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The rod to a side of donkey is longer than the opposite side equipment to 2 m. the Bite is identified by the resonance of the adaptable whip. All this tackle is extremely various from other on-Board equipment, using the feeder is open or shut.

Open for plant food or a combination of veggie fragments, plus the larvae of the maggot or bloodworms, occasionally sliced worms. A closed feeder is made use of only for real-time food and also supplied that the larvae are extremely mobile, able to experience holes in the trough. Typically in the snap-in uses two brief leads with hooks that can be mounted parallel to each various other or one above, one listed below.

Practical option side of the donkey, in which the pinnacle of the rod ends nodding, made from steel leader. The size of its working component 10 to 15 centimeters in width at the top is 4 mm as well as at the base 7-8 mm. Nod is quite elastic, yet it clearly shows ledovye attack when angling on the training course.

Florence equipment, or ring, a variety of fish were captured from time long past. This sort of side Donka. As for the pole it is much better to take a picker or feeder. Interchangeable suggestion need to install according to the power flow, which is going to catch. It is possible to utilize a rotating pole with a versatile pointer. Inertial or spinning the coil should be the stock of fishing align to 50 m.

The snap-in includes a steel ring (size 50-60 mm), attached to a fishing line of a fishing rod is 0.35-0.4 mm. On both sides of the ring are connected to the chains so that the range in between them went to least 3-4 cm. long leash from 20 to 50 cm, depending on the toughness of the flow, the size of 0.2-0.3 mm. As well long a leash when connecting close to each other can be puzzled on for.

A compulsory part of this approach of fishing feeder. She is linked to the strict of the boat with a thick fishing line or nylon twine. The ring gets on the line of the trough in the sliding setting as well as the side has a slit for quick separate. The hooks are chosen according to the type of fish and also its dimension. For bream is finest matched forged hooks № 7-8 with a bend stinger inside. The feeder is a bag of poultry cord mesh (its typically stuffed bread).

The strategies of angling is that the fish pertained to the feeder and also noticed the lure on the hook « Florentine females»», and also hooks are constantly near the feeder. From the trough if the correctness of lure goes a long feed track that has the ability to bring in bream to angling area from afar.

Kamskoe anglers I saw and also exercised a different version of the donkey from relocating along the wire feeder devices. It allows extra effective fishing by the principle of Florentine females. To do this, reduced the fishing line with a length of 60 cm as well as a size of 0.25-0.3 mm is folded in fifty percent and at the point of bending to tie a noose. One end of the line put a moving barrel sinker considering 30-40 g, which is fixed on the lower carabiner to the other end of the line connected to the hook to make sure that, when in a free state, he did not touch weights.

In the middle of the sinker hook cable with a spiral ring (such as ring to keychain). The hold, which are below the sinkers, affixed United loop chain with 2 hooks– one much shorter, the other longer. The comfort of a take on is that a spiral ring makes it easy to affix the breeze to the line feeders, and barrel sinker quickly takes down chains with hooks. Furthermore, the tooling can be promptly changed by an additional, as the loop joins the clasp connected to the end of the line rotating. Making use of three leashes allows to use concurrently three different nozzles. While waiting lesovoi of the pack can put on a single hook tinned corn, as well as one for the maggots, as well as the 3rd– a bunch of manure worms.

Frequently in a quick stream cyprinid fish, as an example, a huge sabrefish, bream, take fry, who placed on a hook stocking over his head, leaving a freely hanging tail. Put it on a hook № 1-3 from 2-3 fry. Because of this, the deal with becomes global, suitable both for catching of serene as well as aggressive fish.

Mindful due to the fact that bream can be worried of the closeness of the boats, for fishing on the ring you intend to select a big depth. The feeder is reduced from the stern, yet sometimes when there wants deepness there is a requirement to detach the deal with from the boat. Make use of the rod to feeders also spinning-type reel.

We baited the hooks on nozzle. After that, the ring is lowered to the feeder. Leashes, picks over and also they extend. The rod is positioned on a Board and the resonance of its flexible pointer to specify the line. After the bream took the nozzle in his mouth and there was reducing, he was starting to extract. To be able to bring the fish sideways, the rod feeders (if any) you need to push the boat, hemorrhage the line from the spool; the trough will remain at the bottom. Lastly, the fish grabs the touchdown net, deal with again billed and set up in the operating setting.

