Winter months burbot

In quest of exquisite as well as medical burbot liver and much less yummy meat, fishermen intentionally most likely to all sorts of hardships associated with evening fishing

Burbot most likely one of the most strange fish of our fresh waters: when the various other inhabitants of « damp Kingdom » comes the most hard times, associated with practically complete isolation from the outside world in the center of winter months, burbot comes time for the sacrament of procreation– in the icy, Blizzard weather of winter months, under thick ice, where no light breaks, this fish spawns, denying all the tales about gluhozime.

Burbot is really freshwater cod and these fish can not live in poor water, especially to lay eggs.

So if various other fish in the harsh period of the year in the « burbot » the fish pond act passively and also poorly peck on fishing deal with, neither of which the absence of oxygen in the water, evidently, still can not speak– instead, the various other fish contend this time around, biological adjustments the body, associated, probably», with the last growth of the calf before the spring spawn. Regarding the health of the pond as well as claims the practices of ruffs throughout the period of burbot spawning.

This ancient adversary of fish eggs, as well as a preferred food of the burbot in the waters being an acknowledged sign of water pureness, in February, the most frustrating as well as just « off » on burbot caviar, however only throughout the day, when burbot most likely to the sanctuary, and in the evening, despite the spawning of mercy « prickly » there will be no. In quest of exquisite as well as medicinal burbot liver and tasty meat, specifically good in ear as well as aspic, anglers intentionally go to all «kind of» difficulties associated with night angling , commonly in horrible climate, besides, what makes it worse, domiciliee burbot angling. Burbot throughout the spawning is not averse to rather to consume, to recover the invested in the satisfaction of love power, the a lot more that the spawning frequently takes a long time.

Special ban on the production of burbot during the spawning period, especially in the North, typically not entered due to the fact that the angling is not so enormous, however the authorities as a water bailiff restrict angling in locations where one of the most thick collections of burbot, for example, on the spawning premises. Yet « nesapratu » locations fish to effective angling suffices. In the wintertime burbot did not go far from the shoals of ruffs, and they subsequently attempt not to miss out on the « giveaway » in the kind of caviar that on various tanks is given up a rather long period of time– from January to March.

Normally, the fish pond to the «South, the closer spawning to January, and Vice versa. To select the location where to place the equipment on evening predator should trigger that winter months, the rate of interests of burbot and ruffe are really close and often tend to assemble in the same places on a rocky or sandy bottom steps, and also on coastal websites with a firm ground, located near the deepness or strong current.

Themselves equipment for catching burbot in the duration of ice development is rather straightforward– it typically samolovnye of postawski connected to a stick laying throughout the opening, where the length of the line equivalent to the depth, and at the end using the needed weight sinker and removable chain with a solitary hook. Taking the bait, the killer nearly never ever throws, and right away deep swallows.

Because of the short angling line, having no freedom of action, burbot after that resting quietly responsible, as well as the fishermen stays just every now and then to circumvent postawski checking, getting rid of fish together with a chain. About bait to stress is not essential– it can be hen digestive tracts and also items of fish, the typical lure, however winter seems to be the fastest burbot get on all-time low initially frozen, and then pushed down on the ice and also nicely impaled on the hook ruff. There are extra sports methods of manufacturing burbot.

It is night trolling on the « sound » rewriters, and fishing for burbot with jigs special « knock » when the bait is monotone beat on tough base– fish is really uncaring to all type of gentle but specific sound, while the hook might not even have any type of lure. Grasp burbot «is shared in a couple of short jerks and all of a sudden hanging on the line of gravity– there need to be a chip shot, and afterwards leisurely drawing fish; the mouth of burbot solid, fleshy, hook it rests well. The important point– not to provide slack if the hard potica, relying upon the fortress rather harsh take on, or else the fish will certainly include the driftwood or the nearest shelter and also perplex the line.

Fishermens should likewise know that in winter months burbot can successfully catch and also day, specifically after spawning, when the predator starts feeding period. This always contributes to the inclement climate with solid snow-storm, when day is as dark as dusk. To catch in such problems, recognizing the focus of the burbot, is most convenient either at the sound the spoon, popular recently, « Balda », however it’s better for the video game hefty jig, baited with a worm or several large butterflies. Burbot’ll just be a great catch amongst the Berchem as well as perch. The day is day, so in bad climate burbot likely to catch on optimum depths.

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