When comes the icy wind and also morosity matinees

Places that will certainly be discussed, not unique and not far from the city’s outskirts. Fifteen miles away is the course to the river Malaya Kokshaga. And the river is truly tiny. Yet in these tiny places small of my homeland has a special beauty, dim and also quiet.

Sounds and movements are the same sluggish and tranquil. Like prudent speech the smart, old male. In the fall, when Nature passes away, as if in expectation of fatality and also a brand-new rebirth-reincarnation, these areas are nearly deserted as well as therefore a lot more attractive and also mystical.

It all started with a little episode on a rural Fazenda — — the notorious garden plot, though not in the classic six acres, and also 4 times extra. The fishermen, as we know, require worms for angling. Collecting kitchen area garden before winter season, I was taken part in both the mining nozzle.

And did not expect to meet resistance pacifist minded other half. « As you could have crept out at last the sunlight is completely removed from the earth and afterwards provide to be fed on by these fish?!. These defenseless, mild, unsuspecting?

They are kids, possibly are.» seemed to me like rumbling from the skies… … truthfully, I never ever thought of worms in that unusual dimension. And also I almost lost heart, stunned by a new formulation of the concern. Something also like sorrow mixed in my heart when I visualized these unfortunate crawling moms and dads of kids waiting on father and mom in their comfortable burrows… … It was a deception, as well as my hand weakly fell down, going down the earthen gullible worm…

… But then, back in harsh reality, I got a leaving worm and also cynically tossed it in a container. What once again was heard the accusations of sadism and also cruelty. Private Lumbricina, cursed(th) is a hermaphrodite, he returned to planet, launched better half. The continuing to be time sckopke has come to be for me an ordeal… … I needed to secretly draw the worms out of lumps, and also while the partner did not see, to throw them quickly into a jar, which I started to conceal under a pencil topper. If I was caught at the scene, the worm have the freedom, and I — — another the accusations and also blackmail, they state, at night no beer as well as particularly vodka with ustatku… … Fisherman will certainly understand me.

Worms I collected, overcoming the difficulties and also privations to which I have actually currently claimed, as well as night got on the river. The objective of my journey was the burbot, or rather, the exploration of areas ideal for fishing. Still prematurely for night angling and heat. Fish weird, because it is the only freshwater relative of the cod as well as loves one of the most that neither is icy Khmara as well as ice water. Any type of other self-respecting fish currently whips the cushion and also prepares for winter months hibernation.

Burbot predative and energised cunning. Making use of the defenseless state of rest fish (practically criminal treatment code), whiskered predator, lazily as well as slowly especially simply opens his mouth as well as gives himself a labor to ingest the victim-La Sonnambula, slowly mixing fins. In addition to his unfamiliarity, burbot pleasant as well as abundant in the ear. Particularly scrumptious is his liver, a lot of fragile and also out of proportion, like melting in the mouth.

On the way to burbot pit I have periodically lashed the sleepy water spinning balls. Below the rewriter rising above the river and also falls into the black whirl swimming pool. Plop!. One two…… ten … twenty. Lastly snag under. This is evident in the weakened line. It’s time… … And I’m beginning to podmotat fishing line. Baubles, in obedience to the uneven speed of the retrieve, near to coast, emerges from the great void and like a frightened white fish, waddling back and forth, gliding concerning mane Shelkovnikov-Tina.

Then falls once more right into the dark depth as well as the glitters currently on the white sandy spit in a vacant method. Unexpectedly I discover two rapid darkness, mourners trolling. Yet the way the dummy is finished, she’s virtually at my feet, and the fish quickly averts and disappear in the deepness. It’s a pity… … That excited the uncertainty of the predator and also why wasn’t the grasp — — to ask the fish … And these imitations occurred greater than as soon as in the riverbed. Pike in some way refused to take the spoon. As soon as I reached the shore of the oxbow lakes, overgrown along the banks of rosehip as well as water — — lilies, not yet fallen to the base, adhered to by a positive grasp. And also the big wheel was in the backpack, transforming and throwing is tough in a plastic bag.

