Vladimir Putin and also Sergei Shoigu on angling and also spearfishing

This is not idle curiosity, it is a variable substantially impacting the future of Russia, as if someone did not want to believe. Putin has long been not just an individual yet a mirror of Russian evolution, to reword a popular expression.

Vladimir Putin as well as Sergei Shoigu on vacation The rest of the President has constantly been one of one of the most intriguing topics for all media, as well as fans of energetic rest. We have previously published a collection of pictures of Vladimir Putin with a spinning rod and also gun spends his holidays in the company of Sergei Sogui other fascinating individualities.

Right here in Tuva along with Shoigu come with Putin ahead numerous persons, including on among these trips before visit to the post of mayor of Moscow and also mayor Sergei Sobyanin. Full variation of video about the remainder of Russian President Vladimir Putin and also protection Minister Sergei Shoigu in the Altai Previous fishing Putin ended up being the celebration for serious discussions and even exalted acts. Mr. Lukashenko could not withstand and immediately quickly to catch catfish and also absolutely even more Putin, and Putin ‘s pike is not the first very first provides offers for debate dispute expertsSpecialists

The answer to this story we released on the website. Putin suches as energetic holidays, also your Birthday can climb mountains instead of the reception( of visitors he carries all the other days swarming). While this time around the coming with Putin faces were mainly dressed as the President with the signs of things the Russian Army. How it all is mosting likely to the military is hard to claim.

Diving for the President, also, is not new, we remember the story of the amphorae which Putin discovered thanks to the resourceful archeologists. Nonetheless the brand name of wetsuit, Putin carefully replaced by even more acceptable, and the jacket is now a lot more pitiful, from Sitka.

As opposed to advertised reports, Gopro on the mask of the President a lot more reputable camera Sony. Spoon the King Fish is additionally changed. During a drop in Siberia, Putin and also his delegation, the head of Tuva Sholban Kara-ool, the head of Khakassia Victor Zimin according to the press solution of the fed what they got in the

river, food preparation fish soup and also pike patties. On the official website of the President picture report regarding the trip includes 35 pictures and also two video clip options. We publish just component of the photo and a condensed version of the video. The full version contains over 40 minutes of video clip. Numerous were fascinated by the sprig of blueberries in the pocket of the President, probably regional seekers believe that it repels mosquitoes, as a result, offered Vladimir Putin this tool.

Well, generally the same degree of effectiveness as Sitka gear, and also pasania straps with dual D-ring with the symbol of Russian army is also from the what is it somebody in the head slammed. Pike, though not as big as last time, was fired by the President of omerovskie pneumatic tool from the 2nd shot. My tone at the President’s sweating severely, which recommends that despite the 17 degree the President has actually not participated in ancipolovskis spray, which has any kind of method. Yes, in General, and also the equipment spaces, as last time diving in Bali is not the top setting.

However, the absence of a ladder to get on the raft is in the nature of the noticeable sloppiness and infraction of all regulations of security is not something that the President, as a regular dive.

On video it shows up that Putin strikes under the system and he’s attempting to hold on to the edge of the plethora is not equipped with hand rails. And also if his surge would be bad after the dive, my hands were chilly, wet, slid, went under the boating, captured the gear … Personally, I would be there for it all smoothed along with the security, because of the General idiocy of guaranteeing safety and security.

Vaninka panamoka with the Minister of support likewise looked quite strange, I hope it’s not the swank quirks of the speaker, and the truth that there were on the celebration to the Museum team, together with the lack of the head. However, judging by the sprig of insect, the standard absence of antifog, ladder, very same ranuncolo Trouser belt Shoigu as his hat and weird apparel with signs of the Russian Army, there has long been bordered by settled parquet kreakly as opposed to professionals.

As for Putin himself, all fairly positive, shortness of breath is absent, the Reds face he himself did not naplava, boats as well as boat handles quite actively and also quickly, without doubt, behaving quite positively and also efficiently… … In General you can not expect various other President than this from Russia, say thanks to God, in the next 5 years will not be exact.

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