Bass On The Rocks: 4 Proven Baits For Fishing Around Rock

Rocks supply shelter for crayfish so when you fish rocky lakes for bass you ought to consider picking appeals that finest mimic a crayfish.

Below are four mud insect impersonators you ought to attempt when angling lakes with rocky bottoms.

A crayfish tops the meal menu for any bass living on rocky lakes.


A jig tipped with either a plastic portion or craw is among one of the most effective year-round crayfish imitators. You can drag a heavier jig as well as keep in close contact with all-time low to copy a crayfish creeping along the rocks or you can raise as well as go down a lighter jig to resemble a crayfish leaving from a killer.

Crankbaits A crawfish-colored crankbait produces generally for me in the springtime yet I have likewise captured bass from rocky lakes on this mud pest impersonator in the late autumn. In the very early springtime I recover a medium-diving crawfish crankbait slowly along piece rock financial institutions.

As the water gets warmer I concentrate on banks mixed with chunk rocks as well as pea gravel where I recover the crankbait at a faster rate and try to frequently bump it right into the bottom. I use a consistent medium-speed retrieve along piece rock financial institutions in the fall.

Twin-tail Grubs

A double-tail plastic grub attached to a standup jighead produces best for me late in the pre-spawn and during the generate when bass have moved to crushed rock banks. A selection of obtains with this crayfish imitator sets off strikes from pre-spawn bass travelling the shallows.

You can jump it, drag and drink it on the bottom or gradually lift and also drop it. You can drag the grub into the nest and allow it sit there when bass are on nests. A periodic twitch of the pole will turn on the grub’s tails as well as frustrate the bedding bass. Plastic Craws

A Texas-rigged plastic craw worm is a perfect agitator for spawning bass. You can attract bed linens bass into inhaling this trespasser by utilizing the same presentation as I mentioned for the twin-tail grub. Bass have a difficult time resisting a craw worm standing in its nest.

When bass transfer to deeper water after the spawn, you can capture those fish by affixing a plastic craw on a drop-shot rig or an unstable head jig. The shaky head craw works best for bottom-hugging bass while the drop-shot craw is a much better alternative for bass suspended a little over the rough base.

When you fish rocky lakes for bass you must consider choosing appeals that best imitate a crayfish,

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