Being a serious angler

What unusual point occurred to us on a fishing expedition. What incredible stories we did not listen to at the evening fire from the same experienced, as well as often really young anglers.

Once again, getting here on a browse through to his niece in the village of Nikolskoye, Kostroma area, I, as usual, at night I mosted likely to visit my neighbor Antonina. Word for word, and Tonya told me a really uncommon, nearly astonishing tale regarding her partner.

This so thrilled me that, on returning residence, informed her household, and now I intend to show visitors.

Boris, being an avid angler, featured a fishing rod in the hands of close to and also remote surroundings. When, choosing mushrooms, he located in practically impassable forest thicket forest small lake, where moved a trickle. Marshy coasts overgrown with shrubs as well as painful nettle in human growth hid him from prying eyes. Area right away liked and really did not dissatisfy when Boris came right here with fishing rods. Of course, a number of tiny crucians not much of a catch, however is this joy. Not a spirit about, the silence broken just by birdsong as well as the rustle of fallen leaves, the excellent setting to kick back, forget the Affairs and concerns. Since then, the lake became his favored area almost every day after work he came below on a date with nature.

This time the evening was windless and remarkably cozy. The initial actors brought a great Karasik: « Well,– assumed Boris– is seen today is fresh and biting, bring Antonina fish on a nice zhareha.» As typically takes place in angling, the suggestion proved deadly, as well as the initial bite was the last. No change nozzle or casting near to the weed fruitless. The sun was warm, the drifts caught in the mirrored surface, and Boris quietly sank into a pleasant rest. Was awakened by a loud splash. Awake it seemed someone big jumped in the water.

Looked around, drifts still, a little far from them of the divergent water circles a handsome bearded face with staring oddly at the fishermen. A couple of minutes male and animal in total stability considered each other. The monster twice, snorted, as well as dived, prior to ultimately disappear, for a minute appeared almost next to the drifts. « « What kind of angling, believed Boris, keeping fishing rods therefore do not attack, and afterwards appeared this beast, seen the owner of the lake, as well as the last fish broke up.» Before leaving, Boris, to calm the « owner » had left on the shore chunk fragrant rustic bread for dinner and put it in his knapsack better half, next to place a caught carp.

The following day he involved the lake, dried out however intact carp lay in its area, and also the bread there was not a single crumb. On damp dirt at the water’s side were plainly visible traces of « the master. » Clearly, the bread concerned taste and fish is not needed.

Gradually unwound and also his very first fishing pole, Boris embarked on was momentarily, however after that the float shuddered, glided sideways and also resolutely went under water. Hardly having time to order a fishing pole, Boris promptly feel resistance, the cutting is not called for, the rod bent in an arc. Very shocked fishermen, when after a brief fight with the fish on the shore leapt a substantial, nearly black carp under eight grams. Sending out fish in the tank, Boris made a new spreading and it coincided, nevertheless, this time around the carp were smaller, however absolutely more than two hundred grams. Pretty long the 2nd rod ran out work, with one that could barely be controlled. In the warmth of such angling Bob quickly saw the owner, that was enjoying him, increasing on the contrary Bank. ««» Hello, » quietly said Boris did a minor bow. The master claimed nothing, yet Boris assumed that whiskered face addressed with a light nod as well as quietly left.

Considerably compromised the bite proceeded for one more half an hour, and after that stopped entirely. In the cage by this time it was about 5 pounds, and also even though dark was still far away, there was plainly today all allocation is made. Mentally saying thanks to the owner, fishermen, attempting once more to see him, very carefully checked out the reach, as well as the contrary coast, was far as the thickness of shore to bend of the lake, but fruitless, no trace. Leaving residence, Boris in thankfulness left in the exact same location a loaf of aromatic bread, a slice of cheese as well as half a peeled egg, as well as a dead carp took with him to throw on the road.

Antonina marvelled such an early return of her husband, and when Zadok saw an unprecedented catch, raised, gripping her hands. How many fish? Paying attention to the tale of her other half, she incredulously smiled, and also though nodding in approval, before the end of this story and didn’t believe.

From the egg was just a shell, and the bread and cheese went away completely. Master as if awaiting the arrival of Boris. Climbing near the shore as well as friendly Papirov, he, as if welcoming his friend, made a few round drifting near the drifts.

« « Hello, Hello, pal, silently talked to Boris and provided him a pleasant wave.– You would certainly much better not swim near angling drifts, friend, don’t terrify the fish…» … » there was no Answer, the owner dived and also vanished. « Offended,» assumed Boris, but when at the edge of the turf contrary coast showed up grinning mustachioed face, once again waved her hand and also made a slight bow. This day mores than. Boris stayed till almost dark, but the proprietor was never seen once again. Biting, though not as intense, and this moment was pleased with the fishermen, the carp were smaller, but was caught a few suitable perch. Storage tank like last time made Tonya a solid perception.

Leaving home, Boris had actually meticulously accumulated all the staying coverings on the coast and also put on the old area a treat in the form of buns, slices of bread and peeled off eggs.

The relationship of Boris with the master day by day grew more powerful. Often his whiskered face showed up at the water’s edge and the beady eyes stared up at the guy. A wild animal so utilized to Boris that definitely had not been terrified of him as well as sometimes took the bread right out of his hands. Currently, as quickly as he showed up on the lake, the owner satisfied him with a wonderful popiskivanie, graceful swimmer, demonstrating the capacity to silently dive, and after that, as if depleting, rubbed his muzzle with paws. Yielding to the request of Boris, the proprietor cruised away to his failure near the drifts do not interfere with fishing. The moment has come, when someday the proprietor came with his sweetheart. She was a little smaller, lighter and much less gullible, a minimum of not almost never ever came as well as only seen from afar the good friends.

This relationship lasted more than one year, and neighbors in the village knew about the proprietor of the lake, and also when also saw him. When the owner regularly cruised and also only occasionally glanced at them from afar. Most of the village found out about the lake, which has actually now led noticeable course, tried fished it, however none might show off catches. So, five, 10, seldom fifteen crucians, as well as all.

By the end of autumn put the rainfalls, Boris caught chilly and for greater than two weeks not showed up at the lake. A neighbor, that came namestie him, delicately revealed that he had seen on the lake the remains of a fire and 2 dead beavers. Those words Boris had dark eyes. On the step he put on a coat, he hurried to the lake, hoping that a minimum of it wasn’t his pals. What he saw surprised: among the stacks of waste left by the visiting mischief-makers, laid him lifeless Pets.

Rips moved in streams on the old and wrinkly face of a farmer when he was cursing the poachers, and also buried their pals. As soon as raised a hand these creeps to shoot at unprotected, trusting pets, why they took the death of these creatures?

Antonina, sharing his sorrow, just how he could comfort her partner, but in vain. Boris was so depressing losing a buddy that he had actually come to be bleak, from old, all black. This strong, never seriously ill a rural guy, so troubled that quickly got a cardiac arrest in the hospital, which has actually not happened…

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