Fish vimba and also description

Vimba, Rybczyk or another Sirti is a fish of the carp family members (ray-finned varieties, lat. Vimba vimba). As a result of their high taste and also helpful top qualities, is useful commercial varieties.

Consequently, at the present time, the populationof vimba unfortunately declined dramatically, which led to the fact that in some nations as well as regions of Russia, this fish got in the Red publication. Vimba — what fish is this: an image and summary

Vimba is silver in color scale, from dark silver on the back, lighter on the tummy. Fins situated on the lower component of the body, yellowish. In the spawning duration, the back darkens, the scale comes to be extra dazzling, and the stomach as well as forward fins end up being intense orange-red shade, the men appear the particular white tubercles on the head as well as Gill covers.

Body shape extended, yet not too narrow, the dorsal fin is not long, high. Anal fin lengthened; ranges big, firmly seated. The head is extended with a huge nose and sloping down extendable mouth that states under food fish. From head to dorsal fin extends devoid of ranges, the groove, an area from the abdominal to the anal fin additionally lacking scales.

Gets to a maximum length of 60 centimeters as well as a weight as much as 3 kg (except subspecies of Small Vimba — — approximately 19 inches and also as much as 100 grams), usually when fishing for uncommon specimens greater than 30 centimeters and also larger than 500 grams. Reaches sex-related maturation in 4 years, meets 17 years.

Spawning happens in springtime as well as may create long-term migration of long-term residencies upstream and inland rivers. The size of women and also males varies slightly. Is a bottom view, respectively it feeds generally from the bottom of demersal and benthic species feed, plankton, crustaceans, insect larvae, worms, mollusks, plant food, and so on.

Where the normal and common vimba

There are four primary species of Vimba, recognized environments, and small differences in appearance:

  • small black sea vimba (lives mostly within the containers of the Black and Azov seas);
  • Caspian vimba (the environment of the Caspian sea basin);
  • tiny vimba (Black sea container);
  • sirti (distributed in the containers of the Northern and Baltic seas).

Sirti, or Vimba, can be as clean freshwater as well as the death or fifty percent passing fish. Located in reservoirs of Central as well as Eastern Europe, in Russia it is widely distributed in South-Western and also Southern areas, is additionally frequently discovered in river containers of the Caspian, the Baltic and North seas. Globe populace is typically a few bigger freshwater, reside in river mouths and estuaries, where salt degrees in the water is not expensive.

How and what you catch of vimba

Catch of vimba (relying on region of living) typically with the beginning of warm when the fish takes place the a lot more shallow areas of the storage tank or up the river to spawn. Prior to spawning, the fish starts biting, and throughout this moment she bite the very best.

An area for fishing need to be with running, fresh water. Finest time of day for angling is very early morning as well as late afternoon. To have higher flexibility in selecting the place for angling (specifically in the autumn when the fish mosts likely to much deeper areas), it is preferable to have a boat.

Captured generally on the bottom (feeders), as well as float (frequently in circuitry) equipment is likewise well tried and tested snap-in ring. Considering that the Vimba fish cautious, many anglers suggest making use of lengthy (50 to 90 centimeters) brings about the fish when taking the nozzle felt no resistance shipped.

For feeding, you can make use of metal, with tiny spines (to prevent being knocked down over)feeders. Corresponding foods need to be pieces of the portion which is used as lure (sliced bloodworm, worms, maggots etc).

As lure is generally use of feed of animal beginning, such as bloodworms, molluscs, maggots and also worms, however in the summertime you can have an excellent catch as well as plant ideas (corn, peas, barley, dough, the semolina talker, and so on). When angling you require to take into consideration benthic as well as benthic diet plan, subsequently, the lure needs to be either at the bottom or reduced from it.

Nutritional value of vimba

Despite the fact that this fish quite swiftly wears away at high ambient temperature level, taste rightfully make it a desirable prize of any type of fisherman. Since the meat of Vimba describes dietary items which contains practically one protein and only 88 calories.

It’s fatty, tender, very succulent as well as tasty, it can fry, bake, prepare soup, but it is especially valued in dried out as well as smoked kind. Due to the material of fluoride, vitamin PP, vital amino acids and also unsaturated fat, it can be advised in the diet of everybody, but particularly it will certainly be useful for individuals with osteoporosis, rickets, atherosclerosis, high blood pressure as well as heart diseases.

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