Catching on the chain

Fishing on a diversion leash does not belong to the classics, although it is made use of quite often by fishermens. This sort of devices is likewise called Moscow, the major difference from various other types of rotating fishing will be that the tons and the bait are in various densities, that is, just separated.

The most commonly used diversion chain on perch, pike, perch on the program and also in stationary water.

Elements take on

Rotating on a jig brings great results, but, as practice shows, fishing with a branch chain functions numerous times a lot more successfully. Accumulate deal with is not difficult, the main point is to know all the parts of gear, to select them appropriately.

To collect gear you have to have:

  1. Correctly chosen pole and also reel.
  2. The suitable density of knotted cord or monofilament line of good quality.
  3. Lead material or angling line.
  4. Quality hooks.
  5. Lure, silicone or various other kind.
  6. Installations.
  7. Sinkers with an eyelet or swivel 15-30 g, relying on the fishing location selected.

This is followed by deal with the assembly of assembly, however initially we will certainly concentrate on a more in-depth description of each element.

Fishing pole

The form for this type of fishing is applied taking into account the truth where it is prepared to accomplish the fishing:

  • For casting from a boat, you need a much shorter twig, 1.8-2 m is enough.
  • Angling from the shoreline attends to longer kinds, pick from 2.1-2.4 m.

Indicators of test loads depend on the reservoir; for fishing on a present, it is better to choose a pole with greater rates, 30-70 g, relying on the speed of the existing. A storage tank with stationary water will require much less dough, one of the most common is a type with a restriction of 20 g.

When picking a pole, take note of the top quality of the inserts in the rings, SIC porcelains as well as titanium insert are considered an outstanding option.


A spinning frame is suitable for rigging the rod, which is chosen depending upon the length of the test as well as the rod efficiency. You should not put heavy choices « meat grinders» with a baytraner or multipliers, the common spinning fit along with feasible. The main characteristics are very easy operating, the existence of a bearing in the packer and also the capacity to endure medium lots.

Key and lead fishing line

For catching perch and various other killer varieties, it is much better to utilize braided cord as the main one. Because of the smaller sized density as well as higher stoppage, the windage decreases, which makes it feasible to hook and easily remove even big people.

Depending upon the examination specifications and the function of fishing, cables are utilized with a thickness of 0.12-0.16 mm. In this instance, it is preferable to touch the items before purchasing, many suppliers typically overestimate the thickness indicators.

When purchasing a cord for rotating, focus on the variety of blood vessels. Choice is far better to offer options of 8 weaving.

The option of the flooding material is also essential, depending upon that is being hunted in the pond utilizing different choices for a chain:

  • For fishing perch suitable high quality angling line 0,16-0,2 mm, it is much better to give preference to fluorocarbon or monofila top quality.
  • It is better not to fish a perch on fluorocarbon, for this killer it is required to have more products. An exceptional option would be a leash of tungsten or high-grade monks.
  • Recording a pike with such equipment will go off without a hitch, if you make use of steel as a chain. The string has actually additionally shown itself well, the gentleness as well as strength of the product made use of will certainly be a crucial point.

It is unlikely that it will be feasible to purchase ready-made gear chains, makers have actually not yet developed industrial manufacturing of such long options. Yes, and also installment, made with his very own hands, influences more confidence than the acquisition.


For silicone baits use hooks without lots. The top quality of the hooks made use of need to be superb, or else there is no retreat. Capture of perch and pike is possible on the common solitary, often furnish silicone doubles, some use a little tee along with a solitary. In places with a big quantity of vegetation, they are utilized in off-sets, such a hook from a high-strength hoist is likewise suitable for capturing a pike perch for this setup.

Selecting a solitary hook under the silicone lure is better to give preference to alternatives with a large ear and serifs on the rear end. A large ear will certainly enable you to bind the chain without issues, and also the serifs will certainly not enable the lure to slide despite a solid existing.


Numerous sorts of products are utilized as freight:

  • Considered the most common drop-shot. This choice is an extended type of sinker with a firm swivel at one end. The weight of the product is different, it is used relying on the area of fishing.
  • A decrease on the swivel is utilized on a regular basis as well. The streamlined form allows no hooks to travel through the issue bottom.
  • Bullet-shaped freight is no much less prominent amongst fishermen, at the sharper end there is a ring or swivel, which decreases the number of overlaps by numerous times.

Some choose sinkers with wings, however this is already an amateur.


When gathering gear you will require such things as bolts as well as swivels. Their quality needs to also be at the degree, to make sure that in the procedure of publishing when hooking or capturing a prize duplicate, these components of the setup withstood the load.


Setting up for catching perch and other killers is not feasible without baits, which can be extremely diverse:

  • Silicone bait, most often made use of whirlwind and vibrotails. Crustaceans and worms from the subspecies of edible silicone are acquiring in appeal. Such baits function terrific on the lake as well as on the river.
  • Less typically, little wobblers are utilized with a little shovel and suspension characteristic. This sort of lure is made use of for.
  • Small dimension oscillations and also turntables are not very often utilized by fishermens, however still some utilize them.

