4 Easy Ways To Trigger A Reaction Strike

Stroking a jig near bottom is a simple method to cause strikes from fish not willing to attack.

Inactive post-spawn bass can be lured into biting by brushing a jig off the bottom. Throw a hefty (3/4 or 1 ounce)jig together with a main-lake factor or ledge as well as let it go down to the bottom. After that snag your arm to concerning the 1 or 2 o’clock position to tear the jig off all-time low. As the jig falls promptly back to the bottom, enjoy your line for a bite. The jig swindling all-time low and also dropping rapidly imitates a fleeing crawfish, which triggers a response strike from bottom-hugging bass.

When chance knocks a bass intuitively strikes at something also if the fish isn’t hungry.

Baitfish or crawfish swimming past a bass and bumping into a log or rock that slows the prey down is hard for a bass to withstand. A crippled baitfish that trembles before a bass hiding in a bush or under a dock is additionally a very easy meal for the bass to rapidly breathe in. These golden opportunities for bass trigger reaction strikes from the killer fish.

Bass fishermens can resemble these circumstances to activate reaction strikes from bass making use of a range of presentations and also appeals. Here’s a look at several of the very best tactics for triggering response strikes from bass.

Turning To Cover

Turning plastics or jigs to cover will certainly aid set off attacks as your bait descends.

This strategy is excellent for causing a response strike from inactive bass holding limited to cover after the flow of a cold spell. Flip a jig or Texas-rigged soft plastic lure right into the thickest cover you can find as well as let it slowly come under the bass’ hideout. Make use of a light-weight jig or sinker (1/4 or 3/8 ounce) so your appeal will certainly descend slowly to activate a reaction strike on the preliminary fall.

Bumping Cover

Banging a crankbait or jig over laydowns, log jams, or various other structure for reaction strikes.

Banging a spinnerbait or square bill crankbait right into a rock or log is one more effective means to set off a reaction strike from bass. Recover your appeal at a high speed and also ensure it collapses into the cover. The lure deflecting off the target mimics a running away baitfish that has actually been stunned after facing the cover. A bass makes use of this chance by inhaling the deflected lure.

Tearing Weeds

Ripping a baits with the yard can trigger a response strike from fish hiding in the weeds.

When lipless crankbaits or spinnerbaits start stalling in lawn, bass anglers jerk their rods to free the attractions from the plants. This ripping activity often attracts reaction strikes from bass hiding along the edges of the lawn lines. Using braided line will help your attraction cut through the yard easier and also avoid from needing to release the lure from way too much vegetation when you jerk.

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