Warmth. Fish is naughty. Yet the evening bite shocked

All great day and also superb state of mind! What is the warm on the road all the same. Last day was likewise no exception and we after work we mosted likely to the dacha. We had to take something, yet at the exact same time and consumed berries as well as sprinkled the cucumbers.

But home did not desire much more, which resting in your home. Yes, and also we mosted likely to the nearby body of water. En route acquired and also stopped Shawarma for a snack and also went. And water peace and quiet, krasotaaa…

Taking out their rods and immediately dressed and guayusa from the flying beasts, in order to be attacked. We determined with my hubby this moment not to utilize iron, and fishing right at the electrical outlet. With the first actors we caught a small perch burglars.

Next, make a throw as well as closer to the shore sensation pretty snag, the clutch is running, the adrenaline gained. Well, I assume surenos Krasny and then he began to take out right into the shrubs, rotating bend the arc. And the thief still stole in the shrubs, and also hold on to driftwood. Other half heard me and also hurried to assist. As a result of the branched and also karatnogo the shore I might not arrive. Due to my husband disconnected and hooked me up with my pretty kid considering in at 550 gr. It was somehow extra fun.

Do another spreading as well as the following bite with a small perch. More settled to change the bait and also again I bring closer to the coast and also paused to strike bass. Yes, there really was enjoyable. Other half placed their preferred and very first Wobbler.

And below sir we were not averse to consume the bait and also attacked with greed and also captures virtually every two or 3 casts. So I think I change my discharge to Wobbler. As it turned out the bite was not long in coming, the hook rests very money grubbing perch. By the way the night bite was greedy. Oh, and after that on my lure captured sudack, Bursik.

A trifle after the image shoot were launched back to extension as well as weight. Meanwhile, it was already dark and the moment was around 10 and it was time to go home, and the insects began to greedily assaulted us. Had a charming relaxing time. I loved the bites. We captured nearly one after an additional. Long ago we did not have this therefore as not to jinx it FIE-FIE-FIE via the left shoulder))

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