Why underwater electronic cameras are your following wonderful trolling tool

Thus much, anglers have used challenging underwater electronic cameras made by GoPro as well as various other imaging firms to capture undersea scenes. These tools can only tape the activity for later watching.

Next-generation undersea video cameras, such as Aqua-Vu, let you watch fish respond on display, as the activity occurs real-time as well as in high meaning. It is, in effect, a new type of “sight fishing.”

In the a little stained water, the lunker fish appears on your LCD screen, meticulously eyeballing your trolling appeal for 10, 20 and then 30 seconds. You provide the appeal a little tug, and with a fast ruptured of rate the predator darts onward, gets the bait, and also your pole arcs under the fish’s weight and also power.

Enjoying fish in fact strike your bait is helpful (and entertaining!)

Appears advanced? Perhaps so, however that future is currently below, thanks to the most recent generation of underwater angling electronic cameras, which both document what they see, as well as send a real-time photo as much as your watercraft. As soon as taken an ice-fishing tool just, brand-new high-def underwater electronic cameras are functional and user friendly. And also they offer anglers an actual advantage when fishing from a boat-or even a kayak.

Live Strike lets fishermens see how fish reply to lures in real-time If you kind”underwater strikes”right into YouTube, you’ll overcome 150,000 results. Also after filtering out the silly stuff, you’re left with hundreds of hrs of magnificent undersea footage. Not just do fishermens clearly discover this video clip amusing, it’s extremely instructive to see what it actually looks like when big bass, pike, salmon, walleye, muskies and various other fish attack.

“Watching muskies emerge from the inky depths to pursue my attraction builds an extraordinary sense of anticipation,” states Dr. Jason Halfen, a Wisconsin-based angling electronic devices guru as well as proprietor of The Technological Angler website.

Engineered with a new, customized electronic camera housing, the company’s versatile XD Camera is compatible with a selection of appealing undersea viewing accessories. The Aqua-Vu Live Strike System connects the underwater cam to fishing line, playing the activity in actual time, precisely an Aqua-Vu LCD.

“What I’ve learned has actually been vital,” says Florida bass authority, and pro Joe Balog. “I’ve made use of Live Strike consistently in lakes as well as rivers throughout Florida, and also seen how bass respond to attractions and also live lure,” Balog claims. “Never previously was I familiar with just how frequently bass followed our offerings however didn’t attack. Much of this product I’ve caught as well as shared on social networks. People can not get sufficient of the underwater video we’ve uploaded.”

The Aqua-Vu Live Strike System Aqua-Vu electronic cameras are developed with trolling fins and ballast weights, enabling the camera to stay very stable at trolling quicken to 5 miles per hour, or perhaps more. You after that affix your angling line to the Camera Live Strike system using a quick-release clip (comparable to those used in downrigging), so when the fish attacks, your line stands out complimentary and also you can fight the fish as usual. Superficial diving crankbaits, spinners and also live lure gears, swimbaits and also other soft plastics all function magnificently with this set-up when trolling or drifting.

These very same systems can also connect to Wi-Fi (through AV Connect) for real-time tracking on a mobile phone or tablet computer or submitting to social networks. LCD electronic camera viewscreens are RAM mountable as well as can be hard-wired right into boat’s 12-volt system. As well as a quick-attachment slide-rail allows fishermens to attach any number of various accessories to an Aqua-Vu XD Camera, consisting of the Ballast Weights & & Trolling Fin, Live Strike Accessory, XD Pole Camera Adaptor and the XD LED Flood Light.

The Trolling Fin promptly connects to the Aqua-Vu cam

Halfen, that makes use of Aqua-Vu systems to educate fishermens about fish finding as well as sonar interpretation, says that watching how fish respond to numerous lures, activities, rates as well as other variables supplies a phenomenal learning chance. This aids anglers make better decisions concerning angling tactics and also techniques, such as replacing under-performing baits.

“When muskies, walleyes or bass come in for an appearance, we see every fin gill and also jerk flare in HD video,” Halfen claims. “When fish avert, we can change and also change to a lure with a various action or color. And when you see fish strike, it’s almost as fun as reeling them in-almost.”

One of a number of brand-new Aqua-Vu XD underwater seeing devices, Live Strike is an interactive, real-time underwater sight angling system offering unprecedented possibility for on-the-water enjoyment and education. The simple-to-operate accessory offers anglers the ability to check trolled or drifted attractions directly on an Aqua-Vu LCD screen, at depths from 5 to as much as 100 feet. The patent-pending XD Camera Housing with Quick Attachment device compatibility is offered with all HDi series and also 715C undersea watching systems.

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