Flies nice catch of perch

Fish # 1 I parvaldu is perch. For white fish is far better to enter March-April, when the split leaves from the coast ice. To magic put on his old « six » I can not dobysoft … So that leaves the reduced reaches of the Cheboksary tank, obtainable public transport, as well as there are also perch as well as capture absolutely nothing.

Perches encountered below worthy, as much as 2 kg weight. Going fishing, I constantly prepare what I was mosting likely to catch. Early winter season unique difficulties with the bite generally does not take place, the killer is caught without any intricacies. However,, there are some typical difficulties that are poisoning the delight of angling.

The selection of the optimum lure Angling– the speed and speed of fishing. If something is somewhere you constantly slows down, requiring you to throw away priceless time except

angling, however on operational processes, fishing can be thought about ruined. One of the most essential moment of the search. The lure has to quickly reach the bottom and also, secondly, that it is not called for to clean the opening from the ice crumbs formed during boring. So the jig in the first ice we do rule out

. On the Volga, even when hunting perch occasionally have to catch a 6-8 foot depths. One of one of the most crucial factors here is to locate the horizon in the water column that holds energetic fish. Perch might inhabit the whole water column from all-time low down side of the ice and can be caught from many different perspectives. For example, at the very same Cheboksary tank is rather typical situation, when all the perches bite coming from the perspective 2 meters over the bottom, but it’s normally a degree of from 0.5 to 1.5 m above the bottom. Most of the fishermen to confess, a couple of jobs below … Well, if you browse in deep water, and in the vastness of the reservoir is essentially clear, with fishing somewhat more difficult. Of program, on the initial ice perch are not especially fussy, and gladly consumes practically any kind of ample lure, however there are difficulties connected with serif. Vacant bite is a specialization of perch. And also the much less you have, the safer our nervous system. Therefore, the bait has to be chosen as « zatsepistye ».

Parvoleta the best lure for perch demands: to be recognizable; to be relatively heavy to damage with a little ice as well as swiftly get to the base; to have some great hooks; it is desirable to have the suspension above the major lure to check a number of layers of water. Therefore, the primary attraction is bound to be «a balancer.

It’s hefty, not extremely important to having crumbs in the hole, promptly locates the

  • base, signs, plays well, has
  • a set of single hooks and also one tee. Presumably– right here it, optimal! And in fact, it is paralelnogo
  • perch. With her, obviously, little wrongs,
  • yet still … We have actually currently chosen that above the primary lure required to put the wall mount.

It is best with this function handle tiny, approximately 1-1,5 centimeters fly, connected on a little hook. Particularly advanced, naturally, not needed. It will certainly boil down some, weaved from threads(image). Grouper consumes them for a sweet spirit. If the bass is not cranky or hungry, he would certainly arm a little musicco. Among other points

, the tandem of « balancer+fly » functions better than « spoon+ fly ». The spoon has an obvious upright with a small horizontal kowtowing, the balancer is the same specializiruetsya on the back– straight game vertical kowtowing. And also fly the very best programs on the horizontal , which are a specialization of the balancer, yet not the conventional spoon-baits. The balancer Just how to capture on balancer, believe they know «every little thing, so» don’t stop there. Let’s speak much more regarding pointers and also techniques that will certainly aid you defeat a tricky perch. My initial dip into the reaches of the Cheboksary reservoir at I saw these attractions and also

were caught really provocatively.

As it takes place, quickly my predators were filled up with lure and started catching a few worse … So I tossed the balancer, the appeal back under the hole, as well as after that a nod, straightens up for a split second, if losing

the weight balancer, and also after that to its working positionSetting Is perch a little banged up from below, throwing the balancer as well as with him the up nod. Such bite almost always finish in nothing. In trolling, there is a method to drop the bait…

down right away after the bite if the bass strikes the attraction, closed his mouth, as well as not overreach. I have tried this method with rocker, alas, the positive outcomes he offered me. The problem with a lot of empty attacks all the more aggravated that the rocker hooks as long as five pieces– front, back and center

tee. As well as where to bite, and also with impunity? Partially solved the issue with vacant holds after a three-way handguard, I started to concentrate of red shielded cord. Now the bite has gone, at least sometimes exact same doubts, however at the very least a lot more effective

. Flies connected over the balancer, likewise great catch of perch. And also better than if the primary bait is a basic jig vertical. Attack on the fly in a pair of balancer was various. Usually they took place at the end of

the stroke or in the first 2nd or more after, when the balancer has not yet had time to return under the hole. Really fascinating angling on the balancer has occurred in the previous year. I headed out to his area,

where he had actually captured a number of times. Perch, currently accustomed to my rocker, sluggishly reply to them. I tried to catch a fly, captured a few tails grams 100-200 for the cat as well as started to experiment with the circuitry. Touching under, like when angling for burbot at the audio, instantly took effect– I pulled in a row with five perches of 300 grams. This was a qualitative progression. But the very best outcome I accomplished when I began to do the wiring, in which the rocker returning under the hole, a little scribbling on the bottom. Perch attacked promptly after another « Teal ». Thus it was feasible to catch a dozen perch from 100 to 400 grams. In a somewhat various location in a couple of days handled to « whet on » take a perch, about 800 grams in weight, and also such that year had actually not often encountered. I wished to trying out a time out when fishing on the balancer. When angling on steep rewriters stop briefly period significantly affects the attacking fish, not simply perch. Experiments with rocker forced to make a very ambiguous verdicts. Typically, the bass is not really keen on lengthy stops after stroke.

Generally he gets 2-4 seconds. If we’re speaking about fishing with an easy spoon-baits. With the balancer as a great deal of bites I have actually had and after 6-7 seconds of silence, and also this

, probably, is not the restriction. Obviously, the balancer, the residual movement after a stroke last more than spoon-baits, and also this clarifies why this is so. Acquiring followers in the shop, most of all, I bought an extremely little bait in size of 2-2,5 cm, however, attacks at them was nothing greater than bait with a length of regarding 5 centimeters, but my baby large perch responded worse, than bigger lures. As an example, in 2-cm balansert I was captured 3 lots bass evaluating from 50 to 200 grams, while 5-santimetrovy 4 decades from 100 to 800 grams. Larger bait is cut off a trifle as well as was targeting the larger fish, and attacks when it did not subside.

A big rocker as well as captured a few perch, while on a tiny perch did not even look, and also the little see-saw can boast of, is the capture of the bull-logs and brush. Color as well as, unusually enough, the supplier had no result on the bite, a minimum of till the difference between chinese and purebred appeals I don’t see as well as the reliance on color. Fly The front view is positioned above the rocker. Is, as I claimed above, typically to examine the schedule of fish not just near-bottom layer, however the layer higher. Numerous do not like flies, due to the fact that they always cling to when playing a fish, captured by trolling over the lower edge of the ice, triggering fish goes.

Additionally some fly in the black list for the reason that she usually sticks as well as snags on the bottom. I attempt at every possibility to catch up on the balancer with the front view, especially if


bottom of a fishing place is clean, without snags. Perches mood is always altering: in some periods he likes the balancer, several of them fly.

Normally exactly how it is. Perch in the morning well peck, say, the balancer, and also before lunch I caught 2 dozen bass, of which just two at gunpoint. The organized crimps and also breaks tackles I nevertheless carefully tied above the rewriter

fly. And also just in the evening I obtain from the suffering with ligation of the reward: of the two loads Humpbacks in the mid-day, only one took the balancer, the others caught the fly! Flies I make with my hands, to do this, simply require a hook and also colored thread. The remainder is a matter of imagination and also 2 mins of work. Perch very typically have a practice to collect around the lure in a « round table » as well as long and carefully to determine to assault the object or not. Usually the

decision of the « table » finishes with the meeting delayed forever, and also a pack of perch disperses his service.

Bites, as well as we may not even recognize that a lot or a little, «yet interested perch eyes enjoyed our decoy. Importantly, this behavior perch to prompt him. As well as it’s great with flies. Do a couple of» strokes, collect around the perch. The balancer from working out, simply put on the bottom as well as begin playing gunpoint, an easy fractional-game, like a jig. Frequently perches right away pounce on the fly. Catch among the 2nd, and also quickly the perch remain in such an excellent mood that is to introduce to the work balancer. For time the pack would surely be caught at it. But soon every little thing will calm down. You could try having fun with the front view. Sometimes, so here’s a basic strategy you can force to bite a passive bass. Well behaved flies and when fishing for pike, specifically smaller sized, up to a kilo. I have a favorable experience catching bersha. Pike, as well, are not averse sometimes to attack the fly. On top of that, flies the object of increased attention from the tranquil fish. Last winter season, at the Kuibyshev storage tank, many bleszinski who positioned over

the spinner flies, catching capturing, up to two pounds of IDE. Often, huge roach strike on the fly, and even bream. Of curiosities DAB and goby. Quality rocker, that explains throughout

the game « eight », excellent for the game fly, that makes it a lot more reliable than along with various other lures, as an example, the exact same or traditional jigs vertical appeals. Perch, and not always superficial, enjoys to ride pirouettes eights with the front sight. As a result, the majority of attacks on the fly and also balancer to

stop. Kicks often take place really bold. Downsides An evident disadvantage of our breeze– constant hooks. The balancer itself tends to accumulate all within a span of their « 8 », and also fly seeks for something to hold on to. So to catch this tooling is best on tidy locations. In the Cheboksary storage tank the first-ice perch without facilities gets on an also 2-meter depth without a great deal of snags, so this

trouble I am not

much anxious. An additional problem is when playing one of the available hooks– balancer, fly– often tends to hold on to the lower side of the ice «, which is additionally extremely frustrating and also makes you worried. Yes, as well as commonly becomes the factor of a descent of fish

. You need to be very cautious on the fish, especially at the last under the hole. Also perch very long time to remove with various hooks balancer, or take out of

a deep forage a tiny hook flies. But still … Even all those downsides combined can not make me apply for parvaldu various other lure and also especially tandems. The pros exceed all the cons.

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