FishSpy Echo Pro, Review By Dave Lane Carp Angler

My new bit of set is called the Fishspy Echo Pro, which is a castable floating resemble sounder/sonar gadget but with a significant added bonus of having an inbuilt camera! I was greater than thrilled to get this brand-new bit of tech out onto the water as well as attempting to keep it under covers has been difficult as you can picture.

For the last few months I have been in possession of a new item from TF Gear, however I have been not able to add it to any one of my carp angling Vlogs or write-ups since it has actually been a little hush-hush, secret squirrel and also all that cape as well as blade stuff.

Now however leading up to its brewing launch, the pet cat is well as well as really out of the bag so I can inform you a little about it.

On a personal degree it could not have come to a much better time as I am presently taking on a vast gravel pit that contains some ancient yet huge carp, these fish understand every inch of their environment and for me to get one step in advance of them I needed to recognize the lakebed in as much detail as those wise old carp.

For my large water function finding as well as carp hunting I simply connected the Echo Pro to the back of my watercraft and also towed it as I motored as well as rowed my way around the wide expanse of a really special lake.

This, obviously, would be a real side for those of you that utilize a bait-boat as though a simple task to connect the Echo Pro using a strong cord as well as quickly include not only a finder yet the capability to toggle over to a wireless camera to see the fact of what was listed below the watercraft.

Clearly the castable layout makes the Echo Pro so versatile and I have had the ability to obtain precise sonar data and live electronic camera anywhere I have actually been able to cast it as well as with a series of 100 metres I have been plotting massive quantities of water really swiftly, this info has, I make certain accounted for a lot of my captures already this year.

Just how does it function?

The device has 2 various frequencies on the finder, one is a vast beam of light for shallower water and also the other is a narrower beam of light that will certainly offer you a more defined reading in deeper water. The finder would be the default mode that I usually use to start a session with.

Merely connect the Echo Pro to a solid braided mainline via the side placing ring and also cast it right into the desired location. Once linked to your phone or tablet it will provide you a comprehensive finder display of the bottom; depths, contours as well as any kind of mid water items, such as carp for example will be revealed.

Whereas a typical sounder will certainly stop there, the Echo Pro can be from another location toggled from the financial institution using your phone or tablet computer into electronic camera mode. You now have a floating electronic camera that will certainly live stream the images of what you have located, directly to your phone or tablet. You currently have the very best of both worlds Sonar and also video camera in one compact castable unit!

There are several little methods and also suggestions that you can adjust the Echo Pro to perform and one that has verified unbelievably efficient for me this year is to utilize it around grabs, allow me give you a little instance.

On the lake I fish there are actually thousands of grabs however, as is always the case, the fish prefer just the weird a couple of and looking the snags first can address a great deal of inquiries regarding area.

As most of us recognize, carp can be particularly scary when they see a fishermen socializing of a branch right over their heads yet, with the Echo Pro, I have been able to cast it into setting around the grabs, set to camera mode and also retire to a safe distance to see the real-time footage of task around the snag. I have also left it in there for an hour, pressed document on the electronic camera and afterwards returned to examine the footage it truly is remarkable how promptly the fish return as well as come to be kicked back again as soon as you are not present.

Finder gadgets made use of as fish finders are infamously undependable, they can not truly set apart between the species and, on a regular basis, they will certainly show a team of little fish such as roach as a lower number of bigger fish on the display, also the truly expensive boat mounted models will certainly do this as it is simply a beam of light that gets disrupted on its means to the bottom. For scoping the topography as well as showing bars, weed and also attributes they are fantastic, but the video camera feature on the Echo Pro adds an entire brand-new dimension that will certainly help to ease the false analyses and for the first time we will certainly have the ability to see the real truth of what is down there in your swim.

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