Trying to find energetic fish, the Winter roach reservoirs

Roach is famous for its elegance as well as elegance. And also yet this fish is amazing for the fact that she, like perch, is universal. It can be located in swift-flowing rivers, canals, lakes, tanks and also other water bodies.

This time we will certainly speak about finding as well as capturing small fry that reside in the reservoirs. Any storage tank the synthetic reservoir has its own features.

Habitat conditions in the fish largely depend upon the law of the water level difference which in specific periods, especially before the spring flood, can reach 2– 3M or even more. Fishing for roach in areas where there is no circulation in the winter months is rarely reliable, since this silver charm tries to remain closer to the fresh stream, bring underwater creatures life-giving oxygen.

As well as, obviously, you require to take into consideration the strength of the current that depends only on, opened up the floodgates or not.


In reservoirs in wintertime the fish are commonly located on the sandy slopes of deep pits, along the coastal edges of swamped streams as well as rivers, primarily in locations with moderate existing. As well as where the water is improved with oxygen, cockroach often leaves as well as in shallow water.

If the very first ice roach migrates across the pond, the center of winter months, she slips in flocks, focusing normally at the depth of from three to five meters. At this time, she attempts to remain in locations with modest existing, typically in the traditional places of their wintering grounds, which the fishermen– plotnichnye requirement to recognize. At low circulation the fish invests much less energy, and also consequently, it requires much less feed. Roaches that reside in the tanks in the winter is on a regular basis seen at the mouths of streams and also tributaries.

Very essential consider identifying its location, be oxygen regimen of the storage tank, the availability of forage and also shelter from aggressive fish. The largest cockroach is often kept at deepness. This is especially real of small tanks often visited by fishermen.

In the wintertime time at some small reservoirs of the Moscow region, for example Achinskom, I discovered the Parking great deal of the roach at a deepness of regarding 3 meters along the seaside sides of the flooded rivers. And absolutely in areas with a mild existing. Took ordinary cockroach up to a length of twenty centimeters. At the same time noticed the particular that the thicker the ice came to be, the more likely it was to discover the Parking lot of the roach at the top of the tank, along the side of the swamped riverbed. In big reservoirs with positive oxygen routine the scenario is somewhat different. Below roach even at the time of gluhozime leads a fairly energetic way of life. You can find it beside the Parking great deals of bream, however smaller sized depth. She commonly takes along with him.

When I captured the bream at a depth of just over 5 metres (Ivankovskoe tank). Was uncommonly peaceful for the middle of wintertime weather. By lunchtime the snow started. I lure the hook with the jig– a fairly big pellets– brush ruby bloodworm as well as reduced under the ice. As soon as the jig got to all-time low, some time is waited, after that delicately started to poshevelit drinking from side to side. A fractional nod straightened as well as shivered. I damaged as well as vivarelli another fish.

The bream were taken with lengthy stops briefly, throughout which the nod was taped somebody’s mindful regarding touching the nozzle. Cuttings, of course, was vacant? What happens if it’s a roach? As well as actually: worth it to change the take on, after that took out of the water a suitable cockroach. On the float rod with a short chain that day and took turns the bream, the roach.


For cockroach established glory shrewd fish. It is believed that attacking her extremely cranky. All this uses even more to fly fishing little cockroaches there or fishing in waters often visited by anglers. Delicate, refined, well-tuned, tackle fixes this trouble. If you put the line– web (diameter of 0.06– 0.08 mm), a little jig with a sharp hook zatsepistye properly matched to jig a nod, masterfully put on head– empty poklevok is a fair bit.

As for medium and also big cockroach (as much as 35-40 centimeters in size), then the scenario is rather various: the sharp bite that is passed into the hand through the spinning, and also… … often an open line or a damaged hook. When the hook of the jig is made of a thin cord, particularly. As well as this is a needed need when fishing on such fragile larvae like bloodworms. Keep in mind: when looking for the spring Rybinsk cockroach, we were needed to have a jig with long lasting wrought-iron hooks.

In some storage tanks, particularly within the water system of large cities where banks are located pumping terminals, frequently taken part in the diversion of water, cockroach all wintertime lead relatively energetic lives. And also capture her no much less intriguing than bream or perch, and also much more ruff. However as in all fishing, there are functions that the angler ought to understand. Take into consideration the primary ones, based on our own as well as observed experience.

Under the ice in winter, contrasted to summer season, the cockroach is extra conscious fluctuations in air pressure. Better is fishing, when it remains in a few days continues to be consistent or gradually increases or decreases. As soon as the pressure begins to jump, the cockroach quits to take and also occasionally permanently.

Whether it can be justified by the truth that under the ice cockroach chosen to stick to the different sides with changes in depths of 3 to 6m? While it can move promptly depending upon the wellness on a much deeper or a more shallow location. In winter months on the edge as well as easier to get the food, like primitive water microorganisms, in turn, are also compelled to adjust and also to look for a much more comfy setting.

In method, it is seen that specifically good biting cockroach during prolonged thaws, when the climate is cloudy with sleet or rain, and also during snow without wind or with the wind of the Western direction. If enhanced frost and also at sharp differences of atmospheric pressure bite is fairly rare. Probably, right now, the roach stops to feed and also remains in a daze.


Cockroach has a strong sense of scent. With this in mind, fishermens use smelly lure. If bass throughout winter months you can fish, not feeding the wells, the cockroach, this space is typically not the situation. Exemption– angling at initial and also last ice, when cockroach hurries from reservoirs right into rivers. As lure in the winter it is best to use proprietary substances or wheat (bread) crumbs blended with ground oil cake– sunflower or hemp. Cake if essential, you can change the roasted and ground seeds of a sunflower.

Where little or no ruff, you can effectively draw the roach feed tiny bloodworms. Component of it (once more for flavor) tamped down. Reduced the crank into the hole every so often in little sections with the assistance of a mini trough. Fish, generally in 15-20 mins. To throw pinches of bloodworms in the red is possible only in the absence of flow. When you have it, a bird feeder with small openings and also a plain constipation loaded with feed bloodworms, is decreased into a specifically pierced hole (1-1. 5 m upstream).

In this instance the bloodworms will experience the openings in the feeder as well as draw in the cockroach. Well, if you utilize the bait of a veggie origin, feed is empty at the bottom. Do not fail to remember to dry out the bait dampened with water before dropping the bird feeder. In this case fragments of food slower will certainly bear. As well as if you add in the lure fine-grained aquarium crushed rock to weight, can create rounds the size of a pigeon’s egg and also fish supplements in the procedure of catching without the help of a trough, or opening it about a meter from the bottom, also on a relatively solid present.

Normally attraction 3-4 openings offered the difference in depths and also periodically return to them, checking if they came cockroach. Sometimes fueled in the morning, the opening may become practical only in the 2nd half of the day.

The tiny fry is fed in little parts yet often, because it has no tummy. Therefore, the main job in the process of feeding does not fill the fish, as well as the exhilaration she cravings.

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