be cleaned up. And I would certainly instead you market you men their, much easier, and also, after a pause, he included. — — Of course, the new Russians, what they are fishermen! Angling rods they have, what can I say, stunning. I would certainly such as that!

Currently, changing his modest behavior at first, to hide, to the fire came Luban.

— — Good night, gents, ‘ ‘ she stated silently as well as noisally hiccupped. — — Oh, sorry, something today, assault me, she grinned an intoxicated smile, and he hiccupped again. — — Excuse me, for God’s benefit, Oleg, you’ve obtained a min.

They left, however in silence, broken only by the crackling of the fire clearly involved us she stated, « Captain …»», « …»vodka », « go…»

… » Finally, Oleg came back to the fire.
— — So, take a perch? he asked.
— — No, thank you, however we somehow do capture, ‘ ‘ I said dryly.

— — You’re better than us Bank tomorrow Nightcrawlers bring a tenner, ‘ ‘ stated Ljubomir Ivanovic.

Oleg left. Mikhalych soon understood that he had run out of cigarettes. He sent me as a Junior of the seniors to the newcomers to the neighbors to borrow a pack tomorrow Mikhalych most likely to the store as well as return.

These visitors overseas was a huge camping tent. There was an expensive Japanese SUV. High broad-shouldered man, dressed in a sports clothing, Smoking, leaning on an evergreen, as well as Oleg, hunched over a tree stump, cleaning his perches…

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