Finding The Hotspots For Cold Water Bass

Bassin’ Bill took control of the MTB YouTube network to showcase his trendy water angling skills. Living in the large mitten (Michigan) Billy is utilized to fishing in wintry temps.

See along as he damages down his preferred strategies for targeting cold water bass.

1) Sandy or Weedy Flats

Superficial water locations with sand and also plant life retain warm well later right into the year. Billy suches as to slow roll a chatterbait over the tops of turf imitating the activity of a little fish.

Bass are understood to relocate superficial late into the fall.

They utilize this moment to put the feedbag before pressing back out

to deeper water for the winter months. 2) Back Of Pockets Shallow water not just preserves warmth yet it likewise can be residence to a great deal of marine life later on into the year. Baitfish will certainly push back up shallow into these pockets and also bass will not be as well far behind.

Bonus idea– Look for steel or rocks in these pockets, they will certainly retain warmth a lot easier than various other components of the lake. 3)Shallow Weeds– Lilly Pads Or Submergent Vegetation

Shallow weeds, pads, lawn, and reeds are good locations to target throughout this time. Costs likes to slow roll a babble bait via globs of yard. The loud thumb coupled with a tight tottering action enables Bill to cover water, call in fish, and also supply a streamlined discussion.

Lilly pads might have passed away out throughout this video but this time is evidence that bass will associate with lily pad stems later on into the year.

4) Breakwalls or Retaining Walls

It’s clear, Bill believes that you require to be angling in warm locations. There are couple of much better points at retaining heat than metal break wall surfaces. Flipping little ned gears limited to the wall surface. Skill lures in the cool climate always dominate.

5) Winter Holes

Billy shows just how fish can be caught in 2 totally different areas during the later loss. While some bass is risen shallow capitalizing on heating temperatures. Various other fish will certainly press out deeper and also associate with areas a lot more usual to winter season angling.

Look for shift areas from shallow to deep water and also target those locations for Bass. Ned gears, football jigs, as well as unstable heads are preferred lures for offshore angling later in the year.

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