The size of all the above lures is relatively little, yet all of it depends on just how large the fish stays in the picked body of water as well as who is being pursued. Silicone of tiny dimension 3-5 cm likes perch and tiny pike, 5-7 cm wobblers and tails will bring in the interest of larger toothy and pike-perch on the river. Large-sized predators with great pleasure go after a worm 12 cm long and will certainly catch it.

Color preferences for every fish are individual:

  • Installation for catching a pike perch is furnished with medium-sized silicone and also in yellow-orange tones. A good choice would be any kind of vibrotail carrot color with radiance or slightly lighter stomach.
  • Pike as well as perch completely react to acidic acids of bright-green color, yellow, eco-friendly lemon tornados.

It needs to be comprehended that angling on the diversion chain should accompany various nozzles, if the fish did not like the orange tornado, it is replaced with a lemon vibrotail and more.

Placing take on

Exactly how to wind the main cable on the coil ought to not be told, it ought to be able to do every self-respecting fisherman. Immediately proceed to the collection of tools with a appeal, sinker and also chain.

The work is executed in this order:

  • The prepared item of harness material is linked to a bait if silicone is made use of on a hook. Lure or rewriters connect with a pre-installed bolt. The size of the leash can be various, it goes to the very least 50 cm, the fishermen selects the maximum size, typically it is no more than 150 centimeters.
  • To the major attach the weight, relying on what type of tackle they accumulate, they weaved it through a swivel or in various other means.
  • The closing action will certainly be the installing of the diverter lead just above the sinker.

Tackle prepares, you can toss and also attempt to hold.

Installing choices

Installing for perch, perch as well as pike can be of several varieties. Every angler chooses the one that suits him the most.


This varieties is thought about the easiest used for angling on the river and also on the lakes. Gather it on your own under the power of the angler without any experience.

The setting up is executed as adheres to:

  • The weight on the swivel is taken care of at the end of the major line or cord.
  • Over by 20-30 centimeters mount the lure as well as the lead itself.

There are lots of means to mount, each of which will be no less efficient.

With three-way swivel

By the end of the primary line, they knit a three-way T-shaped swivel. To the staying ears, respectively, they knit the sinker under of the major line or cable at the bottom. The side ear serves as an add-on point for the leash itself.

For such installation, it is preferable to select swivels with grains in between the barrel and eyelets. Such a product will certainly not reduce the line when casting.


This sort of setup is preferable for seasoned spinningists, given that the starting fisherman may have issues currently when tossing equipment.

The development takes place as follows:

  • A chain with bait dully fit in via the swivel to the main fishing line.
  • Before the chain, on the very same swivel there is a weight tied to an item of fishing line or cord of the major size.

The chain under the load is set to no more than 30 centimeters, as well as in order to have a smaller sized overlap of the equipment, you can install a stopper, which will limit the slip of the chain with the load on the main one.

This kind of installment is hassle-free because you can change the place of the tons, thereby shortening the size or boosting of the chain with the bait.

Catching a pike perch on such an installing includes making use of longer leashes than capturing a pike or perch.

Exactly how to attach the leash

Attaching a chain to the primary in several means:

  • The loop in the loophole is considered the easiest, it has been made use of for several years, it will not require making use of additional components, which will certainly not weigh down the tackle itself.
  • Placing via the swivel is made use of on a regular basis, such a setup will certainly allow casting equipment without overlapping.
  • The swivel with a bolt is presently recognized as one of the most convenient for fishing. With the assistance of such assistants there are no worry with replacing the chain.

Each fishermen should choose a hassle-free installment independently.

Benefits and negative aspects of setup

Fishing with a diverter has many benefits:

  • appeals are thrown at different distances;
  • the wind will not have the ability to avoid the casting of such gear;
  • ready-made gear is delicate enough;
  • A wide variety of different kinds of baits is used.

There are downsides to such an installment. For some, they are not significant, and some will not have the ability to accept them:

  • to gather take on will certainly have to spend a certain time period;
  • electrical wiring time is longer than various other snap-ins;
  • no capability to control the breeze;
  • the likelihood of hooks and incorrect attacks rises.

Nevertheless, this method of fishing on the lake and also on the river is rather prominent, as well as recently it is acquiring more and more fans.

Ways to capture

Publishing abandoned gear for all types of fish is the same, the distinctions will certainly be only made use of for tooling components.

To be with a catch I catch with a drain leash is performed as adheres to:

  • after tossing the tackle it is essential to await the minute when the load falls to all-time low, this is identified by the look of a vulnerable point on the extended fishing line;
  • it is at this moment that a little winding is made.

These are the standard regulations of circuitry, while the winding itself can be accomplished promptly, with stops, or slowly. Experienced fishermens are encouraged to do 2-4 turns of the coil, and after that make a stop for a couple of minutes, this is enough for enticing the fish. To attract the focus of prize copies throughout posting, you can optionally develop a resonance with the suggestion of the rod.

It is essential to make sure that throughout the pauses the fishing line is taut, if throughout this duration a bite happens, you should immediately link, sharply as well as confidently.

The lure on the diversion chain goes deep in the water, as well as the lots goes to the bottom, drawing in the attention of a predator and also not just. There are fewer hooks with such tackle, and you can capture huge locations. As a result, oftentimes it is far better to give preference to simply such equipment than to make use of jig

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