Walleye from the ice on the Moscow sea

Walleye, perch and pike, is one of one of the most common predators of huge bodies of water residential areas as well as always a welcome victim for the fishermen.

January and February, perhaps, the most difficult months tocatch fish between area of Russia. It is connected mostly with the loss of the web content of liquified oxygen in the water, respectively, lowered task of most fish. And although the light day ends up being much longer, the density of the ice and also snow remains to be excellent.

In 50 years we hunted in the winter season for walleye ice is frequently on the Moscow sea. One of nowadays my next-door neighbor is a passionate angler, had a kind of competition: I began to catch pike on real-time bait and also he was on a soft lure. As an outcome of this spontaneous competitors, I captured only 3 perch, as well as the next-door neighbor– 12. The result informed for itself. Because of the attraction of rubber ended up being binding in the series of my artificial attractions.

Winter fishing rod for vertical angling for pike from the ice contains fishing pole for blesneniya, easy clearomizer coils open kind, the nod, the main line and also the leash with the bait. A nod is connected to the whip with a rubber combining. A nod of conelike metal plates with a polymer finish that does not shed its buildings at any type of temperature level. When searching walleye concerning 5 cm size of the main angling line 0,25 mm, working length. the Leash of metal, with a diameter of 0.2 mm with a polymer finish. He ««» fanged » no line attacks, yet it can make pike that peck often in the same places.

The main part of the breeze is, obviously, the extremely rubber of the synthetic lure, to make which in the house is extremely simple.

From twig soft rubber with a diameter of 16 mm, cut off component of a length of 70-80 mm and completions rounded. Billet is travelled through the steel pole from stainless steel with a diameter of about 1 mm. To one end of the pole through the round head is constructed from strong red plastic is attached to the swivel, which then connects the leash. Attribute of snap are 2 swivel– one connected to the lure and also chain, an additional leash and the primary line. The modern-day swivel in the snap-ins took its location: it avoids twisting of the fishing line, promotes the substitute of fabricated attractions as well as contributes to the game when posting.

At a distance of 25-30 mm from the anterior component of the body of the attraction is a side cut as well as glue inserts a document of solid purple plastic in the shape of a propeller. Most significantly, the weight as well as dimension bait fits the details conditions of angling. Ogruzka is performed making use of a lead cable. Fishermens have noticed that the closer ogruzka to the hook, the more regular biting walleye. Tee concealed tinted tuft. The eyes of the appeal are made using white lacquer and also students making use of black.

Currently soft baits are made mainly from silicone as well as foam rubber, which are regularly promoted, but I still choose rubber– they are far more sturdy, are much more steady at various depths as well as are usually smaller sized celebrations of killer after hooking.

Every person understands that their Parking pack walleye generally select the websites of convergence in the reservoir of large and tiny rivers, snags, decrease offs as well as changes in depths, pits, springs, the debris of rocks. In such places, ««» fanged » lasts nearly all year round. On feeding the group go on their irreversible ««» trails » that can vary relying on the activities of the throngs of fry.

Short-lived Parking and crowds really brief search on the ice it is recommended to maintain a team or 2. Step on the ice, we pierce 10-12 holes simultaneously every 15-25 m off the rocks at depth, and after that fished each time. In one of the openings I placed a two-liter container with water, which swim online fish. They are likely very drawn in to predators. After fishing the Bank is eliminated as well as the fish released into the wild.

Begin searching, ideally with low tide depths, slowly approaching the main dish. In winter, Zander attack better in clear wintry days and virtually quits to be caught at the breaks in the weather condition, the abrupt change in atmospheric pressure.

Angling method on ««» rubber » is a lot easier than other synthetic lures. The gameplay in the search for walleye is to lower the lure on the ground, as well as the climbs are made by the strokes of the pole to a height of 20-30 cm In all instances, the fishermen is preferable to have a sounder.

The method of the video game rubber bait time out must be much longer– 12 secs. « Fanged» like monotonic game.

The walleye bite is felt by the angler as a minor shock or abrupt weight. Cutting should be done sharp. Occasionally an attacking fish is stopped and the fishermen will certainly feel it only at the following rising, so much better after each deal and also time out to do the cutting. Cut the fish requirement to extract as rapidly as possible, without deteriorating the line. Strangely sufficient, but frequently big perch behaves when playing a lot better than regular instances.

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