Entertainment red snapper period closes July 21 in Gulf state and also government waters

If you have not made it out yet, the red snapper season for leisure anglers fishing from exclusive vessels and also for charter captains that do not have a government coral reef fish authorization is open through July 20, shutting July 21.

The government season for for-hire operations with federal coral reef fish permits is open through July 21, closing July 22.

Share your real-time catch data with us by downloading as well as utilizing the iAngler Gulf Red Snapper application for personal anglers or the iAngler Gulf Red Snapper Charter application if you are a charter operation. These brand-new mobile phone applications were created especially for voluntary coverage of red snapper catch information and also are available through your phone’s app shop.

Do not forget to add Gulf Reef Fish Angler on your permit (consists of those that are exempt) prior to you go fishing for reef fish from a personal recreational boat in Gulf state as well as government waters (leaving out Monroe County). You can obtain this printed on your license at no cost at GoOutdoorsFlorida.com or by visiting any type of place where you can acquire a certificate.

For-hire procedures that do not have a federal coral reef fish authorization are limited to state waters only for red snapper angling and also have to have State Gulf Reef Fish Charter on their certificate to target red snapper and other coral reef fish in Gulf state waters (omitting Monroe County). This can be done at no charge at a local tax collector’s office.

To get more information concerning the 40-day entertainment red snapper season in Gulf state and government waters, consisting of season dimension and bag limits, browse through MyFWC.com/ Snappers.

Federal fishery supervisors are expected to announce an Atlantic red snapper season for federal waters quickly. Discover more at sero.nmfs.noaa.gov.

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