What is turbo jigging

Vertical jigging is an unbelievably effective method for catching Zander and also perch. Occasionally when utilizing the conventional technique, the killers reject to reply to your bait.

Perhaps the fish is afraid of the signals sent out by the sounder, or worried about the existence of your boat. Walleye, by nature, extremely interested as well as a predator constantly responds to the bait in different ways.

Empirically I have actually found that when weak Kleve or its full lack, the secret to success can be turbo-jigging. This technique is defined in the article.

Turbo-jigging is speed jigging! Unlike the upright technique, the lure is not a submarine, as well as behind her. You can use an electrical motor or drift in the wind. Nonetheless, the drift watercraft in the wind with the stock electric motor, which can be switched on at any moment in case of need, ~ this is the excellent mix. To discover the Parking great deal of walleye, you need to sh in various midsts.


I would like to claim a couple of words about angling for pike from wonderful midsts. During the winter months the pike rolled into the pits, and often deepness, where it can go beyond 20 metres.
I have satisfied numerous anglers, consisting of widely known specialists who catch the predatory fish to a very fantastic depth. Primarily perch and also walleye caught from a deepness of over 15 meters, pass away. After the fish return to their native aspect, she sinks to the base and also die.

Due to the fact that this is not just informed by the scuba divers that saw a dead perch on the bottom, I claim this with confidence. I advise all fishermens who like to hunt the killer, not to fish much deeper than 15 meters, if you mean later to allow her go.

I needed to see it in Dutch waters, such as the Volkerak, Gooimeer, Lithse Ham and Rhederlaag. Deep sea angling may trigger populations of walleye enormous damages as well as put its presence in danger. Concentrate on superficial locations, since extremely often there is a big fish.

I communicated with scientists from a Dutch University Vaningen, and they explained to me carefully and showed what occurs to Zander and also perch caught at a depth of 15 meters. Have actually caught fish because of an abrupt decline of pressure swim bladder expands, squashes the inner body organs as well as is pressed out of his mouth. To return it to its former state is difficult. A birthed hole into a puffy bladder, naively thinking that after such a simple operation fish will make it through! Assume very carefully, evaluate the advantages and disadvantages before you mutilate a fish.


» In some situations this technique works extremely properly, and also in a circumstance of complete backlava able to provoke the catch inactive fish. There are 2 ranges of this technique: the method of creeping over all-time low when the bait is literally creeping along all-time low, and devices raise & & drop (raised, decreased). As for bait, most often I use silicone with a length of 12 or 14 cm in combination with jig-heads type of football. I like these colors: orange, black and blue.

Tee I do not affix to the abdomen of the silicone fish, and the back. Such setup allows the lure to cling to the bottom, while boosting zatsepistost take on. When reducing a tee sticks far better than a tee affixed to the abdomen of fish. Moreover, such a placing provides the benefit as well as when playing a fish.

But back to the illustration strategy. Prior to you begin angling, you require to thoroughly analyze the structural aspects of the bottom of the tank. You require to figure out the direction and strength of the wind, it is possible to do some test alloys on the watercraft, do not give up the rotating. On the GPS, I keep in mind a development with interesting architectural components as well as only after that they manipulate. When the shade reaches the bottom, slowly begin to increase speed. I don’t elevate the lure off all-time low, providing her the chance to creep on it. Sometimes Zander as well as perch taken specifically from the bottom, reasons it’s difficult, yet the outcome is noticeable. In many cases the bite is really mindful not noticable. If you feel the smallest bite, right away it is cut.

Because the distance in between the lure as well as the watercraft can sometimes get to 15 meters, you will need a fishing pole moderate course. Standard pole for jig angling is 180 centimeters long in this scenario is not ideal, it is too short. The excellent size pole for angling with hi-speed jigging 210 see as the major line I use knotted line with a size of 0.06, an optimum of 0.08 mm. At the moment I’m examining the Power Pro braided line with a size of 0.06 to 0.08 mm, and I need to admit, the outcomes surpassed all expectations.

Pletenka with a diameter of 0.1 mm is not suitable for turbo-jigging because of way too much water resistance. Turbo-jigging can be made use of in the winter months, when pike are non-active. This method can likewise be used in gusty problems where standard vertical fishing jig extremely hard.

An additional choice to the traditional vertical angling — — tools lift & & decrease, which I pointed out earlier. Using this strategy you can attain a more active video game of bait. It is composed in the following: it is required to increase the shed by 10 centimeters from all-time low and also offer it a sluggish fall to all-time low. For this strategy better suited to spendingmoney 210 centimeters in mix with a tough knotted line with a diameter of from 0.06 to 0.08 mm. I like to utilize silicone lures, differs obvious video game tail fish, with a size of 10 centimeters and 12 centimeters.


When it comes to the Parking perch, this predator fishermens always provides shocks. Sometimes the perch goes to different depths, occasionally he keeps a certain depth. To identify its location is needed to create a plan around the reservoir. To make his task easier and in absentia accustomed with the new pond, I advise to utilize the program Google Earth.

Once at the new pond, you will currently have some suggestion regarding it and will have the ability to quickly browse the area. It is really essential to figure out the wind instructions, to make changes throughout the search for encouraging areas as well as the fishing. Making use of sonar as well as GPS currently of year I’m searching for areas with depths approximately 5 meters, 7 to 9, 9 to 12, 12 to 14 meters. As I claimed earlier, all the points I bring in my GPS.

As for the sounder, several anglers think that the pike can always be seen on the screen of this important device. This false impression! Really commonly it occurs that the pike is where the tool does disappoint it. Here can assist only your intuition and also experience. When the pike is at the bottom, he touches his tummy, so finder treats it not like a fish, and as component of all-time low, as well as consequently not showing on the screen.

Some do not believe it, but I ensure you that this is so. Rely on their own feelings and also try to comprehend what is happening under water. Sudak — — is a really interested predator, and directly I like this quality really impressed. I such as to capture fish in hard conditions, think me, it’s much more interesting than with a good bite.

  • You have to utilize knotted line with a diameter of 0.06-0.08 mm.
  • The pole length ought to go to the very least 210 cm
  • It is suggested to utilize a jig-head evaluating from 14 to 21 grams.
  • Lure orange, blue as well as black shade, appropriate for all kinds of tanks.
  • To get ready for a fishing trip, usage Google Earth.
  • Take a look at the lower structure before you start angling.
  • I suggest to use a GPS to record courses and also waypoints.
  • You need to sh in different depths.

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