Discovering Northern Glacial Lakes

This past weekend I ventured approximately the Northwoods of Wisconsin with my fishing pal Alex. Al and also I matured playing little organization baseball with each other as well as at one point us two southpaws were rather respectable round players.

It’s so very easy to go stick to what works. Whether it’s the method you come close to problem-solving or merely exactly how you prepare your burgers, what’s easiest typically becomes the norm since individuals like simple. This is especially true in fishing, anglers are continuously getting stuck in their methods.

Throwing the very same lure, fishing the same locations or targeting the very same species of fish. While I’m guilty of this also, I would love to share a tale with you regarding how exploring brand-new water recently repaid for me. Sorry, Anyways … It was Memorial Day weekend and also we intended to fish somewhere off the ruined path.

Our objective was easy– See as few people as feasible, check out brand-new water, and also tear a couple of lips in the process. We decided to make a 5+hour drive north to fish a series of small glacial lakes in the center of the wild Wisconsin wild. The tactical plan was set as well as we accepted leave as quickly we completed service Friday.

I finished up my day at the Catch Co. as well as got on the train residence to satisfy Alex at the pickup point. We did the compulsory guy hand bump and also after that packed the truck and headed north once he got here. After a tank and a half of gas, a couple of energy beverages and also a whole lot of angling stories we rolled right into our primitive camping area around twelve o’clock at night. We set-up camp and also briefly discussed morning strategies prior to pulling away to our camping tents.

After a full day of job and also a 5 +hr automobile trip, both people slept as soon as our heads hit the cushion. For me, there’s no demand for an alarm clock when outdoor camping, the suns light beaming with my nylon camping tent suffice to wake me from any type of sleep. Plus, the sensation when I wake up and also remember I’m about to do something I like is unlike anything else. I get a spring in my action like you would not believe. Springy as a slinky.

We awakened at the first light, punched a coffee and then jumped in the truck to get to the initial lake. After introducing the kayaks, Alex and I began fishing opposite bait designs in the effort to rapidly pattern fish. Alex started with a goofy set up Senko and also struck the north coastline while I connected on a spinnerbait as well as headed south. These lakes are pietistic fish ponds so it didn’t take long for us to meet in the middle report on our findings.

The Senko was plainly out angling my spinnerbait, so I connected on a goofy rigged BioSpawn Exostick and signed up with Alex on a stickbait smashfest. After catching close to 30 tiny bass between us, Alex took out a 3lb+ pounder that was the icing on the cake. Now, we chose to maintain it relocating and also headed to lake number two.

My pal Alex prepping for the upcoming lake.

Lake Number 2

Next off, we released into a bigger lake that which had noticeably cooler water as well as much less energetic fish. My attraction was bitten off by a Northern Pike within the very first 5 minutes yet we couldn’t get a bite after that. Rather than staying and trying to identify the fish in this particular lake, we chose to lick our injuries as well as head on to the following one.

Lakes Three as well as Four

Lakes 3 as well as 4 were both densely inhabited with small Nothern Pike. I wasn’t certain if this was due to a fish kill, (little bodies of water in north states are susceptible to fish kills because of oxygen deprivation during extreme winters months) or just a lack of bio-diversity which caused these dink pike. However, I do understand pike are both delicious and also fun to capture.

Chatterbaits as well as swimbaits were the best-producing lures in lakes three as well as 4 but I honestly believe they would certainly have consumed nearly anything. These fish were hungry.

This is a dink pike which some fishermens refer to ‘Snakes’ or ‘Hammer Handles’

Lakes Five And Six

After ending up at lake number 4, we fulfilled a fellow kayak angler who was portaging (lugging a watercraft) back to the lake in which we just fished. This man was extremely friendly and also provided us with important insight relating to the next 2 lakes, it was basic. Do not fish them.

There was without a doubt a fish kill a couple of winter seasons back and also it ends up that lakes five as well as 6 were hit particularly hard. This information was saddening however additionally acted as a tip of exactly how unpleasant nature can be. It’s not the first time this has taken place and also possibly not the last. Those lakes will be back as well as filled with activity, it’ll simply require time.

Lake Number 7

The last and final lake on our journey was my individual favorite. It was deep, clear, as well as the fish were really absurd. I was making use of a Ned Rig jighead tracked with a tiny pink plastic worm. Within the initial 5 casts, I landed four bass. It was simply among those days.

Z-Man Ned Rigs and Pink Worms were the offer.

After angling lake number 7, I was dog-tired. The excitement from exploration was starting to discolor and the realization of the work in advance was beginning to embed in. We were miles into the timbers as well as it was lastly time to reverse to and also head to the vehicle. The following couple of hrs were not fun however they were damn fulfilling in hindsight.

We put our heads down and also simply paddled our tails off, ultimately making it back to the vehicle around dinner time. Our bodies were worn out but our spirits were high. We just invested the last 12+ hours in our kayaks checking out new waters while catching dozens of fish. Plus, we maintained a few of those yummy pikes for dinner.

We capped off our epic day in real Wisconsin style, cheddar brats, and also a north pike fish fry, the Wisconsin variation of surf and turf. It was so dang excellent.

Could we have found larger fish in a neighborhood retention pond near our house?

Certain, we most likely might have but there is no way it would certainly have been as unforgettable as the day I had fishing new water with an old pal. The fish catches were just the crowning achievement. Get out there and also get you some.

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