4 Deadly Bass Baits For Fishing Grass Lakes

Bass anglers consider lawn any type of water rooted plant that has a lot of its vegetative mass listed below the surface area, although some portions might stick over the water and form into a floor covering. These immersed plants have soft stems that provide the vegetation a verdant look.

Lakes full of aquatic plants are a blessing to savvy bass anglers who understand how to function their lures through the turf but are a bane to unskilled anglers whose appeals bog down in the weeds on almost every cast.

While some traditional bass draws tend to slow down in the matted plants there are various other lures that function well in the weeds. Here’s a take a look at 4 excellent appeals for fishing yard lakes.

Lipless Crankbaits

When the weeds are simply starting to grow near the base or about midway up the water column, this attraction produces ideal in the very early springtime. You can yoyo the lure up via the weeds and allow it go down to the bottom when the turf is brief to trigger strikes. If the weeds are expanded midway to the surface, attempt fetching the appeal at a medium to fast lane as well as tear the lure when you feel it starting to cling to the yard.


This blade lure is optimal for slow-moving rolling over immersed lawn in the springtime. As the grass grows taller in the summer season, transform your spinnerbait presentation by speeding up your get so the lure stays above the weeds. A dual willowleaf spinnerbait functions best due to the fact that the willowleaf blades provide adequate lift to keep the attraction riding over the lawn.

Swim Jigs

Swimming a jig over immersed yard and around the edges of matted lawn produces bass from late wintertime up until the lawn starts dying in late loss. You should use a jig and a trailer buoyant enough to keep it swimming over the vegetation so attempt a 1/4- or 5/16-ounce swim jig and a cumbersome plastic portion or craw.

Hollow Body Frogs

When the lawn mats form on the surface in the summer, a hollow-belly plastic frog provides some excellent topwater activity. On sunny days the frog can be skimmed at a steady speed throughout the floor covering and then stopped in the holes of the floor covering to set off strikes from bass put on hold under the weed growth. When skies are over cast, walk the frog beside the turf to lure bass lurking the weed sides.

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