Turned up bream. An angling tale

Caught his little young boy in the Robins on the huge jig. We learnt more about bream, just regarding him as well as chat. Everybody behaves to take on large, strong fish.

On a thin fishing line, which even a suitable perch to carry — unsafe, to order a wide, Golden bream — whether joyous!.

Of program, not everyone suches as such a tidy catch. Angling stories and background Efim Nikolaevich chooses pike, but covertly intended to find and bream.

Because a number of perch are nearly constantly strolls bream, you see, and also would jump at the red strand of woollen on the tee. And afterwards while turning the rod podteretsa the chin or behind the fin. That’s actually poskripet then the pole in the hands of the fishermen! If he is on the hook threw a pail of water and also pull it in all instructions.

But Zander no, not seen and bream. So right here he rests without a major instance of old, skilled angler, swing his rod, enjoying others capture bass near the shore, however not coming off, waiting in the wings.

— — Better one great pike-perch catch, than such a trifle to use! he responds to our invitation to take part in the perch.

Efim Nikolaevich proceeds the rear of the head brown searching cap sends out brief worn jacket rye color, covered with numerous patches, as well as conveniently rests on new holes on the high, narrow container.

Delicately cozy March sun, my eyes injure to check out white snow after a long night of the road drowsy, strokes of the rod becomes slower, quieter.

As well as instantly, the hubbub over the river:

Fell appearance fell!
— — Who fell? — Where I fall?
— — Efim Nikolaevich with containers fell!

Huffing as well as puffing, we run to the fishermen. In the loss he went down the cap and now the sun is using his hairless head. He is on his knees in damp, loose snow, hardly holding the pole that pulls him from the hands of a very solid fish.

— — Let go the line, allow the fish relocation! — Hold it, don’t listen to anyone, the line will certainly hold!

Angling stories

— — Go on, let the man himself to believe. — — excitedly yelling followers over the ear of the angler.

As the angler drinks as in a high temperature, the line questionable buzzing at sharp edges of ice.

We lean over the opening as well as notification that the big fish with a lengthened, side to side compressed body does not want to go into a brightly lit opening.

All the bream?

So bream. And the scales are smaller sized and also the nose is curved up.

Is IDE, possibly, and also?

— — Yes, you! In this yaze pounds fifteen. Does not happen we have such ides. And also fin is not orange, yet dark.

And also, of course, not pike.

— — We’ll see. Flushed Efim Nikolaevich, guilty smile, drags a fish, as on the phase, under the gaze of sharp aficionados. Most of us seen what is right, what is wrong in his picky, angular activities, seemed to check, as a close friend passes a challenging exam.

Somebody begins bagaric under the thick, blue spring ice, as well as damp snow currently leaping, covering us with cold spray, a massive Chub with a black edge on the tail.
None people have never fished in the winter months ASP. And also we determine under the friendly laughter that were he not a coincidence. I had a person to Wake up angler…

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