With extraordinary activity began to be caught … big ruff

Justifying the name, krutets wobble gladly back and forth on the steppe, reducing its pace in the pits-stretches, for extended periods of time resting on the fish ponds, they are well educated, and also ultimately reduced the water in the soil is high, nearly upright banks finishes the course as well as connects to the left side with his older brother, Hopper.

In the 90-ies of the last century, very popular among the Penza anglers started to use krutets is a little Prairie Creek, South of Penza, located near the town of Krasnopolye.

To Krasnopol traveled commuter train, and afterwards wandered the reaches of the river. Perch on them to leave were not given, but painfully small in dimension– not greater than 20 grams. Often, though, there come moments of joy, when the fisherman, hung swiftly from his heart stopping gravity, care « stitched » hands in the air has actually not yet inflated, the water in the ice and the opening began to jump humpback good-looking perch. Mostly just captured a trifle.

You needed to have persistence of my partner, when she, flexing over the sink, meekly « treated » brought the whole catch, not disdaining any type of cleaning scales or eliminating giblets as well as also the gills. But the next day, on the table there were plates of fragrant, exceptionally delicious fish soup krutetskii of konichek. Excellent preference can be attributed to the purity of the water in the river.
Somehow reproduced a rumor that on among the stretches of Krutets with amazing task was captured… … a huge ruff. Eventually we went business down the river in search of a good bite and we satisfied 2 town young boys, dragging, external impression, crucial boxes.

When he inquired « captured Much?»», on one of them without boasting opened a homemade plywood box and also we saw that he was almost to the border packed with ruffs. However, the view was not positive: all ruffs as a result of the well-known Arsinoe mucous was a sticky mass of nasty gray color.

Honestly, I’ve never ever been a supporter of capturing those irritable, snotty fish, choosing their little perch. But as they claim, bezrybe cancer cells and also fish. And also the minute came when from a dead backlava had unwillingly to visit the renowned pit near a large alder and also bring home more than half of package huge ruffs, soldered with each other by mucous.

That year I had a very long time to live alone. Partner at the request of the daughters moved to the residential areas to Tinker with my grandchildren. Anticipate her tasks were absolutely nothing, as well as the concept is to get slowed down in deep arsineh snot, lastly resisivity inside, causing disgust feeling. Furthermore, bachelorhood required to look after their own food. And after that came the unforeseen thought: it is needed to prepare the tinned fish! Keep in mind: when bass was brought in too much, the better half did component of their perches tinned. Badly loved very early childhood years in the beginning 30-x years of starvation, when fish nalovlennyh papa in the early morning prior to mom, job as well as grandmother did an impressive junk food, wearying the fish in clay pots in the totally free Russian range.

And also remembering the lessons from buddies of fishermen and the wife’s dishes, as well as equipped with persistence to the prospect of meeting with a thorny, slime-covered animals, readied to function

Regarding any kind of cleansing scales and obstriganie spinal columns might not be considered. With a sharp blade I cut down into the abdominal area ruffs and also gutted them. The majority of the catch cut off the head as well as put it on the fire to prepare them brew. On the elimination of mucus make sure likewise did not have the advantage of Sabaneev says that the ear offers it a special taste.

When the broth prepared, began the major activity. Under of the pan-the pressure cooker in one layer fit ruffs. The surface area layer was covered with finely cut onions, grated carrots, Bay leaf, pepper-peas as well as salt (the quantity of these components was determined without effort, on-the-eye). Then on the very first layer overlap the 2nd with all of these additions, complied with by the third etc.

After that the billet was loaded with broth to ensure that it covers the top layer regarding half a finger, included a couple of tbsps of tomato paste and also the stress cooker was put on fire and also after boiling languished on reduced warmth for 2 hours-two as well as a half. Hereafter time the process was over, as well as after cooling the stress cooker that you can open it and attempt the ready meal.

Concerning spent on all the headache of time to save I had to. No spikes to be afraid there was no requirement: they softened throughout the simmering fish at temperatures above 100 degrees. As for the comparison preference arsineh canned food okuneye, you initially are entitled to a higher ranking, in a manner of speaking, necessarily. A minimum of, so claims the author…

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