This type of gear to catch bream on huge rivers as well as streaming water storage tanks. In the Volga reservoirs tackle this performed well in the duration the floodgates open when the flow rises. Bream after that begins to relocate flocks in search of booty, which leaches out of the bottom of the stream. Main ledovye ideas for this equipment in the autumn worm, Nightcrawlers, a lot of huge bloodworm, maggot, incorporated with bloodworms, some aquatic larvae, the larvae of bark beetles.

Tackle stage deal contains a brief spinning, which is attached to a huge coil having a key-board brake. In my point of view, the best-fit design of rotating with a whip with a length of 40-50 cm in the same way as in the manufacture of side poles with cepkova, the Tulip on the suggestion should be gotten rid of as well as put on the whip hard enough nod from polymer plates. The primary line goes through the holes of nod and also contends the end of the swivel and carabiner for installment of substitute weights with eyelets. Higher weights by means of a gliding sleeve as well as skipped through it line also affix a swivel and carabiner, but for the chain.

Fishing method is composed in the following. Break to all-time low, then a brief rise of the weight permit it to relocate intoxicated of the circulation for a short distance. Aged time out, and again the splitting up of the weight from the bottom is the step (or step) of the transaction. Sinker needs to be stabilized to ensure that its not too much destroyed. The size of the step is generally from 0.5 to 1.5 m. a major role in the demolition of weights is played by the thickness of the line. Just how chosen weight, the thickness of the twine as well as all of the deal with in accordance with the stamina of the currents depends on the size of the wiring and when will certainly shed call with the ground.

The benefit of the action transaction that is a mobile angling. Fishermen frequently gropes jet where you can stand fish. On some streams there are entire collections of bream. As a result of the fact that the jets have different rate limitations, require various weight sinkers and also various length chains. Leashes much better to have a replacement that can conveniently be affixed to an angling line via the carabiner. Hooks made use of No. 8-13.

For feeding of bream in the fall rather match the various natural mixtures in industrial manufacturing. This always introduced into the composition an enough amount of living points, like maggots or bloodworm. Bream like the composition of the lure he existed with rounds of pure maggots or bloodworms. They are made with an unique sticky composition, which provides added weight to the larvae.

Balls of groundbait the size of a tennis sphere placed in a fine-meshed bag that is lowered to the base, linked to the watercraft or buoy– the duty of the latter can carry out a regular plastic container. If the existing is invisible, the depth under the watercraft is relatively tiny and the approach of fishing allows you to do, then the rounds are dipped in water freely without grid.

In some areas fishermens for feeding bream use ground as well as earthworms, and also blended in a chopped appearance with the soil. From this mix make balls and throw them to the area of angling, including placing in the feeder.

Understanding the area of the slope edge as well as its incline, it is possible to scatter the rounds provided the reality that they are pressed in a certain place. On a solid current initially toss large balls, after that regularly continue to tempt small sections.

In those periods when the bream is especially picky, irreplaceable nozzle might be brush motylej. They are baited with hooks made of slim wire, 5-8 larvae.
The series of nozzles for the autumn angling you must always have worms. The most appealing for fish right now can be a red beetle that produces an odor. Besides, wriggling on the hook, it creates attractive to fish changes. An excellent showerhead can work as a worm-podlesnik. It has an eye-catching reddish-Magenta shade, however unlike the beetle it does not have such a solid odor and also it droops much faster responsible. However podlistnikov typically discovered under old rotten leaves straight on the banks of storage tanks.

A lot more appealing simply for bream is a bundle of little dung or podlistnikov given that this fish suches as to border the nozzle. Small worms in turn pierce via the middle of the body in two areas. It occurs that a solitary hook baited with worms at 5-6. However this approach is good when there is no stuff that breaks ends. Hiding the sting of the hook to the tip of the worm if angling conflicts with bream, little bream or other fish that need to stick limited like an accordion. In some cases, in order to raise the nozzle above the bottom, especially ilovethem worm, inflated with air (this is finished with a syringe); likewise simply over the hook can be clipped to a chain, a piece of cork or painted an unnoticeable color foam.

Maggots fall on bream is one of the reliable tips, however as the beginning of the cool this add-on ends up being less and less attractive if she remains sedentary. In still fishing maggots are best used in combination with the worm and bloodworms. This makes the attraction a lot more very tempting and also visible for huge bream.

In some cases, capturing on specific lure, the fishermen utilize them for amps smell. Seated on the hook worms or bloodworm dipped in a special service of flavoring. Flavourings and attractants drop should experiment with care, as in chilly water fish are really delicate to international smells. Furthermore, to bring in inactive bream by jerking or weak podtachivaniya nozzle.

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