We are waiting for congenial forest hut as well as lunch, from great smelling soup

The end of August. The city, as constantly, is loud as well as lives in his frenzied rate, hurrying in between the rock boxes autos, okutyvaya stinking of smoke. Around sound troubles as all!

Yes, so sick of that left for a week all organization, and not extremely important, as well as collected in the woodland. Slung in a knapsack all essential, came for the package and also a pet and also out of
the city. Long intended to go to an old, abandoned cabin on the coast of the lake. In the past was near lake town, lived individuals, but then progressively the youths left in the city, as well as the old man lived his life, and also the town was empty.

Leave the cars and truck at the collapsed barn go, but no one ever can be found in here as well as touch nothing, nobody will. To go far, regarding twenty kilometers. Canine sports on the area, the pleasure of separation as it seems, smiles incessantly. Well, begun, Wolfy! Obviously, you’re pleased, go hunting, walk! Early morning coolness Aug is changed by a cozy Sunny day; not to roast in the sunlight, leaving the edge of the forest, a lengthy roadway in advance and a whole week of forest life! The road is heavily disordered with bushes.

Go hard, backpack with each passing hr ending up being more large. Instantly the path enters bolotino. This was not when I was last right here. Obviously, somewhere beavers swamped the river. Concentrate on the other side and stroll along the side, periodically flexing down as well as picking sweet berry cranberries. Wolfy picked up the grumble, put it on the tree, no, you’re not also hunting the scientific research behind long off-season.

Call off the dog, currently I’m not shooting — not to bring, and so the knapsack seems too heavy. Will certainly we still searching, be patient, friend. — In the way all the idea is maintained if the woodland hut, nevertheless, the camping tent is not taken. Climb capital with field glasses browse the lake. Here is the cabin.

The entire hut. Downhill your feet will bring me to a long-awaited vacation. Right here came the backpack from the shoulders down! The feeling lift as well as take off. On the lake a racket, many birds I have not seen. Duck and ciry worn packs, quack and flop into the water. Loud reeds. Well, allow’s settle down. The hut of huts, built of century-old trees, protected over the years excellent. Every little thing remains in area, as well as a stove from old barrels, and also even a trumpet is not blown away.

A basic, hammered with each other from yard a bench, a table and a bed, that’s all the style woodland house. On the rack meticulously left a person matches and also salt. Several candles — very handy. Possessions laid — out on the rack, the products suspended from the ceiling.

Angling for carp in March

It’s getting late, and also you can stand the dawn in the reeds. Around the lake clean ache forest, and shores thickly overgrown with willows. You need not go much, that’s the old boat dock. Below and also will certainly continue to quest and also fish. The lake water is dark, like a mirror, mirrors the yellow trunks of the pines.

Consuming alcohol tea from a thermos and also delight in a cozy evening. Wolfy rests there viewing me with his brown eye, scrunches up your eyes right into the setup sunlight. Whistling wings, a duck is not afraid people — — RAID a shot, shoot, and my dependable helper drifts to get the smitten bird. Another RAID, once more shot down. All, buddy, we do not need two mallards at the two of us enough for lunch tomorrow. As well as today, simply relax and also rest.

In the evening the wind gets, the evergreen rustle as well as the cane faucets its completely dry sticks and the tune of the forest. Mosting likely to cleanse the dichin. Pluck the ducks, give the legs a spin, they deserve it! Thaw the thirsty the stove to eliminate the cabin dampness and also warm up supper. Place the kettle on, brew a great smelling tea with a cowberry leaves and wild currant. The hut is loaded with aromas of smoke as well as tea. With ustatku is not desirable, so the tea itself and also a jar of stew for the dog. Go to rest. Lie and pay attention to the squeak of insects, the rustle of computer mice, the crackling visit the cooktop. Urban thoughts start to slowly release me. Wolfy is asleep. In the dream barking and also « runs », apparently someone flights.

I can not rest, go outside. In the sky of the sky over the top of swaying evergreen spread the stellar skies. Silence. And only the audio of wind in branches of trees. But fatigue takes its toll, lay down and also sleep the rest of the dead.

A little light glimmered in the home window, a tightened thick plastic film, as my « companion» wakes me up, tychas cold damp nose on the cheek. Time to rise. Morning mist hangs over the lake strong thick cap. Go to wash, the water is cold and clear. Search today we will certainly not, for supper, there are ducks. You can go fishing.

Resting on the old jetty, wet with morning dew Board, fishing on the edge of an area of Lily pads. At the lake, peace and quiet. Lighting up, waiting for the first bite. Wolfy rests there in confusion considering me. All kind attempting to reveal — — not taken part in service, the owner! Begin the hunt. The float all of a sudden drops, and pull hooking a good perch, it is nearly black, the shade of the shores of the peat lakes.

It’s a begin! The next bite was not long in coming, however prior to you go under water, float for a very long time swayed back and forth, shifting a little on the water surface area. A person should careful trying to consume our worm. The float went to the USBC, strike and really feel a pleasant thickness of the fish. After a quick struggle to draw large carp. His side is a dark yellow actors in the sunlight. Lovely! Parabuchev an additional hour and caught the ear a number of more perch and also a couple of suitable crucians are sent out to cleanse a fish. After a hr in the pot of boiling soup with smoke! The sunlight rose high in the forest was warm as well as an afternoon NAP in the trendy cabin-just what the doctor gotten.

Tonight for dinner, smoked duck, as well as — — once again on the hunt! Shoot the mallards dull, so button to chirov, though they fly much faster. And also once more a good evening, I’m sufficient to fire and have seen sufficient of the ducks, as well as the Top a lot of swimming as well as nalazila in the reeds for a bat video game.

Becomes boring on the lake. Tomorrow we will go to the woodland to seek complaint or grouse for a change, and after that the fat will certainly cruise resting on one place. In the early morning coolness traveling to ache woodland. The planet is covered with light moss, on this carpet barefoot stroll! Strolling for a very long time, and also finally, Top tons, raises the capercaillie, prisasyvaet high yearn, barking, skirting around the barrel away from the seeker’s interest. The best functioning pet! Shoot, has a trophy capercaillie with a black sphere goes down right into the moss. Attractive! Anyhow, time to go home! We are waiting for welcoming forest hut as well as lunch, from aromatic soup!

The evening before we left, one of the most unfortunate time. Standing on the limit of the hut and also looked up at the night lake in the setup sun, attempting to record the memory of this image. Nothing, God prepared, we will certainly be back below in a year as well as remainder again.

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