2 Minutes Straight From A Super Saucy Smallmouth Lure

Pro fishermen Josh Douglas stands up a good clear water smallmouth. The Sukoshi bug assists anglers crawfish both simulate and gobies which large smallmouth can not withstand.

The Sukoshi Bug from 10,000 Fish is a brand-new,minimalist, skill creature bait. The style includes a ribbed body made from Stretch-X Plastic, covered of with 6 waving

appendages near the head. The scaled down body as well as alluring appendages will certainly make it your brand-new favored ned rig lure. Stretch-X plastic is just as resilient as it is durable, as well as will stand your Sukoshi Bug directly in the column simply pleading to be bit.

While created to be ned rigged, it will additionally create strikes on a micro-Carolina rig, or as a tracked on your finesse jigs. Whether you drag it over lower framework or throughout beds on a Mojo gear, or finagle it on a ned-head, you’ll desire the Sukoshi Bug in your toolbox ASAP.

Sukoshi Bug Gear Recommendations:

Rod Power: Medium Light to Medium Spinning Rod Pole Action: Fast Tip

Reel: 2000-2500 Size Spinning Reels

Line: 6-10lb Fluorocarbon or 10-15lb Braided Line with a 6-10 pound Fluorocarbon Leader

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