Winter angling for perch. My very first experience

Winter raged in earnest. It’s minus 15, a strong wind tears down, rooting out trees. Icy tree branches leaning to the ground, as if asking something from mother earth.

Chained frost as well as a thick layer of ice Crimean lake appeared to bid fishermen and followers of the genuine Russian winter months, which is so rarely pleases the Crimean residents to its existing intensity. In this climate you do not want to rest at home. A wonderful need to go outside to breathe the fresh air deeply and celebrate.

Delight in the sunlight, wind, snow and just lovely February weather, which is uncommon, but appropriately makes us delighted. Winter in the Crimea It’s not about the beauty of nature and fishing, remarkable time with a little winter season fishing pole in his hands and also the sea of adrenaline, which over the long winter had time to degeneration someplace deep in the bowels
of the body. It was made a decision to take place the ice. For the first time to test the preference of winter season fishing. It was a lot wish in the past, but did not succeed. Can be hindered work experience very first experience, possibly simply laziness, most likely.

Additionally discourage searching present feeling that winter fishing will generate the wanted thrilled as summer season fishing. But as it turned out it was a squandered experience. But concerning all under the order. As I mentioned over climate for wintertime perch angling was terrific, regarding 10 degrees of a frost, the early morning was windy. By lunch break, the wind carousing, as well as simply disrupted the fishing. To manage the slim line in the wind was extremely tough.

The ice is about 10 cm, combated an effectively without much initiative. The very first item was Novoandriivka, lengthy bets, where for one hour, was punched about 20 openings, but the fish was not. In the absence of a bite, we discovered the essentials of wiring, which was not tough to master as well as within a hr we left this cool, lonesome location.

Arriving at the second wagering in Novoandriivka, we fulfilled the first of the anglers, there is hope, but alas. Absolutely nothing fascinating, fish wasn’t below. Guaranteed previous material transactions, and also penetration holes. Despair, we did not and drove on. At the price in Zhuravlivka so suspiciously the ice broken under our feet that was not myself, but punched a couple of openings we relaxed. The ice was thick, yet the bass was not. It was beginning to become uninteresting. Following began the most fascinating.

Rates in the little village held a handful of fishermen, that with pleasant weeps that he drew from the hole. The mood increased, there was a hope and not in vain. Captured on bloodworms. The initial posting brought outcomes.

First bite as well as the first perch virtually instantly iced up near the wells on the cold ice. Became more fascinating. The bite was excellent, nearly every entry achieved success, the winter bass bite is alright, though nothing to compare with yet, however I liked it. After hours of catching perch task subsided, we started to alter the opening. Absolutely nothing. The wind whipped in the face, blowing in this line sail, creating a massive trouble. I bear in mind the carp in January, which we captured at the feeder two weeks ago.

Was the same strong wind. It was the only negative these days’s fishing. Winter angling for perch Due to the fact that publishing did not function, began to apply catch up from the bottom. The attacks came to be much more constant, yet capturing bass was much less. Whether the early sweeps, whether the weak activity of the perch did not allow to find it. Hence, from all-time low, was captured just a few pieces.

Winter months perch angling attraction Wobbler and was not successful. Did not want the bass to take on these kinds of man-made attractions. Recap of winter perch fishing was following. 2 pounds of perch were caught and also made a decision to eat it. Outdoors the cravings to wander in earnest. Decided to tidy perch and simmer it with onions as well as spices.

Will repaint dish, because it does not make good sense. absolutely nothing good took place. Tiny bony fish that negative to clean did not bring the anticipated taste effect Right here’s the angling was in very early February on the Crimean Peninsula. In which we acquired valuable experience as well as caught 2 dozen perch.

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