The subtleties of springtime fishing for carp wild other carp

On foot walked more enjoyable. Besides, quiet as well as intense beauty of the young fall ruled about. The night light was pushing the cage birches as well as oak forests, isolated contrast darkness as well as described dramatically agostoni. In the clear air existed bitterness of decay as well as concurrently the quality of the trendy grass, touched by the night dew. Smelled even by cold water, vysvetleni to tear the transparency. Somewhere I listened to cautious steps, the snap of completely dry branches, and then unexpectedly like a herd passed through the woods…

… And it appears, and was the herd. That’s what’s incorrect, it ends up that path!. Sometimes I walked around her on the grassy roadsides, and even on a hillside we needed to climb, to get on degree ground and out the pockets and also loose hillocks as well as feet to damage. Boars, pigs in the actual as well as figurative feeling… … After all, be dug in the anxiety, under the oaks. There suffice acorns, as well as roots. Just put your cup zagrabiti, insatiable. No, it’s the way to spoil the angler and also the seeker.

What can we check out protoptannoj route?. Just then it involved me: wild families well here in the desert alone, that’s why the course to wreck prior to the man. Don’t go, they claim, our these places, identified for love, and also for a complimentary life, as well as for walking babies-piggies… … Smart, heck … since we Live almost in the area following. And ducks right here a lot. And as it turns out, beavers. It is also necessary to grind the tree! Individuals not girth… … Almost prior to I might capture a very large beaver drifting on the river, but as he brought his zoom, he managed to dive mindful. They, the beavers, obviously, and was waiting for the pit to which I went, the dam, is not instantly identifiable as a framework.

In the beginning I believed that this slim location struck driftwood as well as logs, quicksand with water. If you look closely, you can define a wise company of work and also the right design of the framework. That’s why the opening became wide as it is wide on a small river.

So I’m in the pit. On the water the circles split from fattening bleak. In the shallows, thick with mud and also turf still chase perch silver detail-verkhovka. Silence… … Only Raven goes down from the elevation of his depressing « cron … » as well as the humming of the remote freeway. Start to prepare equipment for capturing burbot — — zakidushki. Getting tangled, unwound the line with motoviltse, lay the rings on the sand — — wattle worms, pieces of fish Bursch, cuts ruff. All these specials for the autumn burbot brought with him, was taken the fish ahead of time.

Suddenly promptly nawaloka hefty grey clouds, dusk dropped, Night came blacker than black. And also I, at night, begin to prepare the bed. Not going to rest — — it is required to await the bite burbot, so just develop a fire of little dry trees and also long gray sand with heavy fire, humming and drifting overhead sparks.

Remove the fire as well as eliminate all the coals, as well as then lay them on branches and also completely dry grass, virtually hay. Soft bed warmed from below. Next to the blazing fire. Quickly add 3 dry as well as difficult browse through top of each various other. Between carefully lying logs web link is not solid, although handling it, pressing logs. The warm from such a fire out of oak — — strong and also slow. Siberian-like this slow-burning and warm fire is called nodya. All night can smolder hefty oak ridges, like a cooktop…

… All the time pay attention to the sounds of the evening, and also unexpectedly rings, Zabriskie bell, although I recognize early, not on time waiting. Yes, the bells periodically it was shaken and lightly tinkled. But the hooks rested a snotty ruffs bristling to a state of irritable swellings, « otdavaya honor» tails on one side… … Ruffs I instantly placed on zakidushki. Burbot — — an enthusiast of these spirited fish. Sweet taste ruff, though satirist not proglotit last with their spinal columns. Burbot, beast, adapt himself somehow to deftly lay the needle backs to avoid injury…

… Burbot grasps Comprehends did not wait, thoughHowever and spent the night evening a fire in the sensitive Wake.

Morning returned, clear, clear sky, creeping up the water haze. Opened the gold leaves, initially light and shy, but with a burning sunlight burst out, the leaves yellow and also red archiveteam.

And also all of a sudden sank fishing line zakidushki, and then tossed her upwards. The alarm bell struck as well as sounded the brass bell. Bite!. Running to zakidushka quickly select the line. That depends upon dissent. Bass!. Not to claim that mater Gorbachev, yet 3 hundred grams of pull. Took candy striped on a live perch, which astonishingly was caught on a large hook with a worm. And then the hoggish grouper could not withstand when mild grim on the hook… … I pull out the telescopic rod, baited on a small hook-sagatys item of worm and also catch verkhovka-Chiku with bleak. On caught fish from time to time peck perch, smaller first, but it is rather significant. Fall the knowledge fell short. When comes the icy wind as well as morosity matinees — — and also you can for burbot to prepare. Area just for him.

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