Fish carp habitat, and also generating behaviors

Carp, he usual carp (Cyprinus carpio) or river and the wild carp are omnivorous freshwater fish of the household of carp carps team. Under positive conditions, reaches 1.2 m as well as a mass of 45 kg, as evidenced by was world records.

Carp or carp river — — General information about fish Regarding the longevity of this fish there are different opinions: superior naturalists of past centuries argued that Karp refers to the fish-centenarians can meet 150-200 years, and according to ichthyologists of our age he gauged no more than 50 years. Differences in views can be connected, probably, to the present setting, so significantly affected the lifetime of pets.

In nature carp there are 2 environmental groups: property as well as semi-migratory.

Lifecycle of catadromous types occurs in reduced salinity waters adjacent to the mouths of the rivers. Only during generating and also wintering they enter rivers, not rising above their lower reaches. Sedentary or household form of carp, not adjusted to the brackish water, inhabits larger flowing waters– rivers, lakes, tanks.

Carp that integrates large body size with high cooking top qualities of meat, is a beneficial fish types both in Russia as well as abroad. The appeal of common carp in Western Europe as well as Russia expanded to such an extent that it obtained a different location for sport and leisure fishing, called carpfishing.

The natural environment of the carp the all-natural habitat of wild carp consists of two parts: the reservoirs of the black sea and the Caspian as well as Aral sea area, inhabited by European carp (Cyprinus carpio) and the region inhabited by the far Eastern rivers as well as rivers of South-East Asia, which have actually occupied his Asian subspecies — — the Amur carp(Cyprinus carpio haematopterus).

Subsequently, the European carp has aklimatizirovalis outside of the area where he is from, through attaching water sources relocated into various other areas, becoming the residents of nearly all the major running waters of the Eurasian continent, other than the cool rivers of Northern latitudes.

In the process of domestication as well as breeding of typical carp, occurring over a number of centuries, and also as an outcome of anomalies, were cultured pond carp, less demanding for oxygen in water as well as, unlike its ancestor, is qualified not only to stay in confined waters yet also reproduced in them.

The most popular agents of pond carp are mirror carp and also naked. They both vary from each other only scaly layer as well as might be the children of one pair of moms and dads.

The unpretentious nature of the carp together with the high fertility and also development rates are not only allowed man to be introduced this fish in different parts of the globe — — Eurasia, Australia, North America and also Japan, but additionally came to be the reason of referring it to the invasive types that intimidate the variety of the fish animals of certain areas of the world.

Framework and also colouring of a carp

Carp or carp river — — amazingly beautiful fish. Carefully adjacent to each various other a large Golden ranges, darker on the back and also bleached in the lower component, do not leave a single cost-free area in the expanded body of a pet, largely covering it and shielding it from damage.

Elegance garment fish connected mesh drape, including unique lobes scaly cover, each of which is edged with dark border and also marked with black patches. Elongated dorsal fin, covering practically the entire second fifty percent of the back, has at the base a very solid scratched beam, the major tool of our hero. They carp tearing angling webs as well as stabs the fishing line when it is intimidated.

The exact same light beam, but of smaller dimension are gifted with the rectal fin.

The tailplane is extremely well established and different from the various other purple-gray fin of an intense brown shade.

A special feature of the outside of the carp are four tiny barbels, organized in sets on the top lip at the corners of his huge semi-mouth. According to him, it can be conveniently identified from the similar fish– silver and gold carp.

Offered from the carp, like all cyprinid fish, the pharyngeal teeth are especially substantial. These teeth, he tears not only difficult food, yet really solid shells of bivalves and shells of crayfish.

Generating carp and the fish pond carp

The sex-related maturity at river and also fish pond carp begins the 4th and sometimes 3rd year of life, ladies normally Mature earlier men.
Waking up from a lengthy winter months torpor, which continues from late fall to the beginning of freeze-up, carp departure the pits and also begin to feed, slowly raising the price of consumption of food.

With the warming water and also maintain its temperature level at 18 -20 ° C Mature people spawn. In Central Russia it occurs in the middle or end of may and also corresponds, according to national signs, with the blooming of wheat in southern latitudes a little very early.

The entire spawning duration takes 30 to 45 days, during which the manufacturers individually, in age order, eggs.

To be the initial in the “event”of procreation is available to young women spawning for the very first time, as well as complete the “procession” the biggest specimens have gathered in this issue enough experience.

Despite the fact that the carp is thought about among the most prolific species of freshwater fish, the reproductive capacities of manufacturers — — an indication is a person. He curled as age, dimension, health and wellness as well as genes of the individual and lots of other signs, for which several members of the carp population in his whole life did not handle to leave offspring.

Generating team one female male 2-3 sections, taking place in 3-4 split doses, for which the overall number is postponed from 50 as much as 1,200,000 eggs. The greenish eggs, defeated and also discarded in the plant substrate and followed him, 10-12 days larvae appear. After a couple of days they swim as well as eat separately, and till then live at the cost of yolk sack that they inherited from the materials of the eggs.

The behaviors of the carp — — carp The behaviors of wild carp living in big rivers differ from the actions of people living in small rivers, reservoirs as well as lakes. He doesn’t like quick water, so never located in the middle reaches and also the top reaches of hill rivers, stay clear of the rough base as well as the proximity of big carnivores such as catfish as well as pike, typically sheltering in zakoryazhennyh waters.

Prefers muddy base. Is the atmosphere of development of larvae of various pests, consisting of mosquito-Chironomidae, which our hero has a special compassion, Il draws in the carp, as the limitless source of his favorite food. Drawing his mouth proboscis, he sucks food organisms, together with benthic sediment, which after that spews out via the Gill openings. The process of finding food and its splitting up is accompanied by a Muti-poles rising to the surface area of the tank together with air bubbles providing the presence of our character experienced eye.

In the millennial struggle for their presence, the fish found out to properly predict atmospheric phenomena. Fleeing from calamities, they are at the smallest indicator of bad climate, decrease as well as conceal in the shelters, rejecting at this time is fed.

The atmospheric pressure adjustments that fish feel swimming bladder, affects their behavior. When it is lower in negative weather and also bad climate carp slipping into the pit, and also warm Sunny days — — it feeds in superficial water, approaching the coast.

Unfavorable problems for capturing carp is considered to be the Northern and North-Eastern wind, lugging the chilly, and with it the lowering of the temperature of the water which the carp as thermophilic types, does not endure.

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