Fly Fishing For Pike With Airflo Fishing Tackle– By Ben Fox

Pike have constantly held an attraction with me, the biggest, basest, most lovely predator in UK freshwater and also after years of targeting them on appeals, deadbaits and so forth I have actually ultimately ventured into pike on the fly.

But I required some professional equipment. Luckily, Airflo are a one quit purchase all points fly fishing, pike consisted of as well as I have actually now located my excellent set up. If you fly fish for pike and also predator types then you need major tackle for the job.

This fishing take on review by all-round angler Ben Fox takes a look at the excellent range of killer fly lines, leaders and poles readily available from Airflo

. Ben Fox Fly angling for pike on a canal

After using the Forty Plus Expert lines from my trout angling set up for the initial couple of months with little to no problems, I did discover I occasionally had a hard time to go out a much longer line with a big heavier pattern right into the air. I had thought, mistakenly, that this was simply something I needed to deal with.

Get In the Airflo Forty Plus Sniper fly line. An aggressive taper, short head, huge fly professional, killer line. Paired with the exceptional Airflo Bluetooth Nano 9″ # 8/9 weight fly rod, the 9 weight intermediate line was a desire to manage, the line matching with and filling the rod completely. I also had the Airflo titanium predator polyleader to replace my typical fluorocarbon leader to the cord trace, I’ll enter into to more detail on this later on.

The Sniper line variety

The intermediate is a suitable all-round line for canals and also smaller sized waters where fishing at great deepness isn’t required (have a look at the Di3 and Di7 variations if you need to get much deeper) so it was spot on for my test session on a neighborhood canal.

There where 2 primary locations I wanted to consider with the line, its capability to handle large, heavy, air resistant patterns and its ability to cast in difficult situations (really hoping the lowered head would certainly aid with this).

However, I wanted to get a suggestion of just how the set up taken care of with an attractive conventional sized fly. A 2/0 perch pattern is one that has actually taken some large pike for me in my brief pike fly angling profession. My first impressions where excellent, the line didn’t have problem with the dimension and weight of the polyleader and also the fly helped the turn over as I began to cover all the most likely looking areas where pike like to stock ambush.

The line behaved well with both typical and also oblong casting designs as well as only requires a brief amount of the head to be outside the pointer to completely fill the pole as well as shoot the running line. The line had actually ticked my initial box– it can cover the range required with minimum back actors making it perfect for the frequently cramped spots you discover on UK rivers and canals.

Following for the large things. I had with me some tandem flies linked utilizing two 5/0 hooks joined with a clip and also a good stack of flash added to that. Heavy, wind resistant, big! Precisely what I typically battle and hate to cast. No problems, the line didn’t struggle, feel uncontrollable, loosened call with the fly or fail to transform the fly over.

It felt like greater than a sufficient suit as well as gave me the confidence to fish the bigger much heavier patterns I would typically avoid. This has led me to buy both the drifting and Di3 variations of the line and also it won’t be long prior to the Di7 signs up with the rankings as well as I can confidently target pike in any kind of circumstance!

The leader:

The Airflo titanium polyleaders feature a solid bonded loophole, a top quality wire trace and also a solid, trusted breeze swivel. The cord trace is welded skillfully onto the leader with minimum disturbance to the taper as well as offers a strong link which you can trust to hold.

The leader product is stiff which eliminates the opportunity of kinking and also aids hand over, something that for many is a has to when it comes to pike on the fly. The clip made use of to connect the flies is solid, undoubtedly it did take me a while to figure it out but once you do it’s simple to appears and make use of difficult to split, bend or damage, allowing for rapid changes on the financial institution.

Kinks in leaders are a problem for any fishermen targeting toothy killers and particularly while fly angling, I think a great wind knot would put a long lasting twist in any leader. Of training course after I add a few trailing loopholes to my actors one appears appropriate next to the breeze swivel. I anticipate this to be game over and an additional leader needed yet the leader had actually hardly altered and also aligned well after being unknotted.

The link to the polyleader was strong, as tested by a number of considerable grabs, as well as the breaking stress (30lb) was more than enough to pull my fly out of the numerous detritus discovered in the canal. Regretfully, I didn’t get to examine it on a fish on the afternoon of the photo strive this testimonial but I’m sure it will handle even the biggest pike comfortably.

Too summarise:

If you’re considering trying your hand at pike fly fishing I can not recommend these lines as well as leaders sufficient, combined with the Bluetooth Nano poles as well as an option of pike flies you truly can not fail. They’ve transformed my pike fly angling!

Concerning the author

A qualified overview as well as angling instructor, Ben Fox is based in Yorkshire however operates throughout the country. An overall fishermen proficient in several disciplines, quality angling mentoring or a directed fishing expedition can be organized by means of Ben’s sitebelow